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FiiO X3 (2nd Gen) Accessory - Leather Case LC-FX3221

Enhance the magnificentX3 High Resolution Lossless Audio Player with an elegant Leather Case. This rich case adds durability and strength to the sturdy X3 (2nd Gen). By increasing portability of the small X3 player, you can confidently carry around the player with this case on,protecting it from dust and accidental scratches.

What's in the box:
  • FiiO X3 (2nd Gen) Leather Case

Category: 24, Brown

Customer Reviews

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Sateesh S. Sateesh
Fits like a glove and protects the player

The silicone cover that came with FiiO X3 2nd gen is a lint magnet so I bought the leather case. It's perfectly designed for the player, fits wonderfully well. Only complaint is that it if you want to remove the case you'll need to apply a lot of force.

One trick I found to easily remove the caae is to connect a USB Micro B cable and push the player out of the leather case. Hope this helps.

Anindya Biswas A.B. Anindya B.
Great Cover

Looks classy on my fiio x3 2gen..

Hi Anindya, thank you so much for your review. We are so glad you liked them.