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Plantronics has been around since the dawn of the wireless communication age and have proven their expertise in the Apollo Space Program. If you are looking for a comfortable headset packed with super smart features then this  well-crafted piece will surely impress you on various levels.
We at Headphone Zone love the Plantronics BackBeat Pro and we think it is one of the best over-ear noise-cancellation headphones we've seen in a long time. With an incredible battery which allows for 24 hours continuous wireless streaming and features like OpenMic   & NFC Pairing, there's not a lot left to be desired from these Plantronics headphones.

  • DeepSleep Power Saving Mode

    This smart device has an in-built system called the Deep-Sleep Technology which ensures that your gadget is eco-friendly by saving maximum battery power when you don't need it. This power saving mode activates when you're away from your phone for over 1.5 hours. When it's back in range you can just tap the call button and it will wake up. Using the DeepSleep mode can extend the battery readiness up to 6 months.

    24 Hours Continuous Wireless Streaming

    The BackBeat Pro never lets you down. Thanks to it's powerful rechargeable battery, only can continuously stream music for up to 24 hours. This feature easily surpasses all other Bluetooth Wireless headphones and allows you to build an endlessly long playlist and listen for hours on end, uninterrupted.

    Incredible Wireless Range

    The Wireless range of the BackBeat Pro is outstanding at 330 feet or 100 metres. The Pro makes it easy for you to maintain distance from your tablet or smartphone and yet be able to stream wirelessly the music being played with impressive clarity.

    Immersive Sound

    The BackBeat Pro guarantees an immersive sonic experience thanks to it's signature Plantronics audio technology that deliver all the rich bass, crisp highs, and natural midtones of your favourite tracks straight to your ears.


    The OpenMic feature is brilliant, allowing you to tune in the world and when you want to focus on external noises. This feature is especially beneficial for when you are flying and want to pay attention to in-flight announcements without having to take your headphones off your ears.

    NFC Pairing

    The BackBeat Pro conveniently supports NFC pairing along with allowing you to seamlessly switch audio between your smartphone and tablet.

    Cushioned Comfort

    With an over-ear design, the BackBeat Pro comes with rich and soft padded cushions which ensures comfort like never before so that you can focus on your music and nothing else.

    Double the Mic, Double the Clarity

    Plantronics has managed to build a beautiful product with the BackBeat Pro that has not one but two microphones embedded in the piece which ensures superior conference-call like clarity.

    Durable Nylon Travel Sleeve

    Along with the headphones, you also get a durable travel sleeve. The nylon adds to its premium feel and allows you to protect your headphones while you are on the move.

    On-Demand Active Noise Cancelling

    Control how much sound you want blocked out and how much you want in with the exceptional on-demand active noise cancellation feature.

    14 Language Options for Status Alerts

    Apart from convenient controls on the headphones, there are status alerts and indicative lights and you can choose from 14 language options for the voice alerts.
  • Over-Ear
    In-Built Mic


    4.0 + EDR
    24 Hours (Listen)
    21 Days (Standby)

  • One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.  To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Faxtel India , Official Distributors of Plantronics.  Find the nearest service centre in India  here .

  • "Despite some small drawbacks, the feature-packed Plantronics BackBeat Pro is an intriguing option for those looking for a wireless headphone with active noise-cancelling."

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    "It was challenging to try to touch on every feature of the new Plantronics BackBeat Pro. They're really loaded up with features, and surprisingly, every feature seems like it was perfectly implemented. The audio quality is fantastically amazing. The battery life is almost unbeatable at 24 hours of streaming."

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    "The Plantronics BackBeat PRO Bluetooth over-ear headphones sound very good, but the active noise cancellation feature should be used sparingly."

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    "Great sound quality, impressive noise cancelling, class-leading battery life and a host of easy-to-use controls make these headphones some of the best, if not the most comfortable."

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    "For the hard-core traveler, the BackBeat Pro delivers the right blend of cutting-edge tech and performance."

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    "The Plantronics BackBeat Pro headphones manage to cram a lot of features into a headset that's very comfortable to wear."

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    "The sound quality for music is also excellent. Peggy Lees Fever, recorded in 1958 on two-track analog tape, had a crystalline purity and a live-in-the-studio-like clarity, something I didnt expect from a 60-plus-year-old recording. Deep bass was equally clean and bright with Lady Gagas percussion-heavy Born This Way."

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    "Another great thing about the BackBeat Pro is the sound quality during phone calls, which is stellar on both ends, thanks to the built-in mics and mic/remote cable. Conversations flow freely and you can distinctly hear the person on the other end with high precision, even in noisy environments."

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