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Jabra - Halo Smart

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The Jabra Halo Smart is a perfect combination style and great sound and has been specially designed for those who live life on-the-go .

These wireless headphones allow you to seamlessly take your calls, organise your workload and keep you on track with your schedule, while letting you enjoy your music with the most amazing and detailed sound.

One of the best wireless headsets, the large microphone and noise cancellation works together in order to silence disturbing ambient noise. Now communicate clearly without experiencing much disturbance. 

Stuffcool Ray vs Jabra Halo Smart
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A truly commendable feature that sets the  Halo Smart apart is its  call vibration. The neckband vibrates, notifying you of every incoming call.

Providing you with the best in ear fit, the Jabra Halo Smart will give you music with comfort. A large battery comes crammed up inside these headsets giving them a long battery life.

With upto 15 hours of music and 17 hours of call time, the Jabra Halo Smart doesn't let you stop. 

Android users are in for a treat, access Siri and Google Now that lets you manage your basic functions, merely at the tap of the voice button.

If you are looking for a pair of headsets that complement good music with excellent call quality, then the Jabro Halo Smart is your best pick.


Jabra Halo Smart - Calls and Music with Amazing Sound


      Perfect Sound

      The Jabra Halo Smart lets you tune out with an exceptional sound experience. Built with 10mm speakers they deliver full spectrum quality music. Whichever genre you love, the Jabra Halo Smart delivers the best audio.



      Convenient and Comfortable Neckband Style

      The convenient neckband allows you to easily access your wireless earbuds. You no longer have to search for your earphones or worry about them getting tangled. The Halo Fusion has easy-to-reach earbuds that allow you to quickly pop them in and out while your phone stays in your pocket.


      Wind and Water Resistant

      The headphones come with a wind-protected microphone and weather-resistant durability which means that you can take your calls wherever you go.



      Easy Siri/Google Now accessibility

      All android users can easily access Siri and Google Now with a tap of the voice button. The Jabra Halo Smart can read out your calendar notifications, e-mails, text messages and social media messages.



      Lightweight and Comfortable

      The Jabra Halo Smart is made of a body that is extremely lightweight, allowing you usage without experiencing discomfort. Now you can sport your headphones all day long.






    • In-Ear
      130.5 Dynamic Drivers

      Inline Mic
      200Hz to 6.3 kHz

      16 Ω
      2 x 21 cm (8.3 in) / USB data cable: 31 cm (12.2 in)

      Not disclosed by the manufacturer

      97 ±3dB /mW at 1 KHz
      Not disclosed by the manufacturer

      Not disclosed by the manufacturer
      38 g 

      1. JABRA Halo smart 

      2. 3 sets of extra EarGels™
      3. 1 USB cable


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Redington India Limited, Official Distributors of Jabra.  Find the nearest service centre in India  here .

  • " With 17 hours of talk-time and up to 15 hours of music playback between charges, the Jabra Halo Smart represents real value for money. I can’t think of many other Bluetooth earphones that offer quite so many features and decent length of charge for the price."

    " The Halo Smart are priced well enough, but our endorsement could have been earned even at a higher price thanks for their excellent execution of their dual functions. At the end of the day, it’s hard to beat the Halo Smart."

    " The Jabra Halo Smart is a sturdily built neck-band style headphone that performs very well as a headset for making cell phone calls, offers good battery life, and decent sound for music if you get a tight seal. Neckband vibrates when a call comes in."

    " Clear voice calls. Long battery life. Relatively inexpensive. The upright bass notes come through, but lack the sense of resonance they get on headphones with better bass response."

    " These headphones are designed primarily for high-powered, always-on-the-phone folks. But if you do need a pair of affordable earphones to get you from commute tunes to phone calls and back,  Jabra’s Halo Smart is a solid option.."

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Faizan Mithani F.M. Faizan M.
3 star

Jabra - Halo Smart

Piyush Jain P.J. Piyush J.
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Good product

Roshith Chandran R.C. Roshith C.
The Magnetic Wonder

I was graduating from a Samsung HS3000 which I have been using for the last two years with absolutely no problem. I wanted something more trendier and something with less " knots" and the Jabra Halo Smart definitely fits the bill. The sound quality is better but nothing great. The ease and convenience of use is definitely on the higher side - especially answering and taking calls with the headphones. The ergonomics of the neck band is definitely great not to mention the vibration on calls which gave me some anxious creepy crawly moments initially, and I can put my mobile on silent mode and still get to know who is calling .
The Headphone Zone guys at the danger of sounding I am trying to " maska" them are definitely one of the best sites I have come across. I got frequent updates without tracking and one when my mobile arrived at the courier ready for delivery. Will definitely recommend.

Sanjay Gupta S.G. Sanjay G.
3 star

Jabra - Halo Smart

Pankaj Kumar P.K. Pankaj K.
5 star

Jabra - Halo Smart

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