Metalico Stainless Steel Headphone Stand

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Made with high quality stainless steel, the Metalico is Headphone Zone’s own creation. A gift to headphones of all types and a real delight to look at on top of the table, this headphone stand is probably your headphones’ best companion.

Fit for all headphones

The cleverly designed Metalico is perfect to be used with any and all headphones. Built as a hangar, the Metalico has an elegant metal frame and can support the heaviest of headphone models.

Stainless Steel 

The Metalico has been created with high quality stainless steel, with matte finish that only adds to its premium demeanour. Also, stainless steel is what makes this headphone stand a really durable product.

Brushed Finish

These Stainless Steel stands have a metal brushed finish and this particular surface finish adds to its stylish appeal. 

Anti-Static &  Non-Magnetic

While ordinary steel messes with magnets, these stainless steel stands are anti static and will not mess with the sensitive magnets in your headphone's driver unit.


The Metalicos are anti corrosive and you can keep them clean by wiping them off with a damp wet cloth if they get in contact with dust.

Premium Colours

Available in premium colours such as Gold, Gunmetal Black, Copper Red & Silver. Take your pick to match your headphones.