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Sennheiser - Momentum In-Ear


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Sennheiser - Momentum In-Ear (Pre-Owned)

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  • The Short Story

    Ideal for Casual
    Music Listening

    Ideal for
    Taking Calls

    Ideal for

    Warm & Smooth
    Sound Signature



    Super Lightweight

    2 Year of

    Designed in

  • The Long Story



    Powerful Sound

    The Momentum in-ear earphones are the perfect example of great craftsmanship. To enhance the audio produced by these aesthetically and sonically pleasing earphones, metal body has been used to create the ear pieces. An all steel body with brushed hard plastic and rubber has been used to enhance and modify the sound produced by these earphones and give it a trendy, revolutionary look. Bass lovers will feel right at home with those oodles of controlled bass.

    Ergonomic Design

    These earphones have been made at an adjustable angle of 15 degrees, hence fit perfectly and deliver uncompromised audio experience. The small stainless steel tunnel and ear sleeves provided in four sizes, fit your ear comfortably, and provide efficient noise isolation.

    Durability and Storage

    The all steel body must speak volumes about the durability about these earphones.  Detailed with delicate red stitching and a lacquered body, these are the ideal storage case for your earphones. The nifty carry case has been specifically designed for these earphones to wrap and rest.

    Inline Microphone and Remote Control

    The Momentum in ear earphones have been imparted with an inline microphone and an integrated three button remote control for you to play, start, and pause your music and also control your calls. It is compatible with both Android and iOS. The cords are slightly thick and are elliptical, which prevents them from entangling. 
  • Specifications

    IMPEDANCE 18 Ohms
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 15Hz - 22,000Hz
    MAGNET TYPE Neodymium
    REMOTE 3-Button
    CABLE TYPE Elliptical
    WEIGHT 16g
    BOX CONTENTS Momentum In-Ear earphones
    Ear-adapter set (XS, S, M, L)
    Premium carrying case


    Don’t sweat it, This Sennheiser product is covered by a 2 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Follow up review

This is a follow up review by me after using these for 4 months
Don't bloody buy these, sure sound quality is pretty damn amazing, but the build is so so damn bad.. It's plain simple bad. It has been barely 4 months and these are ready to fall apart, the rubber on the earphone wire has gotten sticky, and gotten cut from so many places really disappointed, and before u begin judging me, i have been very very careful with these, i own many other earphones and headphones which have been lasting me for years including many other Sennheiser headphones, but momentum in ear are just plain simple poorly built

Not worth

I am not happy with the product which is very painful for the ears and couldn't withstand to the ear for longer time. Build wise it's very good but not worth for this much price Also on the sound quality it's not that much good enough

product loyal to the momentum lineup.

this pair of in ear headphones are particularly lightweight, be careful though as you are definitely going to have a hard time keeping them in your ears, the build quality could definitely be improved, still the metal Soundtunnel represents a very tight, hollow bass, and that necessarily is not a bad thing, the sound stage is wide for a earphone. if you are not a hard core audiophile, mids and highs are clear, which is one of the supreme abilities of Sennheiser, this brand does not focus on changing the sound of the type of music you are listening to, but replicating the way it was meant to be listened, if you want extra bass, check the MDRXB70AP in ear headphones from sony out.
I personally am not a huge fan of the v- shaped sound signature these iems offer, but you definitely have to give them a shot, considering the average Indian, who does not focus too much on the sound, and wants to have a premium product, without the premium price, these definitely stand a chance.

Burn in are real.

Sorry first of all to post a review after a year. Like many I also didn't belived in burn in and all. These pair when came sounded decent ofcourse better then other cheap earphones but I gave some time to it and they started opening up like bass were deep and punchy yet never harsh and didn't hurt my ears like those cheap ones do, after that vocals started opening up and I started understanding wordings of songs.... Till this time I was assuming that my ear may have developed some sounding skill and I can understand the lyrics BUT one day my girlfriend borrowed them, she listened these a lot and then my friend used it for quite some time, after then when I used I was amazed how wonderful they sounded.

Everything sounded way too better, same all songs, daft punk, EDM,Deep house mix (if that's what it is called) so now I am believer of burnin now.

These plugs need burn in time,
It has clean bass decent punch.

Seal is little bit of an issue a shirt clip(not included) resolves this to some extent while travelling, Protip pull your ear lobe a bit in 45 degree and push the earphone in for best seal (read somewhere in review and it works)

Comply foam may fixes the problem and bass may becomes more punchier and vocals much clearer. I haven't used comply but when I push them in and when they are snuggly sealed these sound great and as I heard comply keeps that perfect seal as you have freshly readjusted so comply will add in quality.

Wire is just ok and seemed a very very little (I have an eye for detail) sticks, but nothing like a chunck comes to my finger or nails if scratched a little, so wire turn out to be OKay-esh.

Will I recommend these? Yes

These has warm sound, also sparkly, sound stage is ok.

Best earphone 5/5

Dont think so much about this earphone.Just experience it.. . this is the best earphone I ever found...best for Bass head..
Premium sound
Buid quality is good
They are just awsome...

Totally Satisfied

The earpieces are best for portable usage. I’m totally satisfied with the sound. It’s very well balanced and doesn’t hurt ears even when listening to full volume.
I’d totally recommend these if someone is looking for premium earphones for portable use with amazing sound.