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RHA - Dacamp L1

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The L1 is RHA’s first ever DACAMP which was unveiled at IFA 2016 in Berlin along with the new CL1 Ceramic and CL750 IEMs. This is a very special product because it marks RHA’s entrance in the headphone accessories market, and how! Scotland-based RHA was only into making premium earphones until now. We’re very excited about the new DACAMP L1!

RHA is widely known as the “Aston Martin of Headphones” for its tremendous detail, accuracy and handcrafted aluminium housing. The DACAMP L1 produces extraordinary hi-res stereo sound with the use of Dual DACs and amplifiers that are responsible for each channel of high-res stereo audio.

RHA has become almost synonymous with hi-res audio reproduction. The classic DACAMP produces premium true-to-life analogue audio after retrieving digital audio signals from other devices like the laptop, PCs, tablets and smartphones. An unmatchable standard for exceptional sound quality reproduction and aesthetic design has been set with the new DACAMP. It’s sure to grab eyeballs with its absolutely stunning looks and aluminium casing. With an enormously wide frequency response of 1 Hz to 100 kHz, the DACAMP is ready for any kind of headphone.

The powerful battery provides 10 hours of playback and also lets you charge your mobile device with it. We won’t be surprised if RHA manages to kickstart a revolution with the L1.

  • Introducing the DACAMP L1

    The Dacamp™ L1 bypasses the internal sound processing components of mobile and desktop devices, using high-resolution digital-to-analogue converters and amplifiers for clear, accurate high fidelity sound anytime, anywhere.







    Dual DAC, Dual AMP

    The DACAMP L1 creates a revolutionary channel processing system. With dual ESS SABRE32 ES9018K2M digital-to-analogue converters and class AB amplifiers, the Dacamp L1 has a fully balanced circuit configuration. Thereby reducing the lagging of the system



    Durable and Compact

    Encased in machined aluminium, the Dacamp L1 features a premium design inspired by home audio with an intuitive interface and recessed controls to prevent accidental adjustment. Hence creating a masterpeice that is not only durable and compact but also gives a classic feel.



    10-hours battery life and charge out function

    Using a 4000mAh lithium ion battery, the Dacamp L1 is able to power headphones from 12 - 600 ohms for up to 10 hours via the 3.5mm headphone out and 4-pin mini XLR connections. While not in use, it can be set to charge portable devices via USB connection.



    Dedicated Channel

    The DACAMP L1 is a fully balanced headphone amplifier which comes with a dedicated ES9018K2M DAC and class AB amplifier for each stereo channel. Both the DAC and amp works independently and each of them produce detailed sound giving you an out of the world experience. The DACAMP makes sure that each channel is separated from the source device to the ear, eliminating the risk of interference or distortion in the sound.






    Compatible With iOS, Android and Linux

    With the help of USB you can easily connect your iOS, Android, Mac or Linux devices to your L1. The 3.5mm line, iconic 3.5mm jack and 4-pin mini XLR audio output are part of the DACAMP which can be used with various headphones with an impedance ranging between 12-600 Ohms.





    Certified Hi-Res Audio

    The RHA’s L1 conforms to hi-res audio standards defined by the Japan Audio Society. The logo has been used under license from the Japan Audio Society.

    Multi - Device Input Compatibility

    The Dacamp L1 bypasses most devices' onboard audio components, retrieving and converting digital audio signals directly. In addition to compatibility with current smartphone OS systems (Android 4.4 with OTG, iOS), the Dacamp L1 easily integrates into Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.




    Mini-TOSLINK Optical input

    For devices without USB output and other DAC devices, the Dacamp L1's amplifier can operate via 3.5mm line in. For hi-fi seperates and consoles, the Dacamp supports mini-TOSLINK optical input.






    High Purity Anologue

    The Dacamp L1 bypasses most devices' onboard audio components, retrieving and converting digital audio signals directly. In addition to compatibility with current smartphone OS systems (Android 4.4 with OTG, iOS), the Dacamp L1 easily integrates into Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.



    Immensely Customisable with Dual EQ Settings

    RHA is known for delivering accurate sound, clarity and unobstructive music listening experience. The sonic sound reproduction will let you experience music bliss with the L1. There is dual EQ settings present in the L1 which offers bass and treble control dials. (-3dB - +9dB) and 3-step gain control. The DACAMP transmits high resolution analogue audio from range of headphones via balanced or unbalanced outputs.





    Red Dot Design Award 2017

    "RHA is delighted to announce that the Dacamp L1 has been awarded a Red Dot Award for Product Design 2017. Considered the biggest design competition in the world, the Dacamp was selected from over 5,500 product entrants from 54 countries. "

    Best Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier

    "RHA is proud to announce that the Dacamp L1 has been awarded the EISA award for “Best Product” in the category “Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier” by the EISA. The EISA award recognises products that combine advanced technology and desirable features with industry-leading performance."

  • 16 Ohms - 300 Ohms
    4000 mAh

    Dimensions - 118mm x 73mm x 20mm

    111 dB

    1. The DACAMP L1

    2. Micro USB B-C cable
    3. Cleaning/Pairing Cloth 

    4. 2 Silicon Bands


  • Three Years 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.  To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorized service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

  • What are its System Requirements?
    It is compatible with almost all the devices. You will need appropiate software drivers.
    What Should be the Gain control Settings
    The Gain control Settings should be low while pairing it with a new device after that it can be modulated according to your preference.
    How to Change Volume in treb frequencies?
    To change the treb frequencies turn the treb control clockwise(+1dB)
    Why does the my DACAMP heat up?
    The DACAMP heats up while charging and its a totally normal phenomenon.
    What are the silicon bands provided for?
    The Silicon Bands are provided to couple your dacamp with other devices for better portability.
    How do i install the drivers?
    The Drivers installation manual is provided in the downloads tab, you can also refer to rha's website for the same.

  • DACAMP L1 drivers (WINDOWS)

    Download the drivers for Windows Here.

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