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Razer - Tiamat 7.1

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The Tiamat 7.1 Elite is an amazing gaming headphone that has been launched by Razer. An upgrade to theRazer Tiamat Expert 2.2 Stereo, this headphone is the world's first true 7.1 gaming headsets.

These headphones have been fitted with 10 discrete drivers that have been customized to deliver the best 7.1 Surround Sound experience.  

No other surround sound headsets have been engineered to produce such lifelike positional audio that is geared for the ultimate tactical advantage. The first circumaural gaming headsets, these stunners let you listen and dominate deathmatches with absolute precision, as you can hear incoming enemy locations through gunfire with superb clarity.

Featuring an audio control, the Tiamat 7.1 Elite lets you customise your sound just the way you like it, letting you experience the right amount of intensity for your gaming audio at all times.

These headsets are extremely durable and comfortable. The earpads have been generously padded so you enjoy your gaming sessions without putting an end to it for hours.

A very cool touch, the Green Razer logos at the base of the cups light up every time your headphones are in use.

  • Design Like Never Before

    The Razer Tiamat 7.1 Elite flaunts a design that is extremely impressive. The slick transparent panels show off the five drivers that have been crammed into each ear cup. The black finish lends the pair a nice and extremely sophisticated look. The transparent earcup’s back panel lets you see your drivers meticulously at work. However, an extra set of opaque backplates can be used to cover the transparent panel, if you wish.

    Generously Padded Earcups

    These headphones are contoured squarely unlike other headphones with round earcups. The earcups have been generously padded with memory foam that not only keep you comfortable, but also seal the sound thereby providing noise isolation. Clad in a leatherette material the ear pads let your ears breathe during long gaming sessions that last for hours. What's more? The earpads are replaceable, letting you change them whenever you feel like they can no longer take the pressure.

    Suspension Style for Maximum Comfort

    The headsets feature a suspension wearing style, which means that the plastic headband is suspended off your cranium. You can thus, enjoy a your gaming session without having to deal with added weight. The weight is merely felt by your ears, making the Razer Tiamat 7.1 Elite Stereo headsets a perfect choice.

    Microphone for Clear Audio Transmission

    TheRazer Tiamat Expert 7.1 Elite Stereo headset features a microphone that retracts to the left ear cup and can be adjusted as per your preference. This lets you communicate those secret codes.

    Audio Control Unit for Full audio customisation

    TheRazerTiamat 7.1 Elite features a Audio Control unit that lets you customise your audio just the way you love it.  Easily and accurately fine-tune the level of each audio channel, position, and bass depth to your exact enjoyment using the supplied control unit.

    7.1 Surround sound for Professional Audio

    A very first to the world of gaming audio, the 10 individual drivers in the Razer Tiamat 7.1 provide immersive, crystal clear surround sound. The reproduced audio is so rich and lifelike that it not only makes you feel like you’re right there, you'll have the edge over your enemies. Let 'em try sneaking up on you now.

    What's in the box:

    • Razer Tiamat 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

  • Over-Ear
    10 Neodymium Drivers
    (2x40mm, 4x30mm, 4x20mm Drivers)

    20Hz – 20,000Hz

    40mm driver - 16 Ω
    20mm and 30mm driver - 32 Ω
    1.3 m / 4.27 ft

    Analog 3.5 mm combined jack

    40mm driver - 116 ± 3dB at 1 kHz max
    30mm driver - 123 ± 3dB at 1 kHz max
    20mm driver - 120 ± 3dB at 1 kHz max


    One Year 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our
    Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Acro Engineering Company (authorised service center) at .

  • "Sometimes simplicity works. Gaming headsets with bells and whistles like surround sound, USB audio processors, and wireless functionality are great, but when you get down to it, the most important thing is to be able to plug in a headset and be able to hear and be heard."
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