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iFi Audio - Micro-iTube 2

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iFi Audio is a specialist company from the UK, with a history in High-End Stereo equipment. Targeted towards the new age audio market, iFi Audio aims to provide the market with the highest quality components, that won’t break the bank.

They pride themselves on their use of top-notch materials not just in the build and packaging, but with internal parts as well. You can find parts inside that are often used in components priced a few times higher than iFi’s components.

The micro iTube2 is a tube output stage, tube pre-amp, tube buffer AND an impedance-matching device, all-in-one. There is nothing like it. You can put the micro iTube2 before a solid-state pre-amp and another one after it, creating the effect of tubing the whole audio chain. Or you can choose to simply use the micro iTube2 as a very high-quality pre-amp by itself.

  • Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2 -magic-of-tubes-logo

    ‘Magic’ of SET, Push-Pull or Classic Tube sound

    The iTube 2 offers three settings, which are user switchable and offer different sonic characteristics, each of which unique to different types of Tube Amplifiers. The settings being:

    -Single-Ended Triode power amplifier;
    -Push-Pull tube power amplifier;         
    -Classic Tube amplifier;                       

    There is no "right" setting, you choose the one you like or the one that sounds the best with your system.

    Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2


    Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2

    Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2 -XBass-Logo

    XBass+® matrix for Speakers, new and improved

    Even though XBass+ for Speakers shares the same philosophy with the XBass+ for Headphones technology, but other than that, both are quite different in how they work. 
    XBass+ for Speakers gives every audio system an adjustable level of bass control to enhance the listening experience through speakers that have limited low-end extension. 

    3D Holographic+® matrix for Speakers

    Drawn from the ground breaking work of Alan Blumlein, the "Father of Stereo", the 3D Holographic+ technology from iFi adds another level of performance to high-end speaker systems. 
    First, it corrects the spatial distortions in recordings. Second, it widens the soundstage beyond that of the speaker placement. It has three modes, being:
    1)Off  - 3D+ being inactive.
    2)"+" Mode - It recreates the Original width of the recording. Recommended Default.
    3)"30˚+" Mode - Adds an extra 30˚ of stage to redress the narrow placement of speakers.

    Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2
    Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2
    Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2 -XBass-Logo

    Brand-new PCB, Direct-Coupled for purest signal path

    The iTube 2 PCB features Direct Coupling, which means no separate out coupling capacitor, for the purest, direct signal path. It's something that has trickled down from the Big Daddy Flagship, the Pro iCAN. 


    Reference class parts quality

    The iTube 2 uses high quality capacitors made by TDK and Panasonic, designed explicitly for audio use with extremely low distortion (<0.00001% @ 1v/10kHz).
    It also uses ELNA SIlmic capacitors, found in audio components with prices with an additional 0 in front of them.

    Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2
    Headphone-Zone-iFI-micro- iTube2

    Running silently in the background – iPower 15v

    The iTube 2 also has iFi's newest iPower(15v) built in, which is a remarkably quiet power supply which features Active Noise Cancellation+ from military radar technology. 


  • Tube: NOS GE 5670×1
    Maximum Output: > 7.75V (>+20dBu)
    SNR: 119dB(A) re. 2V, buffer, 
    0dB Gain
    DNR: 31dB(A) re. +20dBu, buffer, 
    0dB Gain
    THD & N: < 0.009% (re. 2V, buffer, 0dB 
    Gain, A- weighted)
    Frequency Response: < 10Hz -to > 200kHz (-1dB)
    20Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.003dB)
    Input Impedance: 1M ohm Direct Tube Buffer
    100k ohm Pre-Amplifier 
    with Volume Control
    Output Stage Output Impedance: <1 ohm
    Corrected Output Impedance: <150 ohm
    Input Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption: <4W idle, 10W max
    Dimensions: 175(l) x 67 (w) x 28 (h) mm
    Weight: 278g (0.61lbs)

  • One Year

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

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