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iFi Audio - iPower

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  • Good Bye Noise

    If your system’s power supply is unclean, background noise tends to seep into your system and pollute the sound you are listening to. The iPower cleans up this noise at both — the input as well as output stages giving you more detail than you would get with conventional power cables.

    Shhh...Listen Only to Pure Sound

    The iPower is 10 times quieter than any other iFi adapter, 20 times more silent than audiophile linear power supplies and a 1000x quieter than standard wall adapters! It uses Active Noise Cancellation+ to reduce the noise flow by up to 100 times that of a Common Noise Filter.

    Connect Easily

    Four barrel tip adapters, a USB adapter as well as centre negative audio adapters make this a light and easy-to-use device. It comes in different volt versions i.e. 5, 9, 12 and 15. This is why, no matter the kind of power outlets you have, the iPower is ready for anything.

  • Specifications

    5V/2.5A; 9V/2.0A; 12V/1.8A; 15V/1.2A
    Output plug
    5.5×2.1mm input/5.5×2.5mm output (‘C’ black)
    5.5×2.1mm input/4.8×1.7mm output (‘F’ black)
    5.5×2.1mm input/4.0×1.7mm output (‘G’ black)
    5.5×2.1mm input/3.5×1.35mm output (‘H’ black)
    5.5×2.1mm right-angled extension cable.
    5.5×2.1mm input/5.5×2.5mm output; Reverse Polarity Plug (‘C’ white)
    5v version (only)
    DC > micro USB cable (for Raspberry Pi or similar micro computers)
    82x43x40 mm
    155g (with cable)
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This iFi Audio product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

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Noticable Improvement

Purchased this PSU for my Allo Katana DAC playing marantz Sr 8012 2 Channel music the sound stage was much pleasant and with more clarity