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Schiit - Yggdrasil

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Schiit, the audio brand has taken the world of audio by storm. The pinnacle of their expertise has culminated into the Yggdrasil.
The Schiit  Yggdrasil is the world’s only closed-form multibit DAC, delivering 21 bits of resolution with no guessing anywhere in the digital or analog path. Schiit has thrown out delta-sigma D/As and traditional digital filters to preserve the original samples all the way through from input to output. 

Yggdrasil accepts up to 5 digital inputs and carefully manages them with their Adapticlock™ clock regeneration system. It also features their all-new USB Gen 3 input module, for exceptional USB input performance.

  • Closed-Form Digital Filter Preserves Original Samples

    Most DACs just use the stock digital filters embedded in their D/A converters. But even the most sophisticated ones, using their own digital filter algorithms, don’t have what Yggdrasil has—a time- and frequency-domain optimized digital filter with a true closed-form solution. This means it retains all the original samples, performing a true interpolation. This digital filter gives you the best of both NOS (all original samples retained) and upsampling (easier filtering of out-of-band noise) designs.

    21 Bit Mission-Critical D/A Technology

    When doctors are trying to diagnose you from MRI results, or when the military is trying to precisely aim missiles, they don’t use “24 bit” or “32 bit” delta-sigma D/A converters. Instead, they rely on precision, multibit ladder DACs, like the Analog Devices AD5791. This allows them the bit-perfect precision they need for critical applications, rather than the guesswork of a delta-sigma. Schiit has employed the same critical technology for Yggdrasil. Following these unique D/A converters are sophisticated discrete JFET buffers and summers. 

    Adapticlock™: Unique Clock Analysis and Regeneration

    Yggdrasil accepts up to 5 digital inputs and carefully manages them with their Adapticlock™ clock regeneration system. Adapticlock is the most sophisticated clock management system in the world which assesses the quality of all inputs, measures their incoming center frequency and jitter, and automatically routes the input to the best clock regeneration system.  

    USB Gen 3 Input 

    Yggdrasil also features Schiit's all-new USB Gen 3 input module, for exceptional USB input performance.

    Made in USA

    The vast majority of the total production cost of Yggdrasil—chassis, boards, assembly, etc—goes to American companies manufacturing in the US. Making Schiit's Yggdrasil truly 'Made in USA'.

  • 20Hz-20000hz, -0.1db
    0.5Hz-200KHz, -1dB 

    75 Ohms

    3.5mm Jack

    Dimensions - 16 in x 12in x 3.875in
    Weight - 11339 g


    Five Year

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