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RHA - T20

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The highly anticipated RHA - T20 is the newest flagship Premium In-Ears from the Scottish Headphone Manufacturers - RHA. The brand has come to be known worldwide as the  'Aston Martin of Headphones', for their tremendous attention to detail, use of premium materials. The British audio company has presented amazingly well-engineered headphones over the last few years. 

The T20's feature a unique Tuning Filter Systemallows users to customise their listening experience by adjusting the sound signature to place more emphasis on Bass or Treble Frequencies. The T20 also has Mouldable Over-Ear Hooks making it amongst the world's most stable and comfortable IEMs. The T20 also conforms to Japan Audio Society's high standards for Hi-Res Audio. 

  • The DualCoil Stainless Steel IEM

    The highly anticipated RHA - T20 are Premium In-Ears from the Scottish Headphone Manufacturers - RHA. The British audio company has come to be known as the ' Aston Martin of Headphones', and the T20 is amazingly well-engineered with tremendous attention to detail.








    Patent Pending Moudable Over-Ear Hooks

    The T20 features a one of a kind, patent pending over-ear hooks. They have been designed to hold the headphones in place with the cable that goes over and behind the ear for a comfortable fit. In order to ensure the headphones offer a secure fit, the over-ear hooks have been made in a fully mouldable fashion.

    Sturdy Oxygen-free Cables 

    Oxygen-free copper is a high-purity metal that is also resistant to corrosion. Combined with durable, shielded wrapping materials, like premium thermoplastic elastomers and fabric braid, it is ideal for use in headphone cables.

    The Oxygen-free cables are therefore sturdy and durable that are made with a lot of scientific research and attention to detail.





    DualCoil™ Dynamic Driver

    Pioneering laser spectography To develop RHA's DualCoil dynamic driver, RHA engineers used precise techniques to optimise accuracy and ensure efficient crossover separation. Their engineers needed to develop a membrane that could tolerate the stresses of both rapidly vibrating coils. Prototype drivers were tested using a laser vibrometer to precisely measure the displacement of the diaphragm's surface at various frequencies.



    Customisable Sound Signature

    The T20 features a choice three tuning filters to fit your taste in music. Bass filter, treble filter and a reference filter for a neutral and balanced sound stage. The sound signature reproduction can be customised according to the music genres and preferences. You can have the best of all kinds of music genres with these filters.


    As part of RHA's ongoing commitment to true-to-life sound, they conduct advanced acoustic research into the nature of sound reproduction and the capabilities of their products to accurately recreate original audio.The T20 in-ear headphone conforms to Hi-Res Audio standards as defined by Japan Audio Society.


    Comply Foam Eartips

    To increase the noise isolation further, the RHA - T20 also comes with two pairs of comply eartips. The Comply can further increase the noise isolation by 30%. Making these perfect for outdoors too!

    Comply Eartips

    Sound and Frequency Response

    The T20's frequency response goes as low as 16Hz and as high as 40Khz (which is even more than the human listening abilities). Thereby capturing every possible frequency to give a rich and detailed sound.


  • In-Ear
    Dynamic Drivers (Model 770.1)

    16Hz - 40,000Hz

    16 Ohms
    1.35m, OFC

    3.5mm, Gold plated
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    1. RHA T20 in-ear 

    2. Stainless Ear holder
    3. 5 pair of silicon eartips 

    4. 2 pairs of dual flange

    5. 2 pairs of comply foam eartips

    6. Tuning filters: bass, reference and treble

    7. Premium carry case and clothing clip

  • Three Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.


  • Comfort comply ear tips

    Comply - comfort
    ear tips

    Rs. 1,299/-

    Comply Isolation Ear tips


    Rs. 999.00/-



    Rs. 699/-



    Rs. 999/-





    Rs. 1799/-



    Rs. 199/-



    Rs. 899/-



    Rs. 299/-


    RHA Hard Carry Case

    Rs. 1,799/-



  • RHA-MA390-U RHA-S500u RHA-MA650i RHA-MA750i RHA-T20i

    Rs. 1,999

    Rs. 2,999 / 3,999

    Rs. 4,999

    Rs. 8,999 / 9,999

    Rs. 12,999 / 14,999

    Driver Dynamic (model 130.5) Micro dynamic (model 140.1) Custom dynamic (model 380.1) Handmade dynamic (model 560.1) DualCoil Dynamic
    Sound Signature Richly detailed, well balanced sound.
    Richly detailed, well balanced sound.
    Warm and smooth sound reproduction. 
    Precise, balanced and articulate sound reproduction with a great depth of soundstage. Refined, high resolution sound reproduction with a neutral tonal balance.
    Built Aerophonic Ultra-compact Aerophonic Aerophonic Ergonomic
    Metal Aircraft grade aluminium Lightweight aluminium alloy
    Aerospace graded aluminium
    303F grade stainless steel Injection moulded stainless steel
    Cable Fabric braided cable with shielding. 1.35m (MA390U) 1.3m, two part material cable Dual insulated, 1.35m, oxygen-free copper cable with shielding Reinforced, 1.35m, oxygen-free copper cable with shielding Reinforced, 1.35m, oxygen-free copper cable with shielding
    1-button for use with compatible Android & Apple devices (MA390U only)
    3-button for use with compatible
    Android & Apple devices (MA500U only)
    3-button for use with compatible Android devices
    3-button for use with compatible Apple devices (MA750i only) 3-button for use with compatible Apple devices (T20i only)
    3 pairs - dual density  7 pairs – 6 dual density / 1 double flange 6 pairs - dual density / 1 double flange silicone 10 pairs - 8 silicone (dual density / double flange) and 2 memory foam 10 pairs - 8 silicone (dual density / double flange) and 2 memory foam
    Case Carry pouch Carry pouch Carry case Premium storage case Premium storage case
    Clothing Clip Yes
    Stainless Steel ear tip holder
    Tuning Filter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
RHA t20 Simply Mind Blowing

Delivery not good Now About rha t20 as I mentioned in Title it is WOWSOME I earlier used rha t10i Which was good butThis is Beast for this Reduced Price Now coming to DETAILS I use it with LG V30+ having hi-fi quad for playing 16 bit flac songs Of every Genre like Bollywood Gajal New age pop rock blues dance instrumentals Believe Me I feel as I m sitting in recording studio and listening Every bit of each instrument is so much crystal clear that I in one go listen up to 3 to 4h continuacily .I m using reference filter. Sound Stage is Excellent Instruments separation is perfect Bass is tight crisp Mid are good Treble is Extremely Good IT IS DEADLY COMBINATION OF LG V30+ Rha t20 Now for sound isolation silicon ear bud are Perfect Comply foam is provided is not good for me for sound isolating In one Word sound isolation is not up to mark. For Build it really build like tank FIT IS SO PERFECT THAT I DON'T FEEL ANY DISCOMFORT FOR LONGER PERIODS OF TIME. Build of cable is excellent But is not tangle free it need some time to untangle LAST THING IF U ARE REALLY WANT GREAT MUSIC EXPERIENCE DONT BUY CRAPPY DEDICATED MUSIC PLAYER for a price that don't justify thair price GO FOR LG V30+ AND THIS BEAST RHA t20

These are hands down best made IEMs I have used.

The RHA T20 is a luxuriously built IEM and its one of the earphone's best aspects.
These come with 3 filters to tune sound to your liking. With reference filters, sound is a bit warm, lacking a little treble. Bass is not very tight or detailed but impact is adequate. I did not enjoyed it much on reference filter. So I switched to bass filter. Here it keeps everything same, only bass becomes more present, detailed and a bit more extended. Not bass head by any means, but clearly bass improves a lot in quality. With my fiio x5 classic, bass sounded textured but it was a bit slower sounding apparently cause of additional warmth. I preferred this filter with my brighter amp, but still treble was a bit rolled off for my liking. Upon switching to treble filter, it was much better. It keeps rest of sound same as reference filter, just gives a bit energy up top. This filter I found to be best to my liking. To improve it further I changed tips to my personal double flanged rubber that resulted in even better treble extension.

So my point is, it offers tons of options to do system matching, which is a good thing as you can use it with virtually any amp and get a good synergy by little mixing and matching.
Comparing to Hifiman RE400, I found these to be a little better. I do think sound wise, you can do better with a bit cheaper options. However if you value build quality, attention to detail, accessories and overall package, then its a more level playing field.

Unbelievable clarity

First of all, Keep it up Headphonezone! You probably got one of the best customer support service I have seen until now, UNPARALLEL!.
Moving on the the headphones yes, they cost a fortune!
T20 is the android compatible version while T20i is IOS compatible.(T20 doesn't have a mic and remote while T20i got that all.)
Guys,I will tell you the truth! These are not the toys that you get with your phone or the plastic crap that you buy, they are injection molded metal so you won't be able to find any crack or joint.
They come with a whole lot of accessories (A WHOLE BUNCH!) to give you the most precise fit. A very beautiful protection case with cushion! 3 filters which you already might be knowing about.
Now the SOUND (which you were waiting for). The first time when I played the songs I thought my headphones that came with the phone also send like these, just with a little less bass, but in the next short moment I was able to hear some sounds of musical instruments that I never heard before! From the slightest high hat to cow bell to the base guitar's peculiar noise! I was now able to understand what exploration of song meant! Haha. Everything started sounding so lifelike and different! They are for professional audiophiles definitely! You qould even be able to hear the slight breathing noise of vocalist!

The base filter does gives you a feeling of dynamic bass though I didnt felt a whole lot of difference in all three, so for now I will stick to the reference filter which is like in btw of treble and base,
What else let me think!
A beautiful body design, they will certainly not hurt your ears even once, they are very heavy in weight (metal of course, Duh!), very precise sound which you won't be able to understand until you try them!

All wrapping up, these are certainly not bang for your bucks but a luxury car in which when you sit you enjoy the luxury and comfort without thinking about the mileage and petrol cost!.


I've jbl, sennheiser, philips
But these are the best headphones i ever had.......
Build quality ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤
Aesthetic value ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤
Sound ⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦

Awesome IEMs | Epic build quality | Crisp & clear sound | Good bass

Received the product within 2 days. Kudos to Headphonezone for the express delivery.
As per the earphones are concerned, they are just awesome. This is my first ever pricey earphones and I am fully satisfied. Feels great owning these and the great looks really attracts attention of passers by.
About the product:
The main audio compartment is made of stainless steel and perfect size to fit the ear canal and the wires are thick and long lasting ones.
Have spent hours experimenting the different filter tips with different type of music genres.
If you see clearly there is foam of various thickness in the bass & reference filter sets. This is to adjust the sound output frequency.
The 2 extra sets of filter tips actually makes a difference. Bass filter adds extra bass but cuts off background instrumental sounds ever so slightly; but doesn't at all muffle the sound output.
The treble filter does not block any sound output as it has no foam to block. The output is more on the treble side but no compromise in bass.
Very simplistic design thought on the filters; but does what it's supposed to do.
I settled with the reference filter after much testing.
I have used the earphones with Oneplus 5T and Apple Macbook Pro. Sounded great on both.
As per the rubber tips are concerned, they have provided huge bunch of options, but I liked the bigger silicone ones. The foam tips didn't isolate external sound that well.

Overall, these are the earphones you buy once and keep using for several years. You won't need the requirement to buy better ones as it gives all you want from a premium earphone.

P.S. The latest 2017 manufactured product has the Filter Tips holder plate bent for ergonomics. Don't confuse as all other pictures and videos in the internet displays the old 2016 model.