TIN HiFi - T4 (Unboxed)

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Sometimes we receive headphones in damaged packaging due to shipping accidents. These are brand new headphones with cosmetic flaws on the packaging.

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Since you won't get the original packaging, we give you a good discount compared to a new headphone.

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1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this TIN HiFi - T4 (Unboxed) comes with a 1 Year warranty from TIN HiFi that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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"It fits well. It is made well. It has a strong cable. It sounds like heaven.It compares well against a great 400$ earphone. It is my favorite earphone of the year."

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"The T4 sounds and feels like a major in-ear: a clean shape with sturdy construction and the right amount of sophistication, combined with one the best dynamic driver you can find in this price range."

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Major Hifi

"They have amazing detail and separation, they look cool.High level of transparency, clarity, cleanliness and detail, without losing the cold natural sound."

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Head fi

"They have amazing detail and separation, they look cool.High level of transparency, clarity, cleanliness and detail, without losing the cold natural sound."

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Audiophile On

"The T4 is a great looking set of earphones that design and build are all top-notch but the thing that really stands out is just how good they sound and how little they cost."

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Prime Audio

"It has an improved bass response, better clarity and a bigger soundstage.It feels robust,handles nicely and is also fairly tangle resistant."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Abhishek Angira (Delhi)
Yet To Find The True Potential

Ok so I need to explain the title of this review. When I put these on for the first time (plugged in my phone) I was utterly disappointed and unsurprisingly so since I never changed the default tips. So I did that, switched to foam tips (which come included btw!), instant improvement in sound quality and texture. Next I adjusted my EQ to brush off those sharp highs and bump up the mid bass a bit, again, significant improvement. But even so I feel my humble OnePlus 5 isn't the right driver for this, I'll definitely need to upgrade to a better DAP in the future, hence the title. If you are a bass-preferring-audiophile like I am, I wouldn't recommend these. Also the sound stage is a little narrow, I love big sound stages. Other than that they don't sound that bad, and with a better DAP I'm sure their true potential will come out.

Hey Abhishek, thanks for sharing your honest feedback with us. We really appreciate your time and efforts to write a detailed review about these IEMs. This will definitely help others while shortlisting their IEMs.

Rohan (Chandigarh)
The best pruchase ever.. loved my tin t4

TIN T4 is one of those IEMs that can generate, idd generated mixed emotions, at least to me.

The very first time I auditioned them I almost hated them as I was assaulted by their 6KHz peak which made them come accross unacceptably bright even while playing a treble-friendly genre such as bebop. I almost trashed them after a week. Then, with a process in the end quite similar to how final E4000 sucked me in, while listening to some genres with other IEMs I noticed where such latter drivers were lacking vs my memory of the “other” T4 parts, and I called them back into service. Once, and then again. And again.

Yes the 6K peak is there but it can be tamed with some very easy EQing if really wanted, revealing a solidly clear performer with such a neutral signature as to almost sound arid, if it weren’t for that modest but decisive midbass dry coloration and treble airyness granting a world more of engagement, but taking all care to not even coming close to imposing a definite personality.

T4’s balance between neutrality and endogenous dynamics is frankly difficult to replicate, and even some of its single features are not easy to upgrade. Take its sub-bass for example: it’s kept scarce on the altar of neutrality, hoewever even taking that in absolute terms, finding another IEM with a significant higher sub-bass presence strictly paired with uncompromised high speed and tightness on one end, and not accompanied by meaty let alone bloated midbass is a hell of a bad search. Shuoer Tape is such a truffle. And a tasty one at that – although miles from a widely applicable tool like T4 is, rightly due to its specialties.

Take clarity, or better yet clear neutrality, as another example. Where do I find something really better on that? Until now, for me it took TIN P1. Which on the other hand is the epitome of the de-energetic, supremely-relaxing cuddler. Besides being “expensive” to amp.

Summarising, T4 is a really difficult to beat compromise in its applicative segment – in a budget price bracket or thereabout. A few (not many) other IEMs can do better at single sections, but if I only had space in the bag for just “one” IEM to overdecently cover the entire jazz spectrum, I would still probably choose T4.

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. We look forward to serving you again.

Kiaan Brahma (New Delhi)
A Solid Option

These things look and feel good, and definitely have a worthwhile build quality.

Sound wise they are excellent, though you can find the bass to be lacking compared to current generation where there is an emphasis on the lower end. Now this is a personal choice as some want the thumping bass but I found them perfect as I prefer a sound that's more balanced and ability to provide a soundstage that lets me enjoy the music in the overall senses

These have a clarity and sound stage that is exciting for my listening. Vocals are very clear, with the highs not too sharp that make you get exhausted as you listen. Music Genre has no limitations for this headphone and can make any good music sound very good. Beyond the headphones themselves, The case is nice, and they come with a lot of great ear bits to play with, upping the value beyond that of any other Tin Hifi IEM.
I was given as a gift around 6 months back and been using it for my runs with my headphones lot of times or use it while gaming on my Xbox. Its been handled not in the best way and these have managed to survive with no change, so build quality is not an issue. Occasional sweat has also not shown any issue to these but the earphone fit may not be the best but that's personal and can vary person to person

Thanks a ton for sharing your review with us.

vasdna (Kannur)
Absolutely love them.

I'm no audiophile but there's no doubt these have elevated my music experience to new peaks. A tad bit bright on the mid highs perhaps, but in no way uncomfortable or tiring. If you're a beginner, you'll love them for sure. They are worth every penny. Thanks to headphonezone for bringing them here.

Hey Dr. Vasu, we are glad to hear that you had a great experience with us. Thanks for your review.

Deepak Nagarajan (Vellore)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Bang On!
Not at all

TIN HiFi - T4