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In Ears With 1 DD Driver

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Balanced Sound

1 Year of

Ideal for Casual
Music Listening

Ideal for

Ideal for
Taking Calls

Ideal for the

6mm Dynamic

Litz Cables


Works with
Android & iOS

Super Lightweight

I wouldn't be entirely wrong if I said they are bound to transport you out of this world. The compact form factor makes for long listening sessions. I'd probably pair these with a portable amplifier to drive them to their optimum.


Headphone Guru Info


Praveen, our Headphone Zone is an audio connoisseur and staunch Meze fanboy. He loves the RAI Penta and the Empyrean, equally. When not writing about, thinking about or listening to music: He's an avid beerologist too and staunchly believes that the combination of both beats every music setup out there! You'll often find him listening to The Weeknd, The Score and The Script.



With one-of-its-kind semi in-ear design, the MOONDROP Spaceship delivers a more natural high-frequency performance and a reduced HF attenuation and resonance. This semi in-ear design offers a comfortable wearing experience along with better restrain of the HF performance in comparison to regular earphones.



After a four-month-long sample adjustment process, MOONDROP came up with a VDSF Target Response based index design and a diaphragm design based on the auditory feedback of multiple users. The SPACESHIP is an entry-level in-ear earphone but goes way beyond its limits to display MOONDROP's pursuit of sound.



You get to experience the best possible audio input with a back-pole ECM microphone used in the MOONDROP SPACESHIP. These in-ear earphones carry out a signal isolation process to ensure that the sound quality is not lost due to the addition of a microphone. A dedicated button in the cable allows you to answer calls, play/pause your music and to skip between tracks. These earphones are designed to be compatible with most Android, iOS smartphones and PCs. Kindly note that the earphones have no volume control buttons and might have compatibility issues with some mobile phones



TRANSDUCER 6 mm Dynamic driver
104dB @ 1kHz
REMOTE 1-Button
WIRE 4N Litz oxygen free copper
BOX CONTENTS 1. Moondrop Spaceship Earphones
2. 3 pairs of silicone tips
3. Fabric pouch
4. Instruction manual


Moondrop - Spaceship vs competitors
Moondrop - Spaceship Moondrop - Spaceship vs competitors
₹ 1,699/- ₹ 2,199/-

RHA - MA390 Universalvs competitors
RHA - MA390 Universal RHA - MA390 Universal vs competitors
₹ 1,999/- ₹ 2,299/-

JAYS - a-Onevs competitors
JAYS - a-One JAYS - a-One vs competitors
₹ 1,999/- ₹ 2,999/-

KZ - ZSN Pro Xvs competitors
KZ - ZSN Pro X KZ - ZSN Pro X vs competitors

Sound Signature
Warm & Smooth
Warm & Smooth
Driver Type Dynamic Dynamic Dynamic Hybrid
Driver Configuration 1x DD 1x DD 1x DD 1x DD
1x BA
Sensitivity 104dB 89dB 92dB 112dB
Impedance 16Ω 16Ω 16Ω 25Ω
Compatibility Android & iOS Android & iOS Android & iOS Android & iOS
Detachable Cable
Connector 2-Pin
In The Box Moondrop Spaceship Earphones
3 pairs of silicone tips
Fabric pouch
RHA MA390 Universal Earphones
Three Pairs of Dual Intensity eartips
User guide
JAYS a-One Earphones
3 pairs of Eartips
KZ ZSN Pro X Earphones
User manual
Experts Verdict "Glorious micro-dynamic performance - Quality design and materials. Good build quality, nice aesthetics, natural timbre, great mids and inclusion of a carrying case."
“Affordable In-ears with good sound and universal controls. The RHA MA390 is a pair of budget earbuds that feel premium, and braided cables feel like they can withstand any abuse.”

"Good bass characteristics, Above-average stock cable quality, Build quality is good at this price point. KZ really created a real winner with this iem."


Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Moondrop Spaceship comes with a 1 year warranty from Moondrop that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Moondrop's warranty in India.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Shashank Shekhar (Patna)
One of the best budget earphone

RHA MA390 से बेहतर इस बजट में मुझे अब तक किसी की भी आवाज़ नही लगी थी,,लेकिन MOONDROP SPACESHIP की आवाज़ RHA से भी हल्की बेहतर लगी।

वोकल्स CLEARITY, BASS, MID सब कुछ ऑलमोस्ट परफेक्ट,, BASS SONY EARPHONE की तरह OVER POWERING नही,,बल्कि बिल्कुल परफेक्ट है,,,
BASS तभी हिट करती है जब एक्चुअली उसकी जरूरत होती है,,और जबरदस्त हिट करती है। EVEN SO CALLED BASS EARPHONES से भी बेहतर,,।

सिर्फ एक CON है कि RHA में 2 साल की वारण्टी है और इसमें 1 साल,, वैसे केबल क्वालिटी बेहतरीन है लेकिन TANGLE बहोत होती है।

Parth Yawale (Mumbai)
Outstanding For The Price

Great build quality
Very small = comfortable for long listening sessions
Good detail with a natural sound

Very annoying microphonics (rustling noise when the cable hits or rubs against something)
Looks may not appeal to everyone
Tips other than stock may slide back on the fairly long stem

Unboxing and build quality:
The box for these earphones is definitely worth mentioning with the typical Moondrop anime style art. For the price the unboxing experience feels very premium, completely cardboard with no flimsy plastic. The cards and booklet that come in the box are completely in Mandarin aside from the titles, so good luck figuring out what they say. The package includes a total of 4 sets of tips in various sizes which are just ordinary stock silicone. It also comes with a small black button wallet. It feels pretty cheap, but at this price anything aside from the basics is a bonus.
Coming to the earphones themselves, the quality is simply excellent. The brass casing feels weighty for the tiny size, though they are still quite light. The mirror finish is beautiful, just like the Blon 01, 03, 05. The cables are very thick compared to any other budget earphones, very sturdy feeling. The jack and the Y-split are both cased in metal.

Bass: The bass is adequate for most listeners, but there is roll off at the deep end. You're not going to feel the rumble of sub-bass, but it's enough. Most important point to note at this price range is that the bass does not come at the expense of detail and is not overpowering. This in itself is quite an accomplishment at this price.

Mids: The mids are a little boosted, with voices being emphasized considerably. The sound is a little thin, but not harshly so. It still sounds warm, but not nearly as much as something like the Blon 03.

Highs: The highs are good, cymbals and strings have a nice brilliance to them. The extension is alright, but there's no sparkle or shimmer. All in all, pretty smooth with no sibilance.

Soundstage and Imaging: Quite intimate, no airiness, average for this tier. Instrument separation is good for the price but nothing special.

Under 2k, these are definitely THE earphones to buy. You will definitely be satisfied. I would suggest getting these over the e10c every time. For those who prefer more bass, there's always the Blon BL-01 and 03.

Headphone Zone delivery and packaging was excellent as always, arrived in just a day.

So glad to know that you love them:) We look forward to serving you again. Happy listening!

Maanav DJ (Ernakulam)
They're good... for about the 5 days they'll last.

These are probably moondrop's crappiest offering in terms of quality control, even more dissapointing than the Starfield's cheap paint-job. I've had these for a week and the right earpiece is already dead. Buyer Beware.
As far as sound signature is concerned these are an average-at-best introduction into moondrop's diffuse field-ish signature sound, but even then their own Super Spaceship Pulse beats it out of the water, no contest. If you're not buying these to familiarise yourself with their house sound and are instead looking for a cheap pair of buds under 2k, buy the HifiMAN RE400s (or the BLONs if you're a basshead).
These are good for gaming (while they last) and instrument separation is not bad for the price, but that's about it.
I had a hard time with the tips and overall fit of the bullet-style earpieces here too, and this is coming from someone who owns and loves the Etymotic ER2XRs.
The anime packaging and the carrying case were nice, but apparently this time I can't even return these on your site after a week of use so it's gonna have to be a one-star from me.

Hey Maanav, we're sad to see that you're facing issues with your new earphones. Don't worry, our team is already in touch with you to help you with the best possible resolution.

Shivani Macherla (Hyderabad)
Cheap earphones

I was happy with the promt service of the blue dart and the packaging done by headphone zone.

Unfortunately these earphones are not worth the hype. The sound quality of the moon drop spaceship earphones are like that of the street side vendors of earphones. Thus it is not worth the price.

The review posted for the same on the official page of this website is highly exaggerated and inaccurate. Lastly there is no return or refund for the earphones so once you buy them you are stuck with them.

We're sad to hear that these headphones are not meeting your expectations. We understand it is natural of a product to be loved by one and disliked by other. This product is only eligible for a return as per 7 Day Replacement Guarantee if there is any defect in the unit, but we would suggest you to checkout the Trade-up option as an alternative. -

Richy (Gurgaon)
[ Rich, Smooth&Warm, Clean Sound ]

Top-notch warm & smooth sound with decent clarity and good bass that is non-fatiguing.
The soundstage is pretty good with decent layering and separation.
Build quality is pretty solid with a nice, thick OFC cable.
Pair it with a DAC/AMP and see the magic !!
And Yes! Totally works for EDM lovers !!
Superb speedy sound that attacks smoothly and does the magic instantly.
Comparison :
Better than BLON BL-03, BL-05, KZ ZST X, RHA MA390 U in every aspect.

Hey Richy, We're happy to hear this positive feedback. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

Class sound :: Affordable price

In one word- Awesome !! Great value for money.

For long time I am using CCA C10. No doubt it is a good IEM with pristine sound stage. But due to weight issue unable to hold for long. So was looking for a small lesser weight good sound IEM with microphone. My first choice was MEZE 12 classics V2 but one drawback-it doesn't have microphone. Had a discussion with one of Headphone Guru. He suggested me for Moondrop Spaceship. Thanks HPZ for suggesting me this IEM. What a tiny gem..!!

1. Tiny but solid metal build.
2. Good wire quality
3. Microphone quality decent.
4. Sound stage & imaging very good, justify the price.
5. Instrument separation very good
6. Bass- Adequate. Not overpowering (But not for bass head)
7. Mids balanced, warm. not hash.
8. Highs are superb, acoustic very enjoyable. Very smooth.
9. With DAC/AMP it is opening more. I am using Fiio BTR3K with this..
10. Fits inside Ear is great, this is for long time IEM. Very comfortable.

1. Bit less volume if connect directly with mobile. It required bit more power. But after paired with my BTR3K it just BOOM..
2. After pairing with BTR3K voice call volume is too low bcoz when call comes BTR3K AMP gone off !! (It is serious con)

Overall it is a great IEM. Absolute paisa wasool IEM...

Naveen S (Chennai)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Best in the range

These are absolutely the best in the range , I own the moondrop aria too ; Moondrop does wonders in tuning it's iems , I also own the meze 12 classics v2 and rha ma 390 and these two are a pain in the ear for listening too long compared to the spaceship, the Aria is an absolute beast nothing can come near it in it's price and if you want a low budget alternative then spaceship is the one . I can see why many people don't like the spaceship , it's a very smooth sounding not bass heavy non fatiguing treble sound, which many people might think sounds dull compared to other low budget earphones, the kz's and blon's sound very bright giving the perception of extreme clarity which maybe amazing at the beginning but you get very tired and start hating it after a while which happened to me and definitely will happen to everyone im sure , sometimes too much detail treble bass are all just too much and too much isn't always good, once you start buying many iems you start to understand what spaceship offers is phenomenal at this price point , you could listen to it for hours without any fatigue, the level of smoothness in the sound is unmatched , I definitely prefer the spaceship over something like blon bl03 or even meze 12 classics v2 (which were rs.5000 at the time I bought from headphonezone) just because how smooth spaceship sounds all that being said one needs to experience a whole lot of purchases to truly appreciate what spaceship offers the only con I feel is they are not very isolating and you solely need to depend on the eartips for isolation , if it doesn't fitwell you may end up with a very low sound while using outdoors , so be cautious about the eartips other than that the build quality and form factor all are phenomenal .

HI Naveen,
So delighted you are loving your purchase, hope it was a comfortable shopping experience & thanks for the lovely review. Cheers & Keep the music playing!

Chetan Patel (Pune)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
If you want relax long hour listening this is for you

Blue dart service is better than amazon and flipkart 1st I buy zst x but that kz style wear I dont comfortable so I 7day replacements I headphone zone this policy very good if you buy n dont like so under 7day replace other buy so I buy moondrop spaceship I totally satisfied this product I very good if you have dac so give maximum results I haven't than also its performance very good clarity is top notch plus not fatigue good product if you give elderly people gift give this earphones

HI Chetan,
So glad you are loving your purchase & happy with the shopping experience. Lastly, thanks for the lovely review. Cheers & Hope to see you soon

Thrinath Thiruveedhula (Tirupati)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
It justifies the name "SPACESHIP"

If you provide them with a decent DAC, Spaceship will take you to what ever planet you want.The instruments seperation and sound stage are good,it performs far better than the earphones under 2k(SONY MDR-XB55AP,RHA MA390,SENNHEISER CX 180,Beyerdynamic - Beat BYRD),I previously had sony mdr-xb55ap after trying spaceship I started hearing few instruments in songs which I never heard before in the same songs, with sony's bass used to dominate and bleed into everything.even being a bass lover started loving these, bass is there but on point.

I have tried these on OnePlus 7t, tried them using 2 different Type-C to 3.5mm adapter and 1 portable DAC-AMP .
1)OnePlus Type-C to 3.5mm adaptor:- With these they performed average,I felt they were underpowered and there was no punch in the music.
2) Samsung Type C to 3.5mm cable:- This adapter supports up to 24bit/192kHz output,using this Spaceship performed very good.the underpowered feeling was not there,there was punch in the output was far better than first one.
3)Shanling-UA2:- This took my listening experience to next level,if you have high frequency FLAC files,you can feel each and every minute beat in the song which I never felt on 320kbps MP3 songs.

Con:- finding right ear tip for the perfect fit in ear.

Finally I am totally satisfied with my purchase.My only suggestion for who are interested in them is if your source doesn't support higher frequency output you will need a dac to drive them at Full potential.My experience with dac's is samsung cable performs better than OnePlus but 40% less than Shanling-UA2.Note I am not an audiophile.

Thanks to ershad from Mysmartprice English for the recommendation.

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Yaseen Samudri

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Reagan Lyngdoh

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Mohit Tannu

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Jennifer Yonzon

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Rima Patel

"Loved the customer support shown by Headphone Zone's team. They are all willing to help and clear your doubts. I can only say that there is no need to worry. Order you dream audio tech RIGHT NOW!"

Rajat Kaushal

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