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The highly anticipated RHA - T10i is the newest flagship Premium In-Ears from the Scottish Headphone Manufacturers - RHA. The brand has come to be known worldwide as the ' Aston Martin of Headphones'for their tremendous attention to detail, use of premium materials. The T10i features individually Handmade High Fidelity Driver Units, and RHA's signature Injection Moulded Stainless Steel Construction.

The T10i's feature a unique Tuning Filter Systemallows users to customize their listening experience by adjusting the sound signature to place more emphasis on Bass or Treble Frequencies. The T10i also has a first of it's kind Mouldable Over Ear Hooks making it amongst the worlds most stable and comfortable IEMs. The premium zip carry case lends protection and portability to your earphones. A Earphone for the most demanding of audiophiles, the T10i is a Headphone Zone all-time favourite. 

Ali Pardiwala, NDTV
" The RHA T10i IEMs provide a beautifully immersive audio experience, and have the ability to get you lost in your music. Furthermore, the wide range of ear tips, the sturdy steel material and the unique concept of tuning filters makes these in-ears a truly attractive proposition for the price."

Hassan Kamal, Mid-Day
" RHA T10i is an amazing product for any audiophile; most importantly for iPhone owners, for it’s nearly close to natural sound quality and has a strong build. The unique styling is an added feature. If 15K is not such a big deal, it can stake claim to be one of the best in-ear headphones on offer.   "

RHA T10i - Stainless Steel In-Ear Headphone with Custom Tuning System

  • Tuning Filter System

    RHA's first of its kind Tuning Filter system allows users to customise their listening experience. Users can adjust the sound signature of the RHA - T10i to place more emphasis on the Treble, or the Bass depending on their preferences, using the the Tuning Filters system. The unique Tuning Filters can be simply screwed and unscrewed to tweak the sound reproduction for different genres of music.  The T10i comes with 3 different Tuning Filters that can be used.

    Handmade 770.1 High Fidelity Drivers for Accurate, High Levels of Clarity Details and Imaging

    RHA's Driver Units are all developed in house at their R&D Centre in Glasgow, UK and are made to work in seamless harmony with other components and materials. The RHA T10i uses the 770.1 model Driver Units that are engineered to for a natural and balanced sound signature that has come to be an RHA trademark. The 770.1 Driver Units are also extremely versatile reproducing all genres of music with accuracy and detail with very high levels of soundstage imaging. The frequency response of the driver units can be adjusted using the T10i's Tuning Filter system to compliment the Bass or the Treble.

                                                                                                                                                    Frequency Chart 

    Mouldable Over-Ear Hooks Featuring Malleable Steel Springs

    RHA's T10i uses a unique, first of its kind, patent pending over ear hooks featuring a malleable steel spring designed to hold the In-Ear headphones in place with the cable running like a typical IEM style Over the Ears and behind the ear. Over-Ear hooks offer a more comfortable and secure fit and better noise isolation.

    Injection Moulded Stainless Steel Construction

    The RHA T10i pioneers a completely new injection moulding process for constructing the Earphones' Driver Housing. The injection moulding process which involves heat treating parts for 10 hours upto 1300°C to ensure the exact size and density of the metal is achieved to perfection. The end result is an ergonomic, natural shaped designed to sit perfectly in the ear. The stainless steel ensures not only the rigidity and durability of the earphones' driver housing but also affects the acoustic properties of the earphones are natural.   

    3 Button Remote and Mic to use with Apple Devices

    The in-line Mic and Remote are perfect for those using the RHA T0i along with their Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads. The 3 button controller features multi-click control over calls, music and volume on iOS devices. The remote also supports some call and music control on most Android and other smartphone devices, however the volume controls are only functional on Apple devices. To see the full range of functions and compatibility of RHA devices click here.

    Steel Re-enforced and Oxygen Free Cables with Gold plated Connectors

    The RHA MA750i features the best in class cables designed to be extremely durable with extra steel re-enforcement for rigidity and durability. Oxygen Free Cables ensure that audio signals experience zero resistance.

    Includes Dual Density Silicone, Double Flange and Memory Foam Ear tips

    The RHA T10i comes with a wide range of 10 different Eartrips suitable for every kind of requirements, all stored conveniently in a stainless steel Eartip holder that fits into their leather carry case. These include dual density silicone eartips in different sizes, and Dual flange ear tips for added noise isolation, and memory foam ear tips for users looking for a comfortable fit.

    Premium Leather Finished Carry Case and Ear tip Holder

    Accompanying every RHA T10i is a premium leather finished carry case that conveniently holds the Earphones and the Eartip holder. Giving it a rich and premium finish completes the trademark British styling that RHA has come to be known for. 

    What's in the box:

    • T10i in-ear Earphone
    • 6 pairs, dual density ear tips - S x1 / M x2 / L x2
    • 2 pairs, double flange ear tips - S x1 / L x2
    • 2 pairs, Comply Foam ear tips
    • Stainless steel holder
    • Stainless steel tuning filter holder
    • Carry case
    • Clothing clip

  • In-Ear
    770.1 Dynamic Drivers

    3 button Mic & Remote 
    16Hz - 22000Hz

    16 Ohms
    1.35m Reinforced OFC Cable

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

    100 dB @ 1 kHz



    Three Years 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at direct@headphonezone.in or +91 750 664 6988.

  • "Having said that, once you have put the headphones on, they fit properly and do not pop out of your ears every other minute. We had them on almost all day, and the bass, the treble and the dynamics of the headphones have kept us happily on the groove! "
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    "If you prefer the innocuousness of in-ear headphones and are looking for a solid set that will do justice to high-quality music--price no bar--the T10i does a fine job. Be sure to pair it with a good audio player and you’re set."
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    "The T10i is a very appealing earphone with beautiful housings, custom tuning filters, and good sound quality but isn’t without it faults. The beautiful package makes the RHA T10i’s a great competitor in today’s rough market and for that they get my recommendation."
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    "RHA T10i is an amazing product for any audiophile; most importantly for iPhone owners, for it’s nearly close to natural sound quality and has a strong build. If quality sound and style is what you have been yearning for, the T10i could be just for you."
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    "A custom made, stainless-steel housing plays host to each driver. A fine pair of in-ears that are almost the perfect package. Quality sound combined with top-notch hardware. The materials used make this pair look and feel really special."
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    "I wouldn’t be surprised if these were regarded as a ‘classic’ in even five or ten years’ time... If you’ve been waiting for a good in-ear headset to come along, don’t hesitate on grabbing the T10i."
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    " The RHA T10i is probably the best looking and best built in-ear headphone for $200. The design is exquisite. The RHA T10i have, hands-down, the best designed in-ears of this entire group."
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    "The T10i sets a new high for RHA, pushing the boundaries of sound quality and delivery. but I think the T10i offer great value for money when you could easily spend a lot more for a similar, high-quality experience."
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    "It is a bold, brash and unconventional aesthetic and it looks marvellous...the design informs a superb sonic performance. This is a product of which Glasgow, that great city of music, should be immensely proud."
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    "First impressions count for a lot and the T10i's were terrific on every count -- bass, midrange, treble, low distortion, dynamics, stereo imaging. And the earbuds' clarity made us feel closer to the music."
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    "Yes, they sound exceptional...they were resonant, clear, rich earphones. They are cold to the touch and heavy, and look striking in the same way as a well-designed missile or a shiny fuel pump."
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    "Quibbles? Fairly minor. The cable can get tangled if you roll up these earphones and tuck them into your pocket. And at this price point (the T10 retails for Rs. 13,999), I’d have been happier if this IEM had user replaceable cables."
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    "The T10 should definitely be on your short list for sub-$200 in-ears. Either way, these are some of our favorite new earbuds, and we suspect this won’t be the first time we find ourselves recommending them."
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    "While this model may not include a built in remote, the RHA T10 are a premium pair of in-ears, perfect for Android users who value great sound over making hands-free calls or skipping tracks without touching their phone."
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    "The T10 is however a master of build quality and it has enormous visual appeal. Both are aspects that are runaway successes. The T10 though is more of an acquired taste, some will love it but like marmite, others will hate it. That is despite having the tuneable filters too."
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