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FiiO L26 Headphone Adaptor Cable

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The FiiO L26 Headphone Adaptor Cable is a 3.5mm to 2.5mm connector ideal for Balanced  Output Enthusiasts. The headphone Adapter cable is most conveniently used with FiiO - X7 Headphone Amplifier Modules and AK series players, etc. 

In order to ensure the best sonic reproduction, the FiiO L26 adopts PVC sheathed cables each with a diameter of 0.06mm (19 strands) which thereby make up each of the 4 separate cables. The cables are then all woven into one oxygen-free silver-plated copper cable. The Gold plated connectors ensure a precise contact and better signal integrity. These premium choices of materials make the L26 is a high-quality cable that is elastic, tough against scrapes and resistant to ageing.

The L26 has stunning looks and impressive internals. It is truly the industry standard when it comes to connectors, showing instant results to audio output, with noticeable improvements in bass response, and mid to high ranges at all volumes, and completely eliminated distortion.

It is short and compact, thus making it easy to use while on the go.

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  • FiiO L26 Headphone Adaptor Cable

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Sateesh S. Sateesh
Does what it's supposed to do

Works flawlessly with FiiO X3 2nd Gen & FiiO 2nd Gen DAPs. Sound quality is very good no complains there.

My observations are the interconnect has excellent jacks but the flimsy cable calls for careful handling. May be FiiO will improve the cable with kind of additional protective layer in a future iteration to make it more robust.

I wrapped the cable with some protection to check sort this issue.