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The Turbine Pro Gold has 24K Gold-plated contacts that ensure maximum signal transfer, resist corrosion and look great. You also get two soft and luxurious cases to protect your headphones in style. For lovers of vinyl records who want the warmth of analog in the digital domain; and if feeling your music is as important to you as hearing it, this pair of headphones is the right choice for you.

  • Pro Speaker Design

    These headphones come with a proprietary speaker driver design. It has a patented Magnetic FluxTube which employs the same technology used in the best Monster speaker cables. The professional strain relief is part of the rugged construction and can withstand heavy duty use. You get a bunch of add-ons such as the soft sewn pouch houses that protects your headphones. The clip pouch and revolver holder keeps eartips organized and neat. These headphones are compatible with all portable media players which is another great plus. Also, the professional quality of the MicroStrand conductors is unbeatable. 

    All Metal Construction

    The all-metal housing and build looks incredibly durable. The contemporary and stylish gold colour with bright chrome design mirrors aircraft turbine engine and anyone who appreciates well engineered products and admires the beauty of finesse will fall in love with these heaphones. Audiophile-grade components and performance in a portable, lightweight package that packs quite a punch in all respects. 

    Pure Professional Sound

    For the first time, get your ears ready for a sound experience which is rich, smooth and easy to listen to for hours. These headphones present a large and vivid soundstage and deliver the musical big picture while keeping each instrument and voice in its own space. These headphones wonderfully produce low-reaching bass without any artificial warmth or muddiness. Although it is warmer than neutral, it never comes of as stuffy or heavy sounding. These brilliant headphones can give new life to thin-sounding recordings and even compressed audio files such as MP3s.

    Equipped with Monster's "SuperTip" Eartips

    The Monster Turbine Pro has 8 sizes of high-performance sound-isolating eartips that ensure a perfect fit and seal for ears of all sizes and shapes. These headphones are just power packed with features such as the Cable Management System that keeps weight off headphones for added comfort and reduces tangles during storage. You also get a Right Angled Connector which stays snugly attached to your player to stay out of your way and reduces wear and tear.

    High Fidelity Sound

    The speed, delicacy and power along with the unsurpassed tonal accuracy will blow your mind. It also has a subwoofer capable of reproducing a 20Hz tone. Here comes a pair of headphones especially designed for music lovers ready to take the next step up the “audio ladder” and discover the difference between ho-hum and high fidelity.

  • In-ear

    1.3 m Cable
    3.5mm Gold Jack



    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Zemax India Incorporate,  Authorized Distributors of Monster India.  Visit  here for all warranty related inquiries. 

  • "The Monster Turbine Pro earphones offer a sleek and stylish design and plenty of deep, thumping bass. If you have money to burn, these are a nice choice.

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    Great sound, great accessories for customizable user experience, better quality audio for the money than competitors, great warranty for portable unit.

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    "There's no doubt that the Monster Turbine Pro earphones sound fantastic, but at nearly twice the price of the original Turbine, they don't deliver twice as much."

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