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28 reviews
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The Jaybird X2 have been termed as "Perfection in Wireless Sound". Winner of “The Best Earphones of the Year” at Exhibit Tech Awards, 2015 and  favourite of fitness enthusiasts around the world, these Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones lead the wireless sport category with best-in-class audio performance.

The X2 is the smallest Bluetooth headphone available, but has a massive 8 hours of play time. An exciting feature for sports fanatics is that these earphones offer  Lifetime Warranty against sweat! These earphones are available in a wide variety of colours with additional Comply Foam eartips & a redesigned silicone carry case. 

Marco D'Souza, DNA
" The surprising ease with which they deliver clean, natural bass, crackling highs and warm mid tones made for an excellent listening experience. Also unlike most in-ears that tend to restrict and narrow the sound stage, what we heard here was expansive and bright."

Karthekayan Iyer, Indian Express
"  I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t buy the Jaybird X2. Good things never come cheap – Jaybird X2 is just that one good thing. It sounds great. It’s well engineered, offers premium fit and extremely portable. We can’t ask for more."  

Siddharth Parwatay, Digit
" At Rs. 15,999 the Jaybird X2 certainly isn’t cheap. It is however the best sports-oriented wireless IEM you can buy. Great battery life, great build quality, and rich audio all bundled into a package that’s quite nice to look at."

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  • Remarkable & Immersive Wireless Sound

    The X2 delivers  outstanding performance that rivals the very best in mainstream wired headphones. Tuned to deliver studio quality performance and a balanced sound signature, these in-ears also have an on-board filtering system called  PureSound™ that filters out and eliminates the white noise, and delivers a clean audio experience, thereby reducing listener fatigue.

    Secure Fit

    The X2's p atented sports ear cushions hug into the top, back & lower surface areas of the ear creating a strong locking mechanism for the earphones. These hexagonal cushions also provide  maximum stability, cushion and comfort for long workouts. The three eartips & ear cushions in different sizes help in fulfilling the same.

    8 Hour Battery

    These in-ear earphones are the smallest Bluetooth Headsets in the world, yet they provide  8 hours of play time, double of what was previously possible from an earphone of this size. And no matter what device you use, you'll receive a 20 minute warning before the earphones switch off due to low battery. 


    Jaybird’s patent pending X-Fit™ allows you to use the earphones traditionally i.e, under the ear or switch to over-ear avoiding any wires from hanging around your neck, achieving a great sports music experience.

    SignalPlus™ & Jenna

    You can use your music device in whatever side of  of your body you want  without its traditional limitations getting between the devices and blocking signal. You can also keep your phone/music at a good distance from you in a bag at the gym & enjoy high clarity sound. With 'Jenna's voice prompts, you can just put your headset on, hold the power button and Jenna takes over saying “power on”, then “headphones connected”. Push play and your music begins. 

    Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat

    Liquipel Sweat Repellent Nano Technology helps to further enhance their Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat. Liquipel is a super hydrophobic process that provides the X2 with added protection from exposure to sweat and external elements

    Comply™ Premium Sport Foam Eartips

    Apart from silicone tips in multiple sizes, these earphones also come with  Premium Comply™ ear tips exclusiviely designed for Jaybird X2, delivering maximum noise isolation, fit & comfort. 

    What's in the box:

    • JayBird X2 Sport In-Ear Headphones with Bluetooth
    • 3 x Pairs of Ear Tips (S, M, L)
    • 3 x Pairs of Secure Fit Ear Cushions (S, M, L)
    • 2 x X-Fit Cord Management Clips (S, M, L)
    • Standard Micro-USB Cable
    • Protective Carry Case
    • Limited 1-Year Warranty, Lifetime Warranty Against Sweat
  • In-Ear

    In-Built Mic w/3 Button Remote


    13.8 g

    Bluetooth Class 2.1+EDR 

    8 Hours (Play)
    250 Hours (Standby)

    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

    To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorized service center) at direct@headphonezone.in or +91 750 664 6988.

  • "Like the BlueBuds X before them, the Jaybird X2 are some of the very best sport in-ears available in their price range."

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    "These will stay in your ears through walking, running, jumping, and basically any sport/task you throw at them. The good news is that you get everything needed to get up and running out of the box. You can also pair up to 8 devices to these little guys."

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    "The Jaybird X2 has been in improved in a number of small ways from its predecessor, offering better sweat-proofing, a new matte finish, a more comfortable ear fin design, a better carrying case and improved battery life. It also sounds good and offers a reliable wireless connection."

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    "The wireless Jaybird X2 headphones offer an exceptionally secure fit and solid Bluetooth audio performance, making them ideal for athletes."

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    "The biggest downside for most potential buyers will no doubt be that $179 price tag. It's a pretty restrictive number for workout headphones, but the X2s are, thankfully, far more diverse. These little Bluetooth buds pack great sound, design, and battery life into the best wireless sports earbuds around."

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    "These are the kinds of headphones that catch you off guard: you mentally expect a certain type of sound to flow into your ears, but when your favourite song launches you break into an involuntary smile while your eyes widen."

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    "If you’re in the market for a premium pair of headphones to take to the gym, track or even when you’re cycling to work, the Jaybird X2 delivers on all sound fronts with a secure sweat proof fit. With a sound that would please both athletes and audiophiles alike."

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    "At Rs. 15,999 the Jaybird X2 certainly isn’t cheap. It is however the best sports-oriented wireless wireless IEM you can buy. Great battery life, great build quality, and rich audio all bundled into a package that’s quite nice to look at."

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    "Jaybird reveals that the smallest in-class Bluetooth headphones come with battery HD that can lead to 8 hours of play time. Moving on the Bluetooth signal, the X2 features such product architecture and antenna design that eliminates cross-body signal interference and dropout."

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    "Jaybird x2 headphones offers a better sound quality for the tunes which the users will play. The design is pretty awesome where users can choose the earbuds that fits their ears. It will suit for all persons and experience it."

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    "The X2 is a premium pair of earphones adn we're happy to report that Jaybird does justive with the quality you expect from an expensive pair of earphones."

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    "I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t buy the Jaybird X2. Good things never come cheap – Jaybird X2 is just that one good thing. It sounds great. It’s well engineered, offers premium fit and extremely portable. We can’t ask for more."

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    "It's safe to say that the Jaybird X2 lives upto its reputation. At Rs.15,999, these earphones are steeply priced.However, the company is known to take its warranty quite seriously and will replace the product in case of any defect or damaged caused by sweat."

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Customer Questions

Ask Question
Q: Can I use X2 while swimming?

A: No! Never ever do that. It is sweat resistant, not water proof.

Q: Can I buy comply separately?

A: Unfortunately the Jaybird X2 has a unique core size, hence none of the Comply 100/200/400/500 series are compatible with them

Q: What is the Battery life?

A: The battery lasts for a good 8 hours. And if you’re looking to charge it up for a quick run, a 15 mins charge should last you 90 mins

Q: What does lifetime guarantee against sweat mean?

A: Any damage created due to perspiration or moisture under normal wear and tear during activity is covered for the lifetime of the headset. The headset has an average 120-charge cycle, which correlates to 3 years.

Q: International warranty?

A: The Jaybird X2 carries International warranty. You can claim warranty anywhere in the World within the warranty period.

Q: How many devices can be paired?

A: At once, EIGHT devices can be paired with ability to manually toggle connection between the devices from the Bluetooth device list of your Phone/Music device (connection to one device at a time).

Q: Does it work with laptops?

A: Yes, it’ll work with any bluetooth enabled device

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