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Monster - Blaster

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The powerful bass produced by the boombox will drive you crazy. Thanks to the Powerbass and V-sound technology fitted in the Monster Blaster speaker that adds big sound to your party. The system has voicing profiles for either indoor or outdoor setup, to optimize the sound in any environment, with enhanced bass for open outdoor spaces.

The Blaster boombox doesn’t just look like a dumbbell but is as strong as one. The old-school looking boombox is modified with a modern touch. The matte finish and grill wrap can be an add on to your personality. Enjoy music anywhere for 12 long hours with rechargeable lithium batteries fitted in the boombox.

Pair any Bluetooth enabled device with the Monster Blaster boombox and start your party wherever you want. These speakers are also splash resistant which means some random water splashes are not going to land you in trouble. But hey, don’t try pushing it in the water.

Enjoy loud music whenever, wherever with the Monster Blaster Boombox!

  • Bone-rattling Sound

    The Monster Blaster is fitted with Powerbass™ and V-sound™ technology that changes your music experience multifold. The V-shaped angled cabinet design with drivers on both sides for sound comes towards you and bounces off the wall. Two passive radiators enhances the sound for additional bass. The subwoofer boosts up bass for outdoor settings.

    Indoor and Outdoor EQ Modes

    You select your EQ mode and enjoy the music with the Monster Blaster boombox. The speaker can be your ultimate home portable audio system with the indoor setting of powerful bass room filling sound. Enjoy your workouts, party, picnic or any outdoor gathering with balanced bass field filling sound.

    Built like a Tank

    The Monster Blaster reminds of a dumbbell. Doesn’t it? Its built with metal mesh grille that wraps around the boombox saving the woofer and the massive drivers inside. The speaker looks sleek with the matte black and grey finish and you can ensure to get some eyeballs for it.

    Integrated Handle

    The stout carry handle adds to the 90’s boombox look. If you are planning to miss gym today maybe try doing the biceps with the Monster blaster. The handle makes the boombox portable enough to be carried wherever you plan on starting a party.

    Party for 12 hours

    Ever imagined 12 hours of madness? That’s how much battery life the boombox offers. The Monster Blaster speaker’s interiors has a rechargeable lithium battery which is far more effective than the cells used in traditional boomboxes. Not just that a single charge lasts for good 8 hours on full volume.

    Two Mini Jack Inputs & USB Charging

    The Monster Blaster boombox comes along with two mini jack output. One for aux and the other one for mic. The USB charge out lets you charge any other devices while it is producing some crazy bass sound. You can also charge it quickly before the battery drains out with the USB port.

    Splash Resistant

    Place the Blaster boombox near the pool and enjoy a pool party with your gang playing the latest songs. A few splashes here and there won’t harm the insanely powerful audio producing boombox. But don’t mistaken it for accidently pushing it into the pool.

    Go Wireless

    The Blaster boombox may look like one of those old days speaker, but it features Bluetooth connectivity. You can also use NFC to connect your device to the boombox. Pair any device with Monster’s boombox and you are good to go.

    What's in the Box

    • Monster - Blaster
    • Plug
    • Plug Adapter

  • Battery Life - >12 Hours
    Charging Time - <3 Hours
    Height - 46cm
    Weight - 7.6 kg

    Lightning to USB-A Charging Cable


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Cinebels Private Limited. 
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  • "As I removed the Monster Blaster from its box, I felt like I was lifting a dumbbell from the rack. Seriously, the thing weighs about 17 pounds, and it’s built like a tank, ready for the rough and tumble of outdoor use."
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