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If you are an athlete or someone who loves intense workouts along with your music then look, no further, you've landed on the perfect page. The Monster iSport Freedom Wireless On-Ear Headphones feature multi-function keys, reflective safety trims and  antimicrobial soft ear cushions.

These headphones are sweat-proof and washable which make sure that your headphones stay as hygienic as you do. The in-line microphone controller and the anti-tangle wire cord just add extra brownie points to this brilliant product.

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  • Pure Monster Sound with Balanced Audio Playback

    These headphones are specially designed for the ones who don't want anything inside their ears. The patented pure Monster sound delivers strong bass and crystal clear vocal frequencies which means that these headphones will function brilliantly for a wide range of audio range. These headphones comes with a partial noise isolation feature which keeps you safe while you enjoy intense workouts and activities, yet you can still enjoy the powerful sound that these Monster. It is really important to have a keen sense of environmental awareness when you are indulging in those long cycle rides or heavy bench press and these headphones strike perfect balance between the external noise and your treasured music.

    Extremely Hygienic

    The Monster iSport Wireless is one of the best options for washable headphones. When you're enthralled in intense workouts, your headphones are bound to catch dirt and become all sweaty. These Monster earbuds are sweat proof, and the moisture will not hinder the sound or quality of their performance. Water will not harm these earbuds, so you can wash off the sweat, grime, dirt and other materials that gather on the headphones with soap and water. Adding icing on the cake are the anti microbial ear cushions, which make these headphones highly hygienic.

    Patented SportsClip Design

    These headphones are specially designed for athletes and are engineered to stay in your ear during intense physical workouts and while you're on the go. One of the exceptional features of these moisture resistant headphones is the patented Monster SportClip technology. The clip ensures that these headphones stay affix in your ears and not fall out. The comfort is unique and the design is so efficient that they will not be a hindrance when you're wearing them under helmets, goggles, glasses or other protective gear. The long, flat, tangle-free cable means you don't have to undo knots in the cord each time you use these Monster on-ears whereas the in-line microphone allows you to use these headphones on the go.

    Bluetooth & Wireless Headphones

    These On-Ears have a unique OmniTip design that ensures an optimal fit. Besides this, they support Bluetooth functionality (Apt-X + AAC) so plug these with any Bluetooth enabled device and stream your tunes wirelessly wherever you go.

  • On-Ear

    3.5mm Gold Jack


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Zemax India Incorporate,  Authorized Distributors of Monster India.  Visit  here for all warranty related inquiries. 

  • "Monster's first pair of sporty on-ear headphones are great for short gym or running sessions, but the underwhelming sound quality makes it difficult to justify paying over £200 to own them."
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