FiiO - L2 Stereo Audio Cable
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Save Rs. 60 by choosing an Unboxed FiiO - L2 Stereo Audio Cable instead.

The FiiO L2 Stereo Audio Cable is a 3.5mm to 3.5mm connector ideal for use with portable audio equipment. They are most conveniently used with FiiO Headphone Amplifiers and Headphone USB DAC AMPs when used with any analog input from 3.5mm source such as DAP and Smartphone

The FiiO L2 Stereo Audio Cable uses the new HPC-22W cable with ultra-fine PCOCC-A conductors for its exceptional signal transmission property and usability. Rather than twisting whole wires, twenty strands of 80μm PCOCC-A wire are unified into a bundle and three bundles are grouped as a conductor that is geometrically stable. This construction method ensures uniformity of wire structure, eliminates internal gaps, and prevents deformation of wire strands.  The outer jacket is made of TPE olefinic elastomer, making for a tough, durable yet overall flexible cable.

The cable is only 10cm long ideal to be used with Mobile Stack set ups without having too many dangling wires. A shielded construction offers maximum isolation from interference. Pure copper conductors offer not just better audio clarity but also a more natural sounding midrange. High quality and durable connectors ensure a precise contact and better signal integrity. 

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