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3 reviews
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The FiiO E12 Mont Blanc Flagship Portable Headphone Amplifier is a masterpiece of product design and sound engineering. The Professional Gradeamplifier is designed to be used for Studio Master Grade Sound Output. Engineered with a sophisticated Metal Super Slim Body and with a total thickness of 14.5mm the FiiO E12 is a marvel of workmanship designed for maximum portability.

The FiiO E12 boasts several professional grade features such as Dedicated Bass Boost Switch, Total Harmonic Distortion less than 0.000015%,and a classical circuit framework combining amplifier and amplifier buffers to guarantee a Low Resistance Low Distortion output. The FiiO E12 is easily the best Portable Headphone Amplifier available today for a serious Audiophile or Music Listener.

Abhi Kanel, Exhibit
" "E12 Mont Blanc impresses me a bit with its gain switch, crossfeed, and bass boost – no doubt to that! It feels like E9 in your pocket, with tad bit lower output impedance, a boost to counter subbass, a crossfeed feature, for just a couple of bucks more."

    • Professional Operation Amplifier with High Fidelity

      The FiiO E12 Mont Blanc features the high performance components from TI America specifically designed for high end audio products. The combination of the OPA1611 that serves as an amplifier and LME49600 that serves as a currency outputting is the golden operational amplifier pair (OPAMP).    

      Super Slim Housing & Sophisticated Metal Wire Drawing Finish 

      The FiiO E12 Mont Blanc is engineered using a Seamless body made from aluminium with just 2 concealed screws and a total thickness of only 14.5mm. It's exquisite metal wire drawing workmanship along with elaborate treating and processed to the volume adjustment knob to gives the FiiO E12 a premium finish.

      Innovative High Voltage Power Design with Max Output at 850mW

      The built in Li-Polymer battery with large capacity provides a working voltage of 22V. A strong output that can reach as high as 850mW with a dynamic range that is more than enough to drive the biggest of headphones with high impedance. 

      Smart Recharging to automatically use with Multiple Power Charges

      The FiiO E12 features  a 3 cascaded battery which normally uses a non standard 14V adaptor to recharge. However, for maximum convenience the 5V USB Port gets boosted to 14V so that it can be recharged using PC / Mobile and Laptops' USB ports with a 5V power output. When using other high power chargers such as a Mobile adaptor or an iPad adaptor, the power currency get automatically updated for the shortest possible recharge time.

      User Friendly Function Indicator

      The FiiO E12 Mont Blanc has the added feature of a charging indicator that uses a respirator lamp effect that would reflect the speed of charging. High blinking frequency indicates quick charging while a low blinking indicates slow charging allowing users to keep in hand the status of the Mont Blanc conveniently. Dedicated Gain adjusting and Bass boosting controllers allow the Headphone Amplifier to be used with various different Headphones of varying impedance. 

    • 20Hz - 20000Hz

      16 Ohms - 300 Ohms

      3.5mm Jack

      0.03% (1KHz )

      Dimensions - 124mm×65.5mm×14.5mm
      Weight - 159 g

      Battery Capacity - 880 mAH
      Battery Life - >12 Hours
      Charging Time - <2.5 Hours

      One Year

      Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

      To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

    • "Although till now I didn’t review any portable amps from Fiio, with this new product and most important thanks to the quality that it promises, I was curious and even waited for the moment when I will listen to the new E12 portable amp."

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      "I've seen a lot of discussions about FiiO on Head-Fi in recent years. However, I’d somehow made it through to the early part of this year without ever having tried anything made by one of the brands taking Head-Fi by storm. Because one of the last things I need is another headphone amp, perhaps the FiiO collection--all of which is affordable, and some of which is super affordable--simply struck me as something I didn’t personally need in addition to all the more expensive, higher-end portable amps strewn about my home and office."

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      "FiiO is one of the most popular companies in the world of headphone audio. Their products come with unmatched performance for the price. They want to deliver great products that fans will love by listening to them on Head-Fi and other forums and even letting the fans vote on versions. The FiiO Mont Blanc is FiiO’s new flagship portable amplifier. It boasts an amazing amount of power while still being affordable. I would like to thank FiiO for the review sample. Now let’s see if the E12 lives up to the FiiO name."

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      "With the Fiio E12 amplifier, it’s almost like the chinese company is making a statement that there is nothing they can’t make. From the smallest headphone amplifier (Fiio E2) to the beefiest amplifier from Fiio so far, the E12. They’ve got the hot entry level USB DAC/Amp segment covered with winners like the Fiio E10 and E17. They’ve got an Android portable DAC coming in June (E18). Nothing seems to be stopping Fiio."

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      "FiiO’s lineup of pocket amps and DAC’s have been very well received and considered bang for buck for those on a tight budget but still striving for something above average. Everything is well crafted, well marketed and well received but perhaps lacking in one area that new manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to and that is the power game."

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      "The FiiO E12 is a rather different animal - it's no Swiss Army knife, but simply a powerful, portable headphone amplifier in a miniature package, with a couple of very handy sound tailoring features (namely a bass boost and a cross feed circuit), and a price squarely in FiiO's serious-bang-for-the-bunk neighborhood. At $129, the E12 lets you use your most power-hungry phones almost anywhere - and manages to sound pretty darned good doing it."

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