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HiFiMAN - HE560

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HiFiman has never ceased to surprise us with its well designed and highly technologically innovative audio gear. The HiFiMAN’s HE560 is a high-quality open-back, planar magnetic headphone that has been ergonomically engineered for use in the home or at the studio.

HiFiMAN HE560 headphones come in a breathtaking design that does not compromise on the quality of the audio. It promises to deliver the best in class sound and delivers with much ease. 

Featuring single-ended drivers, the H560 reproduces your music with special imaging and lifelike soundstage.Not surprising, it is something that HiFiMAN has come to be known for.

The earcups are made of vintage looking teak wood and feature a nice texture. You are bound to fall in love with its look, in an instant. The drivers have been securely hidden behind the sturdy grill mesh. The newly designed design with beveled ear pads made of leather will lend you music listening comfort for long hours. The premium cable will capture every bit of detail of your music.

  • Revolutionary Technology

    HiFiMAN has come to be known as the leader in planar magnetic headphone technology, thus, it is unsurprising that the brand has redefined how well planar technology can deliver.  The heavy planars usually have 2 sided magnets on both sides of the membrane andHE-560 chose the single sided way.

    Magnetic Power

    The single-ended drivers fitted in the ear cups, deliver life like soundstage and spatial imaging. While, it’s increased efficiency allows it to be driven with a modest size amplifier.

    Open Back Design

    The HE560 comes in an open-back design that makes it perfectly suitable for home and studio use. This feature lets you experience the most dynamic and sonic sound.

    Lightweight and Comfortable

    The innovative HE560 is 30% lighter in weight than most comparative full size planar magnetic headphones so you experience increased comfort while reducing fatigue during long hours of music listening. The headband is very comfy and doesn’t apply pressure on the top of your head. The headband is very comfy and doesn’t apply pressure on the top of your head.The improved pressure pattern is also designed for exemplary comfort.

    Sense of Exuberance

    The HE560 comes in a rich detailed design. The ebony decorated ear cups lend these a rich classic look..

    Premium Cable

     The cable comprised of Crystalline copper and crystalline silver, thus it captures every bit of detail of your sound.

    Real wood earcups and Velour + Pleather Ear Pads

    The wooden ear cups in glossy finish lend the HE560 a contemporary finish. This teamed with the specially designed beveled ear pads, made of velour and pleather give you both, improved comfort and quality audio.  The pads are soft and on the inner circle they are made from velour which prevents the area from getting hot.

    What's in the box:

    • HiFiMAN - HE560 Headphone
    • Headphone Cable (2m / 6.6Ft; 6.35mm headphone plug)
    • Earpads: 1 Pair (on the Headphone)

  • Open-Back
    15Hz – 50kHz

    45 Ω




    One Year 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects.. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and  Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

  • " It is a superb headphone with a very correct price and I can only congratulate Hifiman for making this. I personally think their new creation looks stunning. I’m happy with how it turned out. Very happy."
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    " The HE-560 is a headphone for the headphone lover, billed as a lighter and more comfortable planar magnetic set. It is a good-looking headphone, finished in a dark wood grain with flat black accents."
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    " HE-560 sounded wonderful, adding more bass weight and a little more control, making the sound a little bigger and more decompressed compared to the single ended output."
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