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Razer - Kraken USB

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Razer’s Kraken USB headsets have been specially designed for gaming. It lets you feast your ears on full-blooded audio through all those super engaging gaming sessions.

Featuring 32mm powerful drivers, these give you the much needed bass without compromising on the highs and mids. Experience sound that will make you feel the thrill. What's more? The Razer Surround calibration software adds to the audio quality and lets you listen to immersive virtual sound that is customizable to your needs.

The Razer Kreken USB headphones come with an anti-noise microphone that transmits your voice with immense clarity and ensures effortless teamwork during your powerful battle cries.

The generously cushioned earpads and headband is very comfortable and lets you sport these all day long. Now unleash the gamer in you.

  • Designed to be Used with your PC

    The Razer Kraken USB gaming headset has been specially designed to be used for PC gaming. Connect the Kraken USB to your device and experience sound like you have never before.

    Immersive Virtual Surround Sound

    Featuring Synapse technology, the Kraken USB headsets project a 360⁰ sound that lets your gaming experience coming come alive. From gunfire, footsteps, to low whispering voices you can hear it all with the positional accuracy relative to your location providing you with the best strategic spot in the world.

    Personalized Audio Calibration

    Everybody’s ears register sound differently and Razer understands this. The Kraken USB lets you customise your audio to fit your ears. Every element from the bass levels, surround sound, to the incoming voice audio can be tuned for the most incredible audio experience.

    Unidirectional Analog Microphone

    The Razer Kraken USB features a unidirectional microphone, letting you clearly transmit your message across. With little background noise and clear audio reproduction, talk to your team-mates like you are right next to them.

    Extended Comfort for Long Gaming Sessions

    The Kraken USB has been tested numerous times by Razer in order to ensure that you experience comfort like never before. Its fully adjustable headband and closed earcups ensure that you are up for the game all day long.

    Padded Earcups for the Perfect Seal

    The Kraken USB comes with ear pads that have been generously padded with thick foam. Apart from the comfort, these earpads aid in giving you the perfect seal, while also attenuating external unwanted noise.


    What's in the box:

    • Razer - Kraken USB Headphones

  • Over-Ear

    20Hz – 20,000Hz
    32 Ω 

    2m/6.56ft rubber sheathed USB cable
    Gold Plated Usb

    112dB at 1 kHz max

    250g (Including 2.0m Cable)


    One Year 

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