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Panasonic - RP-HTF890

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The Panasonic HTF890 delivers an exceptionally rich and powerful sound. It is built with a 50mm driver unit that produces great audio clarity and maintains a flat sound signature. It is designed with a comfortable double head band and also has black cushion ear pads. It has an open back design that picks up external sound but offers the best bass pick up amongst the range of back design headphones. Open back models produce sound like speakers with great clarity. The adapter plug can be used to connect the headphones to different audio components. 

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  • Huge 50 mm drivers

    The huge 50 mm driver of Panasonic HTF890 picks up every single element of the song. These headphones are a little light on the bass and have very natural sounding high mid and the high frequencies.

    Comfortable headband and Earpads

    The headband is self-adjusting and is covered with soft and comfortable fabric. A high grade material covers the ear pads and wires, giving it a bold, sophisticated look. These headphones fit in comfortably and can be used for long hours of music listening.

    Open Back Design

    These headphones have a full-size, open-air system that produces sound like speakers. While closed headphones cut out ambience noise, open back designs pick up ambient sounds.

    Adapter Plug

    These headphones come with an adapter plug that can be connected to high-end audio equipment. This feature is easy to use and delivers exceptional sound quality.

    What's in the box:

    • Panasonic RP-HTF890 Open-Back Headphones
    • Adapter Plug

  • Over-Ear
    50 mm

    5Hz - 30,000Hz

    50 Ohms
    Single-sided OFC

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

    105 dB @ 1 kHz


    6 Months

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