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JAYS - a-JAYS Five

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The a-JAYS Five is a world-class product designed by the Swedish brand—JAYS. With their custom drivers, durable aluminium and thermoplastic materials, the a-JAYS Five is the ultimate solution for your Android or Windows smartphone. Meticulously designed, it makes for a full feature mobile headset, with advanced MEMS technology leading to best-in-class performance.

With tangle-free cables, custom made drivers, supreme sound quality, and the world's first three button remote for Android & Windows, these are an ideal pair of in-ears.



    JAYS Office Sweden

    Something Special; Something JAYS

    There has never been a more affordable way to get yourself immersed in the world of in-ear headphones; the new a-JAYS Series gives you a listening experience that is far superior to that of the standard earbuds bundled with your MP3 player or phone.

    It’s all about the rhythm. The a-JAYS Series gives you a rich, deep bass response and will help you to rediscover your music all over again. The rhythm sections in your favourite tunes will be uplifted and reinvigorated; music has never been so much fun.

    Ergonomically Designed

    After a lot of research, JAYS has carefully designed these earphones to be comfortable for long periods of usage. The fit is secure, and the angular shape of the earphones make sure they rest comfortably in your ears, isolating external noise. By combining different materials into the build, and covering precision-tuned aluminum with a flexible thermoplastic form, they were able to create compact, soft and flexible earphones with great acoustics.
    a-JAYS Five-Design
    a-JAYS Five-Custom-drivers

    Custom A5 Drivers

    Experience award-winning high-quality sound with tailor made drivers which deliver powerful, precise and natural sounding bass. Whatever your music choice may be, it's all going to sound absolutely great. JAYS has assembled a brand-new custom driver that is tailored to deliver power and precise bass, as well as a lively dynamic range with improved details for natural-sounding vocals.

    Three-button remote

    The three-button remote lets you control your Android (except Lenovo, Vivo, Oppo , HTC, Redmi, Huawei, Honor) or Windows phone with features such as answer/reject calls, play/pause, skip songs, volume up/down, etc. This lets you stow-away your phone into your bag and carry out other activities conveniently.
    a-JAYS Five-3-button-mic-and-remote



    a-JAYS five MEMS Technology


    The a-JAYS Five has a remarkable mic that consists of an acoustic sensor, a low noise input buffer and an output amplifier resulting in incredible speech quality. The built-in echo cancellation is especially good as it reduces surrounding noise and won’t degrade over time.

    Unlike most microphones, JAYS uses mic-magnets that recharge each time your earphones are plugged in, ensuring high-performance audio for a long time to come.


    JAYS was the first brand to come up with tangle-free cables ensuring that you enjoy a great music listening experience. Zero tangles spare you the effort needed in detangling your earphones when you can be enjoying your favourite tracks instead. Go tangle-free!
    a-Jays Five Three button remote


    L-Shaped Jack

    L-Shaped Jack

    With the L-shaped plug, you can carry your mobile in your pocket more comfortably while relieving the plug from mechanical strain. The L-shaped jack does not let it tangle at all and makes it long lasting.




  • In-Ear
    3 Buttons In-Line Mic

    Custom A5 Drivers
    18Hz - 23,000Hz

    16 Ohms

    115 cm Tangle Free Flat Cable
    3.5mm L-shaped Jack (Silver)

    227 grams
    96 dB @ 1 kHz

    Not disclosed by manufacturer
    -40dB @ 2kHz

    1. JAYS - a-JAYS Five Earphones 

    2. Cylindrical solid carry case

    3. Cable clip

    4. 5 pairs of Eartips (XXS, XS, S, M, L)
    a-JAYS Five-whats-in-the-box

  • Two Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

  • JAYS-One JAYS-One+ JAYS-Four+ JAYS-Five
    JAYS One
    JAYS One+
    JAYS Four+
    JAYS Five

    Rs. 2,999/-

    Rs. 3,999/-

    Rs. 4,999/-

    Rs. 1,999/-

    Sound Impression Heavy bass impact. Heavy bass impact. Bass driven detailed sound enhanced in the voice spectrum Powerful, detailed sound
    Driver 8.6 mm Dynamic Speaker 8.6 mm Dynamic Speaker 8.6 mm Dynamic Speaker JAYS Custom A5
    Impedance 16 Ohm @ 1kHz 16 Ohm @ 1kHz 16 Ohm @ 1kHz 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
    Frequency Response 20 Hz - 18 000 Hz 20 Hz - 18 000 Hz 20 Hz - 21 000 Hz 18 Hz - 23 000 Hz
    Material ABS plastic ABS plastic ABS plastic TPE + aluminum
    Isolation JAYS Sound Isolating Sleeves -40dB @ 2kHz JAYS Sound Isolating Sleeves -40dB @ 2kHz
    Cable Type TPE coated flat tangle free cable TPE coated flat tangle free cable TPE coated flat tangle free cable Flat tangle free cable
    Operating System iOS, Windows, Android iOS, Windows, Android Windows
    Microphone Standard MEMS MEMS
    1 Button
    3 Button
    Silicone Rubber Sleeves 5 pairs 5 pairs 5 pairs 5 pairs
    Carrying Case
    Cable Clip

  • JAYS-a-JAYs-Five-VS-Sony-MDR-XB70AP

    Jays a-Jays Five Vs Sony MDR-XB70AP

    by Nausheen Shaikh April 14, 2016

    Comparing the two very popular in-ear earphones- The Jays a-Jays Five and the Sony XB70AP.
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  • T3 Magazine review on a-JAYS-five
    "The a-JAYS Five is the perfect ‘everyday’ headphone; it’s not so exorbitantly priced that you worry about breakage when you bring it out, and yet it sounds killer. With the added bonus of a very well thought-out control system and competent mic quality, this is the best all-rounder for the money."


    "The a-JAYS Five is the best sounding in-ear headphone product for under $100 on the market. The a-JAYS Five earphones are really bassy with an astounding audio quality that holds up on all levels."


    "The handsome pair offers impressive sound, tangle-free flat cables, and device-specific remote mics for your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. The a-JAYS Five have a really good bass sound."

    "We have never seen such dedication from other brands as much as JAYS puts effort into engineering three entirely different experiences in order to make everyone happy. It's groundbreaking."


    "As a former audio engineer I’ve tested hundred of speakers, in ear headphones, and headsets. To say I’m picky about my audio quality is an understatement. The audio quality on the a-JAYS Five is impeccable, there’s no other way to put it."


  • Comfort comply ear tips

    Comply - comfort
    ear tips

    Rs. 1,299/-

    Comply Isolation Ear tips


    Rs. 999.00/-



    Rs. 699/-



    Rs. 999/-





    Rs. 99/-



    Rs. 199/-



    Rs. 899/-



    Rs. 299/-


  • Can you Listen to music? Can you Control the Volume? Can you use the mic to speak?
    iPhone 4/4s Yes No No
    iPhone 5/5s/5c Yes No No
    iPhone 6/6s/6+/6s+ Yes No No
    iPhone 7/7+ Yes No No
    iPads Yes No No
    Asus Zenfone 2/ Zenfone 2 Laser Yes Yes Yes
    Asus Zenfone Max Yes Yes Yes
    Asus Zenfone 3/ Zenfone 3 Laser Yes Yes Yes
    Google Phones
    Google Nexus 5/ Nexus 5X Yes Yes Yes
    Google Nexus 6P Yes Yes Yes
    Google Pixel/ Pixel XL Yes Yes Yes
    Honor 6X Yes No Maybe
    Honor 8/ 8 Pro Yes No Maybe
    Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Yes Maybe Yes
    Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus/ K5 Note Yes Maybe Yes
    Lenovo Vibe K6 Power/ K6 Note Yes Maybe Yes
    Lenovo Vibe K3 Note Yes Maybe Yes
    Lenovo P2 Yes Maybe Yes
    Lenovo Z2 Plus Yes Maybe Yes
    LeTV Le 2 Yes Yes Yes
    LeTV Le 1s Yes Yes Yes
    Moto G4/ G4 Plus Yes Yes Yes
    Moto G5/ G5 Plus/ G5s/ G5s Plus Yes Yes Yes
    Moto G3 Yes Yes Yes
    Moto G Turbo Edition Yes Yes Yes
    Moto X Play Yes Yes Yes
    Moto Z Play Yes Yes Yes
    Moto G Turbo Edition Yes Yes Yes
    Moto E3 Power Yes Yes Yes
    One Plus
    One Plus 1 Yes Yes Yes
    One Plus 2 Yes Yes Yes
    One Plus X Yes Yes Yes
    One Plus 3/ 3T Yes Yes Yes
    One Plus 5 Yes Yes Yes
    Oppo F1S Yes Maybe Yes
    Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro Yes Yes Yes
    Samsung Galaxy J7/ J7 Prime Yes Yes Yes
    Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge Yes Yes Yes
    Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge Yes Yes Yes
    Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+ Yes Yes Yes
    Samsung Galaxy J2 Yes Yes Yes
    Samsung Galaxy J5 Yes Yes Yes
    Samsung Note 5 Yes Yes Yes
    Vivo V5 Yes Maybe Yes
    Xiaomi Redmi 2 Yes Maybe Yes
    Xiaomi Mi 4i Yes Maybe Yes
    Xiaomi Mi 5 Yes Maybe Yes
    Xiaomi Mi Max Yes Maybe Yes
    Xiaomi Redmi 3S Yes Maybe Yes
    Xiaomi Redmi 4/ 4A Yes Maybe Yes
    Xiaomi Note 3 Yes Yes Yes
    Xiaomi Note 4 Yes Yes Yes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 470 reviews
One Word- Awesome

To begin with a big thumbs up to the guys at headphonezone.. The customer support and service is superb.. They helped me out a lot regarding the choice to make for these. Thanks to @Yash for his advice. Coming to earphones... i have owned Soundmagic E10C Senheiser Cx 275S Nd street 180.. and These Jays are truly a great upgrade over them.. The earphones come in a superb packing with a good presentation... Four extra pairs of buds and a classy carry case.. Build quality is good too.. Coming to the sound.. I have never heard to a well balaced earphones like thiese.. Whether ita the highs mids or lows they manage the sound so awesomely they are a treat to listen.. the bass is there yes and its enough with an awesome response time.. Not at all muddy and never overpowers... The cables are tangle free yes and regarding the complains about the fit.. I have read in reviews that they fall off.. you just need to select ear bud of correct size and they are perfect fit.. They do not fall off.. Windows version is working perfectly for Mi 5. A huge thanks to headphonezone again for the fast delivery.. Cheapest price and their valuable advice.. Kudos to you guys. Very happy with my purchase and yes these are the best earphones you can get Under 2.5K. If confused just call these guyz and they will surely tell you whats best for you.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review Aditya. Yash is overjoyed that you thanked him. Our team work hard to provide the best support and service. We are really glad that you loved the a-Jays Five. We look forward to your continued support :)
Good sound but very uncomfortable

Sound quality is good but bass is very low. Its not meant for bass heads. Sound clarity is really great but very very uncomfortable. None of the ear tips fits properly.

One question to headfonezone team, the official Jays website says they are providing free comply ear tips with Jays Five earphone and there is a process given on how to get the free comply ear tips. But the Jays website doesn't have an option to ship the ear tips to India. Couldn't you guys try to get in touch with Jays team and ask them this as there are many customers who are buying it in India and they all should also get the free comply ear tips. Awaiting reply!

A earphone only worth for its looking and packaging.

Use this earphone with my new mi a1 which has a inbuilt amplifier dedicated in it.A big improvement in my rest of the earphones sound quality using with my new mi a1.

Taking about this phone, packaging and looks were good and It also support my device,great.But that's all about its good side.
Not good for the audiophiles,,as it lacks bass, although the lows nd mids were good.In loud volume the high pitch sound irritates the ears, therefore feels uncomfortable in long duration listening.And fitting in ear is really bad,tried all sized buds.

Great disappointment..!!

Its sad to hear this but, it is said that if you let the earphones burn a little and then it starts performing very well. There are people out there those who like a balanced sound signature with less of a bass, that doesn't mean that they are not an Audiophile. Preferences changes by people to people and this product is not for the bass lovers but for those who love good clarity.
JAYS - A-JAYS FIVE are very good earphones but......

Lets start by comparing A - Jays Five with Sennheiser cx180 because, lets face it every one at some point of time has owned a cx180. As we all know cx180 is know for its bang for the buck bass and its not muddy, sound signature is not bright but it is one of the most comfortable earphones to wear and listen to without a need for comply eartips.
Now coming to A - Jays Five, its has a very amazing bright sound which according to me is amazing at this price(1500 rs), bass is subtle but not overpowering and the bass pumps your heart.But A - Jays Five disappointed me a lot when it comes to ergonomics.Yes,yes I know its one of the most beautifully designed earphones but its of no use. The mic which is on the right side of the earphones is very heavy and no matter what you do(like trying different eartips) it falls off even on slightest of jerk.I did not use the comply tips which HeadphoneZone recommends but I don't think it would solve the issue.If only Jays would have stuck with designs like its previous models I would definitely be impressed with this earphone.
Also sometimes the control don't work on Android(I use Moto X Play).May be that's just me.
Also if you use good music players in your android phone(I use PlayerPro original version) which gives you amazing control on type of sound you want, you can do wonders with A Jays Five.
I tried using combination of bass booster + Equalizer + Virtualizer and the sound that it produced was simply stunning.
So in conclusion I can say "Beautiful sounding earphones that keep falling from your ear".


Hi all,
Got my earphone yesterday.....immediately started burning in the earphones......process still going on..that leads to change in sound output indeed....thanks to HFZ for letting me know this technique....specially for a layman...thanks once again; special thanks to other previous purchasers who posted their valuable feedback which indeed helped me choosing the earphone and will surely help future music enthusiasts.
Pros: bass quality good
voice clarity good
treble good...expecting significant change in over all sound output after the full burning in process.
Cons: 227 grams.... bit heavier side.. right side ear tip .coming out very frequently......would very much appreciate if HFZ would provide us with a solution who are facing same problem
ONE SUGGESTION FOR HEAD PHONE ZONE: your site is very informative... explains technical things in a possible simplest ways..left hand upper side has five columns...viz: brands, earphones..headphones (etc.) it would be a great help if you kindly add another section like.. maximum reviews.
thanks to all...enjoy of luck to HFZ for future endeavors.