FiiO - Olympus 2 E10K
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The FiiO Olympus 2 E10K USB DAC Headphone & Desktop Amplifier is upgraded from the highly successful FiiO E10. Designed specifically to be used for audio playback from a  Computer or Analog sources, the FiiO E10K supports both a USB input for digital audio and a 3.5mm jack input for analog audio sources, as well as 2 separate 3.5mm Headphones output.

The FiiO E10K marks a significant improvement in audio output resolutions from its predecessor, supporting even  96kHz/24bit  High Resolution Lossless Audio formats providing music resolutions better than even ordinary CD quality audio. 

  • High Quality Acoustic Playback at 96kHz / 24bit

    A major improvement over its predecessor, the E10K supports even lossless music format resolutions of 96kHZ / 24bit, playing details far beyond that of ordinary CDs (44kHz / 16bit). Input sources supporting High Res audio will be required for the desired output.

    New DAC Chip

    The DAC Chip in the FiiO Olympus 2 E10K has a different DAC Chip - PCM5102 which is an upgrade from the E10's WM8740. This new DAC Chip effectively improves linearity of the internal digital filter that reduces delay. This translates to an improved sound quality with no phase shift and reducing the interval of silence between tracks.

    Lower Noise Floor

    The FiiO E10K has an optimised low-pass filter. This, along with the bass boost circuit ensure a further lowered noise floor in all scenarios.

    All New Amplification Stage

    The E10K has an upgraded amplification stage also as compared to the older E10 from AD8397 to LMH6643. Superior transient response and driving power is guaranteed thanks to buffer design being employed.

    Super Portable & Sturdy

    The FiiO E10K has an extremely compact and tough build thanks to the brushed aluminium shell and chassis that lends considerably portability apart from ensuring durability.
  • 20Hz - 20000Hz

    16 Ohms - 150 Ohms

    3.5mm Stereo Jack

    0.006% (1KHz )

    Dimensions - 19.1 mm×80 mm×21 mm
    Weight - 78 g


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

    To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

  • "As an alpha/beta tester who has been testing it for the past few months (and has had to keep completely mum about it), I can now say that it's definitely an audible improvement over the E10. It has a clearer sound, much flatter frequency response, and its internal DAC settings are optimized to take advantage of the PCM5102A's features."

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    "High frequencies are easy and light on the ear and are not strident or pushy. They have some more air compared to the old model, more information in this range. If I would compare the sound as a video experience, then E10K looks like a Full HD 1080p movie"

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    "Looking at what the E10K does and how it sounds there can be only one conclusion: The E10K Olympus 2 is the new Price-Quality King in the low budget AMP/DAC combo market. Heck, I’m even sure it outperforms a lot of the more expensive units as well."

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    "I cannot believe this is $75 and can sound this good. To stay relevent in this end of the market and still find the time to launch $300 DAP’s is really paying attention to the original budget loving audio fans that got FiiO to where they are now."

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    "Overall, if you are looking for a flexible external sound card solution for your laptop or PC, and don't want to compromise on sound quality or build quality - E10k usd DAC/amp will be hard to beat at $75."

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