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Good Bye Noise

If your system’s power supply is unclean, background noise tends to seep into your system and pollute the sound you are listening to. The iPower cleans up this noise at both — the input as well as output stages giving you more detail than you would get with conventional power cables.


Listen Only to Pure Sound

The iPower is 10 times quieter than any other iFi adapter, 20 times more silent than audiophile linear power supplies and a 1000x quieter than standard wall adapters! It uses Active Noise Cancellation+ to reduce the noise flow by up to 100 times that of a Common Noise Filter.


Connect Easily

Four barrel tip adapters, a USB adapter as well as centre negative audio adapters make this a light and easy-to-use device. It comes in different volt versions i.e. 5, 9, 12 and 15. This is why, no matter the kind of power outlets you have, the iPower is ready for anything.



INPUT 100-240VAC
OUTPUT 5V/2.5A; 9V/2.0A; 12V/1.8A; 15V/1.2A
5.5 x 2.1mm (length: 1.8 metres/5.9 feet)
OUTPUT PLUG 5.5×2.1mm input/5.5×2.5mm output (‘C’ black)
5.5×2.1mm input/4.8×1.7mm output (‘F’ black)
5.5×2.1mm input/4.0×1.7mm output (‘G’ black)
5.5×2.1mm input/3.5×1.35mm output (‘H’ black)
5.5×2.1mm right-angled extension cable.
5.5×2.1mm input/5.5×2.5mm output; Reverse Polarity Plug (‘C’ white)
5V VERSION (ONLY) DC > micro USB cable (for Raspberry Pi or similar micro computers)
DIMENSIONS 82x43x40 mm
WEIGHT 155g (with cable)
1. iFi Audio iPower


  • Tech Notes - iPower – Much Ado About Nothing
  • Warranty & Media Reviews

    1 Year Warranty

    Don't sweat it, this iFi Audio iPower comes with a 1 year warranty from iFi Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

    Read more about iFi Audio's warranty in India.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Diwakar Narumanchi (Vijayawada)
    Noticable Improvement

    Purchased this PSU for my Allo Katana DAC playing marantz Sr 8012 2 Channel music the sound stage was much pleasant and with more clarity

    Prasanth S (Chennai)
    Better than standard powersupply

    I use the ipower for my zen dac. Previously, I had a cheap 5v, 5amp standard powersupply and the difference in quality and power supply is quite clear. Ipower is much cleaner and much more impactful. If you're serious about audio resolution and dynamic range, Zen dac is incomplete without this power supply.

    Hey Prasanth, We are happy to see that the iFi Audio - iPower is making a difference to your listening experience. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

    Moon (Bengaluru)
    iPower 5v Works well !

    Really good sturdy power supply, it output 5v and 2.5amp very near to laptop usb power.
    It came with really good accessories set for all kind of port really nice inclusion.

    It did not created he magic other says like better dynamics and darker background. I did not feel anything or any difference. I was using IFI zen combo to test with sundara, some good iems like fiio fh3 and Blessing2. As comparison i used the my phone mi charger which output 5v/3amp. I did not felt any difference may be people are noticing the improvement were using the laptop or pc as source of power or i do not understand how my 400 rupee phone charger sound similar/ same as this 5000 rupee power supply.

    I guess this would more usefull to people who have very noisy ear and money is only thing that clear that noise and may be i am also one of them 👍

    But this is very usefull in term of versatility because of the all the connectors/adapter included.

    This may be useful for people who want to upgrade from noisy source of power like usb output of laptop or desktop, but any phone charger with 5v out can do the same, or may be the headphone and iem i heard are not sensitive enough to pick noise so i did not noticed in either case.

    Again thanks HPz for making this rare gems available in India, really grateful.

    Aubrey Bobb (Kolkata)
    iFi iPower 5V smps

    Used it for media converter which converts signal from copper to fibre between NAS and SOTM switch. Video was more detailed, clarity enhanced, brightness improved, and contrast/edges smoother and cleaner. Voices more intelligible. I'm 68, and normally need to use subtitles....in most cases that is not necessary now.

    For music - level of improvement was similar. There are a few other Linear Power Supplies in my system. This is the first hi quality switching one. Dynamics, distortion of backstage items, separation all now much enhanced.

    Caveat: not sure how this would compare to an equivalent LPS, the improvement described above was from a cheap wall wart to the iPower. Hope to make a direct comparison one of these days. But at this price point it's excellent. When you consider the potential advantage an SMPS can offer over an LPS, one did not expect so much improvement at $50. SOULUTION offer switching supplies in their top of the line equipment for 20K 😁😁

    Thank you so much for sharing your review with us.

    G Chopra (Mumbai)
    iFi – Audio Power

    I had bought 2 ifi-power units – one for the izen Bluetooth and one for powering the router in my house. There is a perceptible difference – positive imho – the background noise is lower so you hear more detail. The Harshness in treble is less. Music has more weight . It is worth cleaning the DC mains power to hear better music from your music system. Also the ifi power on my router had a positive effect on the video also – while watching Netflix, amazon prime – the picture and sound was clearer .

    Thank you so much for sharing your valuable review with us!

    Philippe Gabulon (Bengaluru)
    great little product (12v version)

    it comes with all possible adaptors.
    The cable has a nice lengh and is flexible enough.
    I use it on a Meridiam Prime headphone ap and dac. and it made a big difference:
    The background became far darker with very low noice.
    Bass were deeper with timing and slam.
    The sound stage became biger and more focussed at the same time.
    Voices have a nice presence.

    Thank you so much for sharing your review with us.

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