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We recently learned that most of our customers didn't have a dedicated place to store their earphones. Most were happy to toss them into a duffel or have them casually strewn in some crevice of their bag. We also discussed amongst ourselves and found that each of us have lost at least 3-4 pairs of earphones only because they didn't have a home.

Then there were some guys we spoke to who said that they could never take their expensive IEMs out of the house only because they didn't know how best to keep them safe.

That's when we realised - every great earphone deserves a great case. Seeking elegance and beauty, we set out to collaborate with young entrepreneur and designer Khyati Dodhia, of The Black Canvas to  artfully create the best earphone cases in the world.

Our range of Handcrafted Leather Earphone Cases is now available! You no longer need to hide your IEMs, when you can take them out and flaunt them in style.

Khyati Dodhia, The Black Canvas

" Choosing to make the earphone cases in leather makes sure they last for a really long time. So it was the the right fit for earphone cases to achieve a premium look and feel as well as protect expensive earphones."

Unique As You Are

Since every case is made by hand, they don't look identical. The consistency varies from case to case. And that's what makes your case as unique as you are: just like your fingerprint. 

Handcrafted from 100% Real Leather

We decided early on that we didn't want to mass produce these fine cases in a big factory. Instead, we wanted to focus on one case at a time by slowly and careful crafting each one. Every single leather case is as unique as you are. It takes time and is not easy work. Each case is individually handcrafted from the finest quality leather.  Being made from 100% real leather, you're bound to find scuff marks and an uneven tone. Finally, it's all about how it feels in your hands and over time, we find that any leather product evolves and develops its own patina, based on a user's personal use.

Created in Dharavi's Leather Market

It is common knowledge that Dharavi in Mumbai is one of the largest slums in the world. It also happens to be the largest leather market in all of Asia. After weeks of adventuring amongst urban squatters, Khyati discovered a team of humble & skilled artisans renowned for their fully customizable fine leather workmanship.

Rustic Colours

Each of the cases have been designed taking aesthetic cues from geometry. You will find chevrons, stripes, triangles and hexagon shaped blocks in a variety of soothing & dark colours.

Perfect Fit

They're form fit for most IEMs and earphones. We design each case for the tightest fit. During the break-in period of the first few days you may want to be gentle with the leather to help ease it in. If you have unnaturally large earphones and it does not fit as you desire, you can call us for a return.

Lined with Suede-Like Material

Khyati decided to line the insides of the case with a soft, self-cleaning material of suede like fabric. This ensures that your earphones stay clean as the material won't catch any dust particles.

Smooth Metal Zipper

Plated with oxidized gold, the case is adorned with an antique looking zipper that opens and closes quite smoothly.

Leather Puller

One can control the movement of the zipper with a smooth leather puller which matches the colour of the case. The double layered leather is stitched together to lend some weight to the puller.

Mesh Compartment

On opening the case, you're welcomed with a tiny mesh compartment that's stitched on one side. A little white Headphone Zone logo embroidered on a cloth tag is attached to the mesh. We made this compartment for you to stuff in any Comply or silicone eartips or earfins you need to use along with your earphones.


Weight: 60 gms