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Omega - Handcrafted Wooden Headphone Stand

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We conducted a survey and found that over 88% of headphone owners didn't have a dedicated place to keep their expensive headphones. While some resigned to seeing their headphones casually strewn over a desk, a large portion of our study showed that headphones are well hidden away from view, either in a drawer, or packed neatly in their hard cases or packaging.

The question was on everyone's mind. "How do I make my headphones more accessible?" Headphones are a prized possession and we found that one should take pride in presenting them.

That's when we decided to create the elegant Omega Headphone Stand, a handcrafted wooden standavailable in three different wooden finishes: Bamboo, Birch and Walnut

A Headphone Zone product, we're confident that this stand is definitely going to change the look of your table top.

Handcrafted Luxury

The Omega stand is handcrafted from wood that is sourced from sustainably forested woodland. It is quite heavy to hold and feels durable to the touch.

Shaped like an Omega

The conturing shape of the Omega resembles the natural shape of a human head. This means, that one needn't worry about the headphone's structure being altered or degraded over time.

Fit for all Headphones

All headphones, large or small can enjoy the luxury of this stand. These easily take the weight of all headphones, and also complement most of them.

Rubber Feet for Added Stability

We added in 4 rubber feet - 2 below either end of the stand so the stand becomes practically immovable even if placed at the edge of a desk.

Bamboo Wood Finish 

Bamboo WoodWe love the bamboo finish for its sheen, beauty and durability. Bamboo is by far one of the world's strongest wood, known to pack higher compressive strength than many mixtures of concrete.

Birch Wood Finish 

Birch WoodBirch wood finishes, often a substitute for maple wood, are a very popular craftwood option for its smooth lines and soft colours. It's very easy on the eyes. We love the wonderful fine and uniform texture.

Walnut Wood Finish 

Walnut WoodThis beautiful dark wood stand is easily one of the most alluring. Typically found in music instruments and super plush furniture, walnut is a popular choice for the architecture with fine taste. They'd complement most headphones.

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Customer Reviews

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Ananda Sen A.S. Ananda S.
Great free headphone stand


Devjyoti Patnaik D.P. Devjyoti P.
5 star

Omega - Handcrafted Wooden Headphone Stand

Excellent Product

This headphone stand is a true work of art with classic construction. It can hold even large headphones comfortably well. Its a must have for any over the head headphone enthusiast

Rezhasan R. Rezhasan
This truly rocks!

If you have good headphones, you need a stand to go with it. And this is perfect. It's hard to believe this is a homegrown product. The finish is excellent and the bamboo version looks gorgeous. Add to that the fact that these are handcrafted from wood sourced from sustainably forested land, and that's another reason to pick up these stands. Certainly a worthwhile investment if you want a great way to stack your expensive headphones.

Sangam Gupta S.G. Sangam G.
Business Class for Headphones

The only place my LCD-3s rest on are these. I dont think i'll never ever need a headphone stand again as it looks perfect and ofcourse thanks to Headphone zone has my name on it too :)