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Monster - Diamond Tears

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Diamond Tears by Monster have been meticulously co-created with multi-talented engineer, songwriter, producer and actor JYP, in collaboration with the audio technology experts at Monster. This pair of headphones looks wonderfully elegant along with being world-class in sound. These on-ear headphones let you hear your favorite songs just as the artist intended, just as music is meant to be heard. Monster prizes itself for always innovating one-of-a-kind designs for all their headphones.

The Diamond Tears headphones are just the perfect marriage of features as ever found in any other pair of headphones. Ordinary is the last word that can be used to describe this pair that embodies excellence. You get so many add-ons besides just the pair of headphones such as the high definition cable and the patented cleaning cloth.

  • MusicShare Connector

    These Diamonds are sure to give you a dazzling sound that is not only clear, but also sounds so natural. A really cool feature is the MusicShare cable that allows you to share your music with your friends whenever you want. This adds so much convenience. Music is meant to be shared and enjoyed by a multitude of people and these headphones aim to accomplish just that.

    Luxurious Comfort

    The earcups are so luxurious, they simply feel like pillows for your ears and they make a great fit for big heads as well. These headphones very conveniently and smoothly tri-fold to quite a compact size and fit snugly into the case provided.

    Aegis Microbe Shield

    You also get this awesome cleaning cloth which is Monster's patent and has an advanced Aegis Microbe Shield that is known to actually kill the bacteria and germs that cause the flu. This is the first time that a headphone company has taken it upon themselves to take health and safety steps to ensure that you not only have an outstandingly enjoyable music experience and look fabulous while doing it, but also are able to maintain the pair to keep it sanitary and sparkly clean at all times.

    Made in Collaboration with JYP

    JYP is redefining the sound of pop music all over the world. Through his music, his movies and his supergroups like Wondergirls and RAIN JYP has delighted the world with his mixture of edgy fashion and irresistible sound. He and the technological artists at Monster have worked relentlessly to create an unrivalled sound and fashion experience in the form of the unparalleled design that the Diamond Tears personifies.

    ControlTalk Universal

    These headphones have a very impressive call and music management feature called the ControlTalk Universal which allows you to seamlessly exercise complete control over how your music and calls are dealt with. This wonderful hands-free technology is so hassle-free and has such a simple user interface that anyone can use it. The design again, is so good, the high definition cable is nice and strong as well as being tangle-free. Also, it has a straight plug with a right-angled connector which adds to the durability.

    Handsome Touring Case

    A really noteworthy accessory that adds utlity and storability is the remarkably and stylishly designed touring case which can be used on those rare occassions when you will not need to use or flaunt these headphones. All you need to do then simply is to fold your headphones and admire in awe how compact the size becomes and how effortlessly it fits into the case.

  • On-ear

    1m Cable
    3.5mm Gold Jack



    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Zemax India Incorporate,  Authorized Distributors of Monster India.  Visit  here for all warranty related inquiries. 

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