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iFi Audio - Ear Buddy (Unboxed)

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This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC & HSBC Banks.

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You save Rs. 200/- buying the unboxed iFi Audio - Ear Buddy

This unboxed iFi Audio - Ear Buddy  has been professionally inspected for any defectives and it carries the same warranty as a brand new. Our in-house Inspection Specialist has checked the product and it contains all the original accessories.


You will get the same Headphone Zone unconditional customer support experience for these iFi Audio - Ear Buddy Unboxed earphones. Also, our return policy stays the same.

It is pretty much the same boxed iFi Audio - Ear Buddy, but available at a lower price just because it doesn't have the outer packaging. Besides, within the package, you will find a Checklist Card that would be marked individually stating that all items have been verified to be in good condition. You will also find a Headphone Zone Certificate stamped and signed authenticating the product.

What you will get:

  • iFi Audio - Ear Buddy

  • What you will NOT get:

  • Original iFi Audio - Ear Buddy Packaging

    • iFi Audio is a specialist company from the UK, with a history in High-End Stereo equipment. Targeted towards the new age audio market, iFi Audio aims to provide the market with the highest quality components, that won’t break the bank.

      They pride themselves in their use of top notch materials not just in the build and packaging, but with internal parts as well. You can find parts inside that are often used in components priced a few times higher than iFi’s components.

      The iFi EarBuddy ‘attenuates’ or adjusts the volume of your smartphone or DAP, extracting the maximum amount of detail without having your eardrums blown out.

      • Perfect for:

        • In-Flight Entertainment Systems
        • Smartphones
        • Computers
        • A/V Systems
        • High-End Audio Systems 


        How to use

        As shown in the illustration above, the Ear Buddy®  just fits between your Smartphone/Digital Audio Player and your Headphones.

        Just Plug and Play.


        Audible benefits

        The Ear Buddy® gets rid of annoying hisses, crackles and pops and allows you to turn up your digital volume to a higher level to improve resolution and quality without any adverse results that could hinder your listening experience.

        And for those who like a bit more tech with their cuppa…

        With your Smartphone or DAP, normally you probably listen to music with the digital volume control set at 60-70%. This means you have lost 2Bits of resolution. Basically, it’s like watching HD TV with some of the pixels from the screen missing. It’s okay – but you are not getting what you paid for.

        You can turn it up to full volume but your ears (or the people around you) would not thank you for it. Adding the Ear Buddy® ‘attenuates’ or adjusts the volume and safely allows you to crank up the digital volume on your smartphone or DAP without painful consequences. This leads to more music information being conveyed and gives you back those 2Bits and the full High-Res music experience without causing permanent hearing damage.

        Technical example:
        All smart devices use a digital volume control. The very nature of digital volume controls means that at normal 50% listening levels, the actual resolution is 14-Bits instead of 16-Bits!

        If a source has (say) 114dB dynamic range and the Headphone is 30dB too loud, once the volume has been turned down 30dB the dynamic range is reduced to 84dB, or below CD quality, from what is an excellent result for a high-solution source.


        Bye bye hiss

        Hiss is very annoying when listening with headphones. This is caused by the mismatch between too much power from the smartphone/DAP when used with headphones which are high sensitivity.

        The solution by IFI is to ‘attenuate’ or adjust the signal that cuts out the hiss and puts the enjoyment back into listening.



        Ready for rocking all over the world

        Included in the Ear Buddy® packaging are:

        i.      Gold-plated airplane adapter (to enjoy in-flight movies)

        ii.     Memory-foam contoured ear plugs (-37dB) for peace and quiet when travelling

        iii.    Personal travel pouch



      • User Manual

        Tech Notes


      • One Year 

        Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

        Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

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