HiFiMAN - JADE II System

Electrostatic Open Backs + Electrostatic Energiser

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Ideal for Audiophiles

These headphones are designed for discerning music lovers. If you are someone who cares about audio quality "deeply," you'll want a pair of headphones like these.

You can expect them to present a refined listening experience. The audio quality exhibited by these headphones is a beautiful mix of musicality, technical brilliance and high precision.

These headphones deliver a spacious and open soundstage with utmost clarity and detail. Delve into pure sonic bliss with these headphones!

Ideal for
Indoor Use

The All-New Upgraded Version of HIFIMAN Jade is here.

HIFIMAN brings a valuable upgrade to Jade II, by keeping the best of the original Jade and upgrading it with the years of research and development. The HIFIMAN Jade II features optimized electrostatic speed and performance which was popular with HIFIMAN Classic - HIFIMAN Jade.


Experience Low-End Frequencies like never before

Enjoy excellent bass response with JADE II. These headphones have the ability to reach the lowest frequencies of up to 90Khz. Moreover, the oval-shaped earcups make room for the largest diaphragm that helps in delivering rich and resonant bass output.


Say Goodbye to Audio Distortion with Advanced Nanotech Driver

All new Jade II comes with nano-particle coated diaphragm which delivers high-frequency response and near-perfect audio transmission. Additionally, with lightning-fast response, Jade II offers near to zero audio distortion. The earcups of Jade II are guarded with nanometer-thick dust cover.


Enjoy Extensive Soundstage, Natural Sound and Absolute Comfort

Feel music like never before on the all-new Jade II that delivers a wide soundstage with realistic and natural sound. This helps you get a more intimate and lifelike music experience. The headphones are extremely light weighing at around 365 grams. Apart from this, the headphones are made of aluminium alloy and the earcups are comfortably padded. The hybrid design of the headband makes music listening on these headphones extremely comfortable.


With Pure Electrostatic Power and a Minimalistic Design

The HiFiMAN Jade II amplifier has a unique minimalistic and durable design and is developed in a way that allows optimum air circulation to maintain temperature levels. The front of the amplifier has the power button, output ports, input selector and volume knob. The back of the amplifier has a power connector, two RCA input connectors along with two XLR3 connectors. These ports are streamlined for more convenience and efficiency. You get the option to choose between the balanced - XLR3 and unbalanced - RCA. The amp is well protected with internal foam and features a power cord with a plug. You can adjust the power supply to either 110 or 230V as per your requirements.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this HiFiMAN - JADE II System comes with a 1 Year warranty from HiFiMAN that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about HiFiMAN's warranty in India.

A Decade of Audiophile Excellence

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Tianjin, China, HiFiMAN stands as a leading manufacturer of audio products, specializing in headphones, amplifiers, and portable audio players. Renowned for its critically acclaimed Planar Magnetic headphones, HiFiMAN is revered among audiophiles for its state-of-the-art driver technology. Led by Dr. Fang Bian, the company has garnered awards and rave reviews for its best-in-class earphones and in-ear drivers.

From the Sundara and Ananda headphones to the RE400 and RE800 earphones, HiFiMAN's products are cherished by audiophiles worldwide for their flawless performance and exceptional sound quality.

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"If you want an open sounding, very spacious performance and a clever top-end tuning that saps any potential edginess and heat then the Jade II headphones are nigh on perfect in that regard."

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"If you're looking for an extremely detailed, yet musical, clean, crisp, and snappy headphone, yet which reveals almost everything then you really should check out Jade II."

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"The clean and detailed listening experience that the Jade II offer is superb. The refined sound they produce is what many people are after. They offer a truly comfortable, detailed, relaxing music."

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"The HiFiMAN Jade II really did shine with live acoustic music, jazz and scaled well. Especially when using Hi-Res recordings and a powerful source input."

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"I found the Jade II to carry enough speed and detail to be worthy of inclusion in the electrostatic pantheon. It also had quite a nice tuning very neutral, than the equivalently-priced Stax headphones."

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