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Schiit - LISST

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Have you ever wanted a solid-state Lyr 2? Or a Lyr? Or did you start with Mjolnir 2 and tubes, and want to try solid state? Then a pair of Schiit LISST (linear, integrated solid-state tube) is what you need.
Just plug a pair of these small metal cans into the tube sockets, and you have a solid-state amplifier, with zero concerns about tube life and tube variability. 

Sounds Like Tubes
These solid-state tube replacements sound very good. They have lower distortion than tubes, though with a similar overall profile. 
Cool Running, Long Life
LISST run cooler than tubes, since they don’t need a heater connection. This isn’t to say they run cold, though—the cans run plenty warm. Also, since they’re solid-state devices, they have very, very long lifespan, unlike tubes.