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iFi Audio

iFi Audio - SPDIF iPurifier

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  • Goodbye to Noise

    Now listen to only pure music with the iFi Audio SPDIF iPurifier. It lowers the noisefloor along with its powerful iPower5v plug. It effectively filters out the noise created by your power supply as well as interference from other devices. The SPDIF iPurifier cleans SPDIF digital audio output and unclean power supply which degrades and interrupts the sound quality.

    REclock and Galvanic Isolation Technology

    REclock ensures you hear music in its natural form, it helps to reduces the jittering by rebalancing and rechecking the signal wave and Galvanic Isolation separates the electrical circuits to eliminate stray elements. This ensures that the audio is passed through without noise contaminating the signal.

    Plug-in & Play

    iFi Audio SPDIF iPurifier improves the sound of high-end CD players, soundcards, Apple TV, Netflix, YouTube, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Google Chromecast, 4K Smart TV, and more. Just plug it into an SPDIF port and enjoy noise-free audio.

    Pure Music, Nothing Else

    iFi Audio SPDIF iPurifier amazingly separates the vocals and instruments giving you pure and clear sound. With this, audio becomes bigger and gaming becomes clearer.

    Jitter-Free Sound

    The sound signal goes through 4 stages to perfectly eliminate the jitter and offer amazing sound quality that has more warmth and resolution.

    Bit-Perfect Signal Transfer

    The iFi Audio SPDIF iPurifier assures bit-perfect signal transfer, which means that the signal remains in its original form. It can handle DSD/DoP, Dolby Digital, DTS and also 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192kHz; 16 to 24 Bit.

    Memory-Buffer System

    The iFi Audio SPDIF iPurifier has a Memory Buffer System that solves the digital SPDIF jittering problem once and for all. The intelligent memory system contains a number of complete audio samples. This allows it to completely absorb the variation in the incoming signal and give a jitter-free sound at a fixed and precise clock rate regardless of the variation in the incoming signal's clock rate.

  • Specifications

    IMPEDANCE 75 Ohms
    SUPPORTED SIGNALS 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz;
    16 to 24 Bit, DSD/DoP,
    Dolby Digital, DTS
    INPUTS Combo optical mini-jack & gold-plated coaxial connector
    OUTPUTS gold-plated coaxial connector & optical mini-jack
    POWER SUPPLY Micro USB, 5V/500mA
    DIMENSIONS 71(l) x 19(w) x 20(h)mm
    WEIGHT 29g
    iFi Audio - SPDIF iPurifier
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This iFi Audio product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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