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HiFiMAN - RE400

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The RE400 from the house of HiFiMAN, are earphones that have variants that are specially designed for Android & iOS . The earphones have been fitted with  Titanium coated 8.5mm driver  that have been custom designed by HiFiMAN, thus it  delivers remarkable detail  and  extended frequency response.

Confused between the two? Don't be.
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Confused between the two? Don't be.
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The HiFiMAN RE400 features advanced ergonomics with premium materials for a superb fit. Its Neodymium magnets and premium cable deliver your audio in its true essence. The RE400 comes with an in-line microphone and remote, with variants for Android and iOS rsepectively so you get the best possible response from your smart-phone If you are an audiophile looking for pure audio experience, then the RE400 is meant for you.
Ali Pardiwala, NDTV
" Fit and comfort is excellent. A combination of the low weight of the casing and the right tip meant that we were able to keep the RE-400 on for an entire work day without any kind of discomfort."

  • Designed for Android & iOS

    The RE400 comes in two specific variants, the RE400a are earphones with microphone for Android devices reproducing the best quality music. Whereas, the   RE400i has been engineered to be used specifically for iPhone / iPad / iPod or other Apple products with volume control.  

    Custom 8.5mm Drivers 

    While most companies selling in-ear headphones buy their drivers from outside suppliers, the RE-400's 8.5mm titanium-coated drivers were designed by HiFiMan engineers and are  company's own creation. Thus, making sure that everything is at par with their company standards. Impedance is rated at 32 ohms. These custom drivers deliver the best in class audio performance and extended frequency response. 

    Advanced Ergonomics

    Ergonomically designed, these earphones deliver the most comfortable fit for extended listening hours without causing fatigue. These earphones have an attractive, understated design with machined-aluminum earpieces.

    Premium Cable

    The 50-inch-long, neodymium magnets and premium cabling of oxygen free copper cable which ensures that your music is transmitted in its true form without causing any kind of distortion. The wires can either hang straight down or loop back over your ears.

    Stylish design and light weight

    The earphones come in an extremely stylish looking design with a black body and silver accents. Convenient hands-free design allows you to talk on the phone clearly and safely at your home, office or on the road. The cable is wrapped up in rubber from the earbuds to the Y-splitter, thus making them very sturdy. The Extended wire from the connector is covered in braided fabric and do not feel flimsy any bit.The light weight design makes these IEM’s highly portable.

    What's in the box:

    • HiFiMAN - RE400 Earphones
    • Silicone Tips × 7
    • Filters(helps protect the earphone’s inner components from dust) × 10
    • Clip - affix the cable to a shirt or jacket to minimize cable noise × 1
    • Earphone Carry Pouch × 1

  • In-Ear
    15Hz – 22kHz

    32 Ω
    3.5mm Mini Plug 




    One Year 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and  Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rajni Bala R.B. Rajni B.
Real Deal

A sound signature like this, flat and accurate tonally correct is definitely not expected from an in ear headphines with 8mm drivers. Truly a surprise!

I mostly listen to and instantly caught on to previously muted undertones, the scratch of the players fingers on the guitar, the gentle creak of wood on the piano when I used these little monsters with my FLACs. They have a decent soundstage that extends beyond your ears to somewhere around the range of a helmet ( just didn't expect that on these small drivers). Noise isolation is passive but they rest inside the ear and provide a good seal thereby eliminating most noise in my experience.

The only negative is microphonics and cord noise as this definitely something you might want to consider. Don't consider them if you want to stay active like marathon running or gymming while wearing these as the cord noise might interfere with your enjoyment.

Sound quality is well worth the money, that is if you listen to instrumentals and high quality codecs. Otherwise you might want peppy headphones as these are really flat and neutral sounding( some people do enjoy it!)

Chetan Chaudhari C.C. Chetan C.
Amazing experience

Very good sound quality. One star less for build. I don't think its for harsh use bcz of build quality. Overall I am very much satisfied for amazing sound quality

Aniket Mathad A.M. Aniket M.
Great sound but lacks wide sound stage

1) mids are very good.
2) best for people who listen to classical music.
3) highs are clear you can hear all instruments with details.
1) could have had wider soundstage.

Not for bass heads.

I have one complain regarding the free comply tips, they are good but in the first week I have already managed to peel out the outer layer of tips, which clearly shows the quality of tips.

Sarthak Saini S.S. Sarthak S.
Best in this price for audiophiles.

RE-400 are an amazing piece of earphones. It took about 15-20 hours of burning in to see their full potential. They are terribly well balanced and neutral.

Not meant for heavy bass requiring music like edm but rest everything sounds great. I listen mostly to rock, alternative and fusion music and these truly bring about the richness in every song with me hearing sounds i didn't know were there in the song. Great clarity and the sound staging is also very decent.

They are also comfortable. Haven't worn them for a long stretch like 4-5 hours but for the 1-2 hour stretch they were very comfortable. They are also very light.

My only concern is the durability. I haven't read much good about Hifiman's durability. The build quality isn't what i expected and these feel a little vulnerable to breaking early. Another thing I found(not that important) changing the eartips is a big hassle.

Overall if you want to hear the music as it naturally sound. Go for it.

Vishwendra Singh V.S. Vishwendra S.
My new daily Driver, Driving my daily musical needs.

My Music Info:
I listen to a lot of Metal, mainly Thrash and Black metal, in a 18 hour day I listen to music for about 8 to 10 hours and these are truly a great pair of IEMs.

My Source Info:
Most of the time these are paired with my Fiio E07K DAC/AMP, for a brief time they got used with my OP3 and for around 1 hour they are used with Fiio X3II Hi-Res Player.

My Source Files:
Mostly I use Hi-Res Flac when playing through my amp or player.
320Kbps Mp3 are used for playback with my OP3.
All my sources and source files puts me in a state of bliss with worst of my earphones and let me tell you these are my 4th best earphones.

My sound Preferences:
Due to the nature of my musical interests a neutral sound is what I prefer the most but times comes when I tilt towards a little bass heavy EQ settings to accentuate Bass guitar.
Everything that I listen is played on a single EQ setting.

My review:
Bass: Well maintained, tight and responsive.

Mids: Male vocals are clean, female vocals are a bit harsh some times.

Highs: Cymbols are definitive and shimmers a lot but in a good way.

Sound stage: Every thing is placed where they should this is the only place where these outshines the Shure SE215s and defines the music a bit more.

Hello Vishwendra, thank you for shopping in our store. We value your encouragement and glad that you liked your earphones. Please do visit us again soon. :)
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