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Schiit - Wyrd

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Schiit’s Wyrd is a single port USB hub with low noise power supply. Why do you need it? If you’ve ever heard strange noise from your USB DAC, or heard it “drop off” after the computer goes to sleep, or you simply have trouble recognizing your DAC at all, it could be due to noisy USB power or USB port power management. The Schiit WYRD has you covered.

The Wyrd is the first device to combine both a low-noise, linear power supply and USB hub chip with a precision crystal oscillator. This adaptor features “ precision low-noise (2.5uV) voltage regulators”. Thus it is to lowers the noise reaching the DAC over the Vbus not by substitution and not filtration. The Wyrd enables you to use it with any USB DAC—2.0, 1.0, 32/384, DSD1024. It efficiently cleans up the USB connection, and it supports all USB Audio Standards.

Wyrd is the only USB decrapifier that includes a linear power supply and precision 2.5uV LM723 regulators with discrete pass elements for up to 200,000x less noise than what comes out of your USB port, up to 500mA—the full USB 2.0 spec.

The vast majority of the total production cost of Wyrd—chassis, boards, assembly, etc goes to the USA manufacturing companies. The brand truly means it when they say ‘Made in USA’. The Wyrd comes with a 2 year warranty, something that speaks for its quality.