Truthear x Crinacle - ZERO

In-Ears With Dual Dynamic Drivers

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Extra Bass Sound Signature

Wired Earphones with this sound signature present a punchy and exciting listening experience. The bass is louder than the other sounds, making the music sound energetic. This sound signature is enjoyed by bassheads who like their music with a lot of depth and oomph and are well suited for genres like Electronica, Hip-Hop, EDM and R&B. The sounds that focus the most on the bass are an inseparable part of modern music.

1 Year of

Ideal for Audiophiles

These earphones/IEMs are designed for discerning music lovers. If you are someone who cares about audio quality deeply, you'll want a pair of earphones/IEMs like these. You can expect them to present a Hi-Fidelity listening experience.

The audio quality exhibited by these earphones/IEMs is a beautiful mix of musicality, technical brilliance and high precision. These earphones/IEMs deliver a spacious and open soundstage with utmost clarity and detail. Delve into pure sonic bliss with these earphones/IEMs!

Ideal For Casual Music Listening

These earphones/IEMs are your go-to when you want to sit back and relax. If you’re someone who is looking to listen to music without worrying too much about the technicalities, then these are the perfect fit for you.

You can expect these earphones/IEMs to work conveniently and pair with most devices like smartphones and laptops without needing a DAC & Amp. These offer the ultimate convenience, but we believe that if you care about an immersive listening experience and audio quality, these are not for you!

Ideal for Commuting

If you’re someone who enjoys listening to music while commuting, then you know the value of a good pair of earphones/IEMs. These earphones/IEMs allow you to listen to your favourite track or block out the world for a focused podcast listening experience.

You can expect these earphones/IEMs to offer a seamless connectivity experience. They are lightweight in design and provide noise isolation as an added functionality.

Dual Dynamic

Replaceable Cables

A pair of headphones with a replaceable cable has many benefits, and one of them is if the connecting cable has a problem, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new one. If the connecting cable gets pulled or damaged, you can replace it and keep using your good-old headphones or IEMs. This way, your headphones will be protected and will last longer. With the advancements in cable manufacturing, you now get a variety of replacement cables with various termination options, lengths and quality.

Tangle-Free Cables

Every time you reach for earphone/IEM cables to connect them to your earphones/IEM, no matter how neatly you "wrapped" them up, they end up in a giant Gordian knot of frustration. Tangled cables are the bane of modern existence, and everyone owning a wired pair of earphones/IEM can attest to this.

With advances in cable-making techniques and radical approaches to manufacturing, there are now several solutions to this universal problem. You get Flat cables, Mesh Design cables, cables coated with exterior covers and cables designed with a zipper style design to avoid Tangle and attempt to solve the issue.

Works with Android & iOS

One thing all of our phones have in common is that they have replaced the portable media player. These headphones and devices are perfect to pair with your Android and iOS devices and offer functionality previously unknown. If you’re someone who usually switches between a variety of devices with different OS, then these are suited for you. You can expect these headphones and devices to connect seamlessly without any hassle and even offer OS-specific functionality depending on the device. Headphones and devices designed to work with Android and iOS come in wired and wireless formats. Quite often you will also find Hi-Fi equipment offering direct connectivity to devices with Android and iOS to simplify the connectivity process.

Super Lightweight


Truthear is a relatively new and innovative brand founded in 2022, providing HiFi quality audio products for daily use by the most discerning listeners. They believe there is still potential for knowledgeable brands with fresh ideas to emerge in this cutthroat market. Truthear has emphasised offering high-quality audio products to audio aficionados highlighting their interest in the audiophile hobby. It is a business with talented designers and engineers who have produced audiophile-grade products that are well-liked among audiophiles. Truthear is ready to fascinate and astound audiophiles in India!



Truthear has incorporated a New Generation DLP 3D printing technology and medical-grade resin shells in their line-up of in-ear monitors. Truthear has collaborated with HeyGears, a company founded in the year 2015. HeyGears is an innovative company that provides digital manufacturing solutions across various industries. They are focused on 3D printing, software development, materials, and big-data handling.



Truthear is a relatively new company on the ChiFi block, established in 2022. Truthear, in their first-ever iteration, has collaborated with the frontline reviewer Crinacle to bring you the most anticipated in-ear monitor - the ZERO. Crinacle has a growing repertoire of collaboration IEMs and has partnered with well-established brands like Moondrop, FiiO, SeeAudio, 7HZ, etc. Crinacle also has the most comprehensive database for headphone and IEM measurements and is known for his collaborations and tuning expertise. With the ZERO, Truthear and Crinacle have hit the target, providing you with the best-in-class tuning. The Truthear ZERO also has a unique driver configuration and is here to impress you with its sonic characteristics!



Truthear has incorporated an efficient, rational driver configuration for the ZERO. It hosts dual dynamic drivers with a diameter of 10mm and the other diameter of 7.8mm. The Truthear ZERO adopts a dual polyurethane suspension composite liquid-crystal dome diaphragm N52 Rubidium magnet double-cavity internal magnetic circuit dynamic driver. The Truthear ZERO offers a smooth, soft and detailed sound thanks to the mature internal magnetic circuit structure co-worked with a flexible polyurethane suspension composite LCP liquid crystal dome diaphragm. The 7.8mm dynamic driver responsible for mid-high frequency uses an ultra-fine CCAW voice coil, which pursues the lightweight vibration system so that the sensitivity of high-frequency is effectively improved, and the response is smoother, making ZERO's treble tone clean and highly detailed. On the contrary, the 10mm dynamic driver responsible for low frequency utilises a weighted voice coil, which reduces the natural resonant frequency for accurate frequency division, and gives ZERO a full and vibrant low frequency making it perform as a subwoofer. Due to the crossover and dedicated driver topology, the ZERO delivers a brain-melting sonic performance!



The Truthear ZERO has a low-frequency gain and high-frequency response in line with HRTF characteristics, which makes ZERO own the objective index comparable to that of professional in-ear monitors. It is not as cold and rigid as monitor earphones, and its overall timbre is natural and full-bodied. Another critical objective factor of multi-driver earphones is the phase. The "full-frequency phase" of ZERO is highly consistent, and there is no convergence issue; occurring in multi-driver earphones, eliminating the unnatural listening experience caused by phase distortion. Relying on the high-precision DLP-3D printing technology, the acoustic nozzle structure with filtering function and the accurately calculated RC frequency division form a hybrid double frequency division. This design architecture makes the two dynamic drivers perform respectively, offering the closer design goal of objective indicators. Experience an oasis of sonic bliss with the all-new ZERO!



The Truthear ZERO has a New Generation DLP 3D printing technology and medical-grade resin. The DLP 3D printing cavity made by HeyGears, matched with its medical-grade high-transparency resin and internal colouring process, ensures printing accuracy and efficiency. The Truthear ZERO's whole "cavity" adopts a sandwich structure (front, decorative panel, and glue-dropping capping). The Truthear ZERO undergoes a glue-dropping process and is solidified and shaped by ultraviolet and processed by hand-polishing and varnish spraying. This process ensures a beautiful design, effectively reinforcing the firmness processed by the glue-dropping capping process. Truthear has also given special attention to the cable design. The Truthear ZERO comes with a high-purity oxygen-free cable. It has four strands of high-quality silver plating combined with the universal 0.78 2Pin interfaces. It achieves excellent sound quality and expands the possibilities for upgrading to aftermarket cables.
Note: The cavity is a sunken 0.78mm 2 pin female socket.

Truthear x Crinacle - ZERO In-Ears With Dual Dynamic Drivers Sale price₹ 4,499 Regular price₹ 4,999
SIMGOT - EW200 In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 4,390 Regular price₹ 4,999
Moondrop - Aria In-Ears With 1 Dynamic Driver Sale price₹ 7,449 Regular price₹ 8,999
Sound Signature

Extra Bass: Lots of low end but tends to overpower mids & highs.

Balanced: A neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency.

Balanced: A neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency.

Driver Configuration

10mm + 7.8mm Dynamic Driver

10mm Dynamic Driver

10mm Double Cavity Dynamic Driver


Without Mic

Without Mic

Without Mic

Plug Type




Our Verdict

There’s a lot to like about the Moondrop Aria. They are meticulously designed, well-built, and great-sounding IEMs. Getting all this right at such a price point isn’t easy, and Aria knocks it out of the park. Easily my favourite IEM in this segment.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Truthear x Crinacle - ZERO comes with a 1 Year warranty from Truthear that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Truthear's warranty in India.

"The Zero's faceplate is a subtle, but slightly sparkly swirl of purple and blue colors. I had no issues with fit and was able to wear the Zero for several hours comfortably."

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"Truthear Zero aces the frequency response graph game. If you primarily base your purchase decisions on a pair of IEMs hitting a specific target, the Truthear Zero will be right up your alley. "

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"The Truthear Zero is an in-ear monitor (IEM) which uses a dual dynamic driver setup. There is a substantial elevation in the sub-bass which is contained entirely below 200 Hz."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
ramanuj kashyap (Guwahati)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Not at all
Good, but not that good

I had ordered this jumping on the hypetrain from shenzenaudio, and have spent months with it. So I think I am in a fairly good position to talk about it.
(Points of comparison: FiiO "JadeAudio" JH3, Dunu Titan S).

Packaging was extremely good for an under 5000 rupee IEM- in my case the memory foam tips were slightly damaged but hey, that can be excused. The shell feels robust, has a nice heft; the cable is gorgeous and well finished, and the pouch so far is actually better than what Moondrop for instance, provides. Not a fan of the Waifu packaging though.
The IEMs do go deeper than the standard so one might feel slightly nauseating and I did get tired after a few good hours but I will still say that for the most time it's comfortable and I personally don't think that the average person might be spending 10-12 hours at one go.
Now most importantly the sound- and if I say that it was "overhyped" I am being generous. To be clear, these IEMs are not bad or hideous sounding by any means, it's just that I have heard better (the Koss KSC75 and the Dunu Titan S have massively spoiled me). When I directly A/Bed it with the Fiio JH3 that I have, I just kept on going back to the JH3 because it was a considerably better made product than these. The JH3 had a punchier and a more engaging bass than these, the Zeros still handled treble better than the JH3 but the latter again redeems lost ground with a comparatively more expansive mids- the Zeros honestly felt claustrophobic to me and I will prefer a slightly shoutier in-ear or over-ear, if it gives me the expanse across the mids; I like the sound to have an ample supply of air, I don't like it when the presentation feels slightly strangulated and that was what the main problem the Zeros had, per my notes. The Zeros handled genres like R&B better than the JH3 for instance, but the JH3s trumped the former in genres like rock, metal and even funk; across the tracks the scales tip here and there rather inconsistently but again, from my observations- the Zero is good, just not that good.

In conclusion: the Truthear Zero has been there making its name, but I think that there are better products out there than these. If you are familiar with the Fiio dynamic driver sounds, then you might be agreeing with me on certain notes but again, I will say that it's a good start for Truthear for what I believe is their first product but then they have some redemption to make (I mean, I need to try out the Hola as well as the Hexa). The Fiio JH3 edged these in a lot of aspects, but the Dunu Titan S (not a fair comparison but still), reasonably commands more money than both of these.
Grading it a B.

Ellzy (Kolkata)
Best IEM for Rainbow 6 Siege PERIOD.

Unboxing Experience: If you can ignore the waifu that gives major weeb vibes, the unboxing feels too premium for its price range. From the smooth vacuum drop of the box to the presentation of the iems and eartips with a leather carry pouch, everything feels premium. The box is gonna become a fidget toy itself. Being provided with 7 choices for eartips, 6 of them being silicone and 1 memory foam, a proper fit is guaranteed for any type of ear canal.

Setup: I had read reviews before buying, that the Zeros are hard to drive. So, I was obviously worried that I have to buy an amp but that was NOT the case. They run comfortably from both my laptop’s 3.5mm audio port to my main system’s Audio Interface (UMC22) which just needed 5-10% increase on the gain dial over my previously used 7hz Salnotes Zeros. I tried both the memory foam and silicone tips and even though I love the amazing fit of the foam, I chose to go with the small size silicone tips because they were easier and quicker to take on and off with very low to negligible loss in audio quality. Been using them to play my full library on iTunes and I will say even though I’m not a basshead, the dedicated 10mm sub driver is making those heavy bass sounds really powerful and flattering without any major inconvenience or uncomforting factor with NO loss in mids or highs that single driver iems face (I was facing this issue with my 7hz Salnotes Zeros).
Ingame: (Note- This part of the review is solely focussed for Rainbow 6 Siege using Night Mode Dynamic Range) The dedicated 10mm driver is a godsend here. It ensures you get a separate bass response for players above your current floor while the footstep sounds from the same floor are still crystal clear. The sound staging is great enough to make you hear directional audio really well. It has even gotten me hacker accusations so you get the idea. The sound of distant barricades breaking, to explosions and heavy bullet sounds being muffled out while you are guaranteed to get the lighter audio cues sharply is why Streamers, Tier 1 Pro League Players and CCs namely TheGodlyNoob, G2 roster consisting of Doki, Blurr, Benja, Alem4o and Virtue and CCs like Kudos, HaanSolo all use and recommend it.

EQ: I am using Equalizer APO with the Peace Interface and my EQ is as follows
Preamp: -6.1 dB
Filter 1: ON PK Fc 20 Hz Gain 4.7 dB Q 0.800
Filter 2: ON PK Fc 87 Hz Gain -0.9 dB Q 1.700
Filter 3: ON PK Fc 170 Hz Gain 1.6 dB Q 2.000
Filter 4: ON PK Fc 300 Hz Gain -1.2 dB Q 1.800
Filter 5: ON PK Fc 830 Hz Gain 1.1 dB Q 1.700
Filter 6: ON PK Fc 1500 Hz Gain -1.4 dB Q 1.500
Filter 7: ON PK Fc 6700 Hz Gain 4.6 dB Q 2.000
Filter 8: ON PK Fc 8100 Hz Gain -6.8 dB Q 2.000
Filter 9: ON PK Fc 10000 Hz Gain 9.8 dB Q 2.000
Filter 10: ON PK Fc 15000 Hz Gain -2.4 dB Q 0.500
You can copy the lines above to your notepad and then save and import them onto Peace.

Cons: The one and only annoying factor regarding the Zeroes is that the wire could’ve been better. I like iem cables to sit snug behind my ear but the Zero’s cable does tend to get loose and come to the edge of my ears or fall off to the side completely. I am looking into some aftermarket cables from Tripowin C8 to deal with this issue.

Thanks a lot for your detailed and genuine feedback, we're glad that you have such positive thoughts about the product and we'll share your thoughts with the brand as well. It'll also help our fellow customers to make the right choice!

A.A. (Lucknow)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Not at all
Got a defective product {Maybe}

At the time of writing this review i have had these for like and hour and I dont really know if they :
•)are REALLY hard to drive( using them with an iphone SE and an apple dongle but also tried on the macbook the results are nearly the same ) ,
•)did i just got a defective product
•) i just need to burn them for some time
cuz rn they literally sound like shit . no other way of putting it sadly . There is NO BASS AT ALL it sounds like the 10 mm driver is not even working idk man was really hyped after seeing the reviews . I really think that i got a defective product and will likely replace it after a day or two just to check if burn in helps and will update you guys after that . As Im not sure so ill not be giving them ratings rn

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