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Panasonic - RP-HT460

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These headphones might look large, but they are just big monitor style headphones that are very comfortable. Panasonic’s RP-HT460 is a product that can be used both indoors and outdoors; hence, it never comes in your way! Also, their extra wide headband that has been specially cushioned, and arm only give a more relaxing fit. Their close, large ear pads are precisely doing their jobs by cutting out any external noise. No compromise on the blissful sonic experience you want, these giants produce powerful music through their equally powerful 40mm driver unit. With a frequency range between 10hz and 27khz, this is perfect for music on the go.

  • Snug Fit

    The large headband on these over head headphones comes well cushioned, giving you a snug feel. It brings home the idea of comfortable listening, without having to struggle with any external disturbance. This feature makes these headphones a really special pair. The solid wide arms might look bulky, but only initiate a stable and comforting experience.

    Comfortable Earpads

    The large earpads cover your ear perfectly, and thus help in eliminating any external noise. This big housing design surrounds your ear to produce the music you deserve.

    Strong Cable Wire

    The Cable wire used to connect this headphone are very light weight and durable thus making mobility convenient. 

    Powerful booming sound

    The 40mm driver unit in these headphones add to their comfort feature, by also delivering tremendous sonic occurrence. The neodymium magnets coupled with the Circum-Aural design produces clear vocals, a deep bass and a nice crisp treble. Thus, you are assured of a well balanced audio experience. 

    Durable Built

    The large build of these headphones also make them durable and tough enough to withstand rough handling, hence, fit for outdoor use.

    What's in the box:

    • Panasonic - RP-HT460 Headphone

  • Over-Ear
    40 mm

    10Hz - 27000Hz

    32 Ohms
    3.9Ft/ 1.2m Regular Y-Type

    3.5mm Gold Jack

    95 dB @ 1 kHz
    1000 mW



    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

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Customer Reviews

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5 star

Panasonic - RP-HT460

Great Comfort at a Good Price!

I bought these a few weeks back and after a week or so of use, here's what I feel, these headphones are good for commutes, but extended sessions can cause sweat production and might deteriorate the cushion after a few months or so. Cable quality is on par. Audio Quality is decent enough and I'm sure you wouldn't be let down, handles the bass well enough, I'm not much of a audiophile, so I can't really comment.
Overall, happy with the whole process during the buying till the time of delivery, so kudos for the team! :))
Great deal. Buy it period.

5 star

Panasonic - RP-HT460

4 star

Nice headphones at this price. Thank You.

4 star

Panasonic - RP-HT460