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Noble Audio - EDC Velvet

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The EDC Velvet by Noble Audio is the first product in Noble’s new Every Day Carry line of earphones. The Every Day Carry (EDC) Line is their new range of products that are targeted at a regular day-to-day universal earphone user. It delivers Noble’s exceptional sound quality and great design in a form factor that is small enough and convenient enough for you to carry and use wherever and whenever you want.

The EDC Velvet is also their first Dynamic Driver IEM and the sound signature of the earphones is described as “a warm, pleasant sound with a solid low-end response”, by The Wizard, Dr. John Moulton himself.

Despite being a departure from Noble’s traditional designs, it still has the same attention to detail on the build. The housing is made almost entirely of Precision Machined Aluminium and can certainly handle Everyday use.

Check out the newest Noble Audio EDC Velvet!

  • Noble’s First Dynamic Driver IEM

    Noble is primarily known for making fantastic sounding Multiple Balanced Armature Driver based IEMs, this is the first time they are making an IEM that isn’t driven by Balanced Armatures. The EDC Velvet is driven by a Single 5.8mm Dynamic Driver, first time ever that Noble are using a Dynamic Driver in any of their Products. It helps keep the Earphones small and thus Every Day Carry worthy, as the name suggests.

    The New EDC Range By Noble Audio

    The EDC series from Noble is a new family of more mass-market universal earphones that deliver Noble’s exceptional sound quality and renowned design at lower prices. The new line of earphones are meant for Everyday use, unlike some of Noble’s higher end products which aren’t best suited for your day-to-day (ab)use.

    Vectran Fiber Cable with In-Line Mic & Remote

    The cable used on the EDC Velvet is a Reflective Cable with a Vectran Fiber weave. Vectran Fiber is known for its exceptional thermal stability and high tensile strength and is also moisture resistant. It’s therefore an ideal material to make sure the EDC Velvet is unfazed by the worst you might face any day.
    The cable also comes with an In-Line Mic and Remote Control which is compatible with both, iOS and Android. Making sure you can answer calls while listening to music in your Everyday Use.

    • Single 5.8 mm dynamic driver
    • Precision-machined ported aluminum housing
    • Reflective cable with Vectran fibre weave
    • 3.5 mm termination and three-button mic/controls (iOS and Android compatible)
    • Impedance less than 35 ohms

    1. 1 set EDC Velvet earphones

    2. 1 round Noble carrying case

    3. 2 complete sets of eartips

  • Two Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

  • Headphone-Zone-Digital-Audio-Reviews
    "With a doff of the cap to the broader (read: ‘not necessarily audiophile’) market comes Noble’s EDC Velvet, the first in a line of more wallet-friendly IEMs."



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jack of all Genres

Purchased these in my search for true Every Day Carry IEMs which didn't require you to spend a minute to get the proper fit each time (Ultimate Ears).
Plastic case with 3 sizes of Silicone tips. Could have been better.
Sturdy cable. Tiny drivers. Good fit and comfort. Some rough edges on the metal bits.
Sound: 5/5.
Warm sound which will envelop you in a cosy blanket and make you tap your feet to any song.
More emphasis in the bass which responds well to EQ.More than enough punch to satisfy any basshead. Wide and deep soundstage with crisp details,e.g. Acoustic Music. Amazing with female vocals. Highs are a bit average but do not get masked.
Value: 5/5.
They have replaced my Ultimate Ears Triple Fi10 as my EDC IEMs.
Service: 5/5.
Amazing service by Headphonezone. I would have gotten them sooner if it hadn't been a Long Weekend (Republic Day) Keep up the good work.

Worth buying.... for daily usage with little compromise on mid's

Sound 4/5

Every thing sound stage, low end response, clarity is superb with little back step on mid's with smooth detailing.

Build : 4/5
Very good for daily commuting... you don't even feel you are wearing this ones cable not great but good enough to sustain long

Isolation : 3/5 little above average could have been better