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Panasonic - RP-HM221 (Unboxed)

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This unboxed Panasonic - RP-HM221 has been professionally inspected for any defectives and it carries the same warranty as a brand new. Our in-house Inspection Specialist has checked the product and it contains all the original accessories.

You will get the same Headphone Zone unconditional customer support experience for these Panasonic - RP-HM221 Unboxed headphones. Also, our return policy stays the same.

It is pretty much the same boxed Panasonic - RP-HM221, but available at a lower price just because it doesn't have the outer packaging. Besides, within the package, you will find a Checklist Card that would be marked individually stating that all items have been verified to be in good condition. You will also find a Headphone Zone Certificate stamped and signed authenticating the product.

What you will get:

  • Panasonic - RP-HM221 Headset

  • What you will NOT get:

  • Original Panasonic - RP-HM221 Packaging

    • Headsets are used on daily basis for various activities like listening to music, watching a video or a movie or playing video games on the computer. The Panasonic RP-HM221 on-ear headset comes with a mic and a wide comfortable headband. This lightweight headset offers a great fit to the users with a reasonable price. Not just that the stereo headset delivers high-quality audio and sound effects for the users.

      • Design

        The Panasonic RP-HM221 On-ear PC headsets have been designed in a way that allows user to control the volume  while listening to music or watching their favorite movie. They are light weight headset and weigh around  450g. Panasonic RP-HM221 is a foldable and portable headset, which enhances the user experience making them comfortable while travelling .

      • Audio Quality

        The audio quality is not compromised in the Panasonic RP-HM221 on-ear headset with mic. This stereo wired headset has a 30 mm driver that helps deliver high-quality audio and sound effects for the listening audience.

        In-Line Remote & Microphone

        The headset has mic with an in-cord volume control and mute switch. A prominent aspect of this headset is that it is equipped with a noise cancellation microphone. The purpose of this is to filter out any background noise and transmit a clear and high-quality voice. 

        Comfortable Fit

        The Panasonic RP-HM221 headset is a lightweight headset and it comes with a 2 m long cord, helping the user to comfortably sit away from the computer or laptop while they are using it. With the headset having an in-cord volume control and a wide headband, it fits in comfortably, thereby making it very user friendly.

      • On-Ear

        30 mm



        24 Ohms


        3.5mm Gold Jack


        100 dB 


        6 months

        Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

        To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

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