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Pioneer - HDJ-500

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Pioneer has become a go-to brand for numerous DJs and audiophiles in the country over the years. From high-end headphones to budget options, the brand caters to a very wide array of audiences. Adding to the line of great craftsmanship and quality, Pioneer now brings to us a pair of budget DJ monitoring headphones in the form of the HDJ-500. 

Although entry-level, the headphones bring along a lot more. Emulating the design of the flagship HDJ-2000MK2, these headphones employ a design that is fantastic. Sleek and well-built, the headphone incorporates features that you as a DJ will love. 

Fitted with 40mm diameter drivers, the HDJ-500 delivers perfect audio reproduction at all frequencies. Every instrumental and tonal detail comes through with precision.  

The headphones come with two kinds of cables - a coiled cable and a straight cable. You can choose between the two as and when you wish. Comfort is an important factor and the Pioneer HDJ-500 delivers immense wearing comfort. The soft padded headband and earpads not only improve the sound quality but also allow you to put on your headphones for hours.

Looking to kickstart your monitoring career while being on a budget? The Pioneer HDJ-500 is a good pick. 

  • Designed for the DJ lifestyle

    The Pioneer HDJ-500 has been specially designed to be used during DJ and studio monitoring. Lightweight and slick, the headphones possess all the features that make these perfect for at home, on the go and in the booth use. 

    Clean and Accurate Acoustic Reproduction

    The headphones deliver audio that is precise and crisp. From heavy bass to the lows and mids, every frequency is reproduced with perfect accuracy and articulation. 

    One-Side DJ Listening

    The HDJ-500 employs a flexible design. The right earcup can be rotated to upto 60 degrees on the right allowing for convenient one-sided DJ-style listening. The flexible headband maintains just enough pressure to keep your earcups in perfect position. 

    Comfortable for Long Hours of Monitoring

    The Pioneer HDJ-500 is built keeping in mind your comfort. The earcups are padded with soft foam that is covered in leatherette. The headband too has a fair amount of padding of the same material and provides good comfort during long as well as short performances. 

    Straight Cable and Coiled Cable

    The Pioneer HDJ-500 allows you to choose from two cable types. You can use the straight 1m straight cable when at home or on the go. The coiled cable is great for gigs, where you require extra mobility during your performance.

    What's in the box:

    • Pioneer - HDJ-500
    • 6.3 mm Plug adapter (Gold-Plates, Screw-in)

  • Fully Enclosed, Dynamic Headphones
    5Hz – 28kHz

    45 Ω
    1.2 m side mount coil cord
    1 m twist-sheathed straight cord


    195 g (Without Cord)

  • One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Pioneer India, Official Distributors of Pioneer. Find the nearest service centre in India here.

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