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Sennheiser - PX 80

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If you love listening to music on the go then the sleek, portable and stylish PX 80 is the perfect piece for you. Designed in an open supra-aural design, these headphones offer a rich natural sound. 

Although small in size, the PX 80 is big in audio output. These headphones produce sound that is perfectly balanced, without compromising on that rocky bass that you crave. The Sennheiser PX 80 is perfect for listening to music and movies from all genres. It produces great audio reproduction, giving you the best listening pleasure. 

Featuring soft ear pads, you will enjoy a comfortable listening experience for hours while, its foldable design makes them extremely portable. These trendy and comfortable set of headphones may seem delicate, but the metal finish as well as the sound will simply blow you away.

  • Astounding Sound Quality

    The bass is fantastic and each beat resonates effectively. The open supra aural design helps the sound to air and hence you get stereo quality music, without undistorted highs. There is considerable sound leakage as these don't block your ears completely from the external surroundings. However, the headband is sturdy and flexible at the same time which allows the pads to press comfortably on your ear and cover as much surface area of your ear as it can. Since these are specially designed to listen to music on the go, you gain the ability to benefit from a keen situational awareness while say, crossing the road.

    Super Portable

    These headphones have a unique fold and flip design which enables it to carry them around with you for all your outdoor activities. One might almost be fooled that the box looks like a spectacle case, however, it is highly compact and the PX 80 fits perfectly inside the case.

    Foldable Design

    The registered fold and flip design allows the ear-cups to turn 90 degrees making them convenient to extremely convenient for travel.

    3.5mm Plug

    The headphones are connected with a 3.5mm plug enabling compatibility with most devices such as Computers, Smartphones and MP3 players.

    Comfortable & Durable On-Ear Design

    The PX 80 is rugged and durable and extremely comfortable with ear cup cushions and headband cushions to use for long hours

    What's in the box:

    • Sennheiser - PX 80 Headphone
    • Protective Case

  • On-Ear

    15Hz to 27000 Hz

    32 Ohms

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack



    Two Years

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Sennheiser Electronics India Pvt Ltd. | IndiaFind the nearest service centre here

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
It's not great when you look at it but...

When you use its awwwwwesome

Headphone delivery review

received, the box is good but its not exactly the noise cancellation as the audio can be heard from outside

Great headphones for the price..

I didn't buy it from still thought to review here, so that it may be useful for others to choose one.

1. light weight and extremely portable (with the use of headphone case provided)
2. sound quality : sound quality is unmatchable at this price range (got it for Rs.990/- during a lightening deal). vocals and highs are very precise and sound distinction is really great at this level. bass is punchy and good for watching movies and vocals.
3. travelling use : of course it is a portable headphone and carrying this headphone is not at all a problem.
4. design : design may not look good for most of the guys for outdoor use. but believe me, it is just okay.
5. comfort : being lightweight it is extremely comfortable to use even for long period of time.
6. product quality : it is very good compared to the price of headphone. headphone cable is around 1.2m and it is not a single sided cable
7. as it is a open back headphone, sound stage is pretty good and enjoyable.

1. personally i dont like the bass of this headphones. it is very punchy and bleeds into mids and highs most of the time. it will not be much good for listening to music. but with an equilizer you can change it almost to your desired level.
2, being a open back headphones sound will leak to outside. so it will not be good for some sitting near to you. and for the same reason, sound isolation is poor.
3. not good for rough use as the cables are little flimsy.
4. i used sennheiser px 200 headphones. the sound quality is much better compared to this px 80
so my final verdict :
sound quality : 8/10 (9.5/10 if neglecting bass)
comfort : 9.5/10
design : 7.5/10
product quality : 8/10
portability : 8/10

guys, go for it if you are tight on budget, and you like punchy bass and will not care much on sound isolation issue. really these are great headphones when the price range is concerned.

Best for the price.

I've been using this for 4 months.. This is one of the best headphone for the price.

5 star

Sennheiser - PX 80