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Ultrasone - Edition M Plus Black Pearl

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The Ultrasone - Edition M Plus Black Pearl is Ultrasone’s latest flagship headphone which is an impressive upgrade from its predecessor Ultrasone - Edition M Black Pearl.

An upgrade from the older version these headphones are now available in the circumaural version, without impacting your mobile enjoyment.

Ultrasone takes the cake home, for being the first company in the world to make mobile luxury headphones.

The Ultrasone - Edition M Plus Black Pearl is the legendary headphone that has made Ultrasone an industry leader. As the perfect partner to high-res mobile players, smartphones, tablets and notebooks, the Edition M+ Black Pearl brings you audiophile music pleasure when you're on the go.

The PVD-coated ear cups, as well as the precisely crafted spring steel headband, make the best fit.The larger headband accommodates any head better, resulting in a better overall fit without sacrificing comfort.

Known for their tight, extended bass response, smooth, inviting midrange, and warm high frequencies, the headphones offer a listening experience that makes believers out of even casual music listeners.


    See, Feel and Hear the Luxury

    Delivering audiophile quality and low-distortion sound the articulates the power and nuance of your favourite music. A cultivated acoustic masterpiece with the perfect craftsmanship and material quality for use on the go.








    The sound you hear from headphones is substantially different in a number of ways than sounds you hear naturally, it is far more precise and allows the listener to experience every single sound in a three-dimensional manner. It ensures an experience of audio imaging in a "room full of speakers" that enable the magic of "sound around your head" kind of feel.

    The S-Logic has come up with a cutting edge S-Logic advancement upgrade.They are the epitome of headphones for critical listening. This sophisticated and well made new technology combines precision dampening with micro-acoustic reinforcement, which allows the driver, buffer board, and spatial parameters to complement one another in an optimal manner.




    ULE Technology

    Ultrasone headphones are truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike most headphones that emit a strong magnetic field emission that causes unfavourable radiation, Edition M Plus BLACK PEARL comes with a special MU Metal Shield. What does that mean? This shield allows for Ultra Low Emissions aka ULE Technology which reduces radiation by up to 98%. This enables worry-free long hours of music listening and monitoring for the studio professional. It also ensures that there is lesser ear fatigue which leads to safer hearing.

    Safer Hearing With S-Logic

    The S-Logic allows a reduction of sound pressure levels at the eardrum by up to 40%. This may reduce the risk of hearing damage while ensuring hours of fatigue-free listening.

    Titanium-Coated Sound Transducer for Ultra Wide Clarity

    What makes the Performance Series headphones really special is that Ultrasone has used proprietary sound transducer technologies The Ultrasone - Edition M Plus Black Pearl sees Ultrasone adopt a titanium-coated transducer which is capable of producing an incredibly wide soundstage with great clarity. Immerse yourself in music with the Ultrasone - Edition M Plus Black Pearl headphones, with their tonal range and clarity of sound.




    Sturdy Metallic Structure

    The brushed aluminium inlays give the  Edition M Plus BLACK PEARL a brilliant metallic shine and make them extremely durable. These hard wearing headphones are sturdy and form an elegant contrast to the earcups.

    Adjustable Headband for Comfort

    Ultrasone like always has kept the users' comfort as a priority. Confirming to that,  Edition M Plus BLACK PEARL has adjustable headbands to fit perfectly to your exact head size and shape. They, therefore, ensure a perfect and a comfortable fit.

    OFC Cables

    The super flexible 1.2m OFC wire delivers an astounding sound. Here is how it works. The method of producing OFC copper ensures extra high grade of metal with a copper content of 99.99% and are silver plated. With low impurities, the OFC cable ensures a clarity in sound transmissions and lesser volatility of sound. They also come with Non-Detachable USC chord.

    Detachable Cables

    A detachable 1.2m long OFC cable with integrated remote control and microphone is included with the headphones. This cable has a gold-plated, angled, 3.5mm 4-pin jack. The 1.2m cable of the Ultrasone  Edition M Plus BLACK PEARL comes with a durable microphone and remote control. This features adds a fair bit of portability for when you want to take calls on-the-go.




    Axl Rose, Guns N’ Roses

    "Axl Rose was born on 6 February 1962 in Lafayette, Indiana, son of Sharon and William Rose, and was baptized as William Bruce Rose Jr.. In his childhood, he expressed his love for music in the Church Choir and played the piano. Together with Tracii Guns, whom he met in the band LA Guns, they formed Guns N `Roses. Axl Has been a fan of Ultrasone and continues to feature on the Ultrasone 'Fanpage'"



  • style=
    Dynamic, Over-Ear
    Closed- Back

    40 mm Drivers

    7 - 39000 Hz
    30 Ohms

    OFC Cable

    1.2m long Detachable Cable 
    228 grams

    Not disclosed by manufacturer

    Not disclosed by manufacturer
    Not disclosed by manufacturer

    1. Ultrasone Edition M Plus Black Pearl Headphones

    2. Finely Crafted Felt Bag
    3. Detachable Cable with Mic and Remote

    4. Micro-fiber Cleaning Cloth

    5. Angled 3.4mm 4 Pole Plug


  • Five Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

  • ULTRASONE-Edition-5-Unlimited ULTRASONE-Edition-12 ULTRASONE-Edition-8-Carbon ULTRASONE-Edition-8-Ruthenium ULTRASONE-Edition-8-Romeo ULTRASONE-Edition-M-BlackPearl ULTRASONE-Edition-M-Plus-BlackPearl
    Edition 5 Unlimited
    Edition 12
    Edition 8 Carbon
    Edition 8 Ruthenium
    Edition 8 Romeo
    Edition M Black Pearl
    Edition 8 M Plus BP

    Rs. 1,94,990/-

    Rs. 1,24,990/-

    Rs. XX,XXX/-

    Rs. 1,11,990/-

    Rs. XX,XXX/-

    Rs. 62,990/-

    Rs. 79,990/-

    Frequency Response 5Hz - 46,000Hz 6Hz - 42,000Hz 6Hz - 42,000Hz 6Hz - 42,000Hz 6Hz - 42,000Hz 10Hz - 38,000Hz 7Hz - 39,000Hz
    Driver Mylar/Titan 40mm Driver Mylar/Gold 40mm Driver Mylar/Titan 40mm Driver Mylar/Titan 40mm Driver Mylar/Titan 40mm Driver Mylar/Titan 30mm Driver Mylar/Titan 40mm Driver
    Impedance 32 Ohm 40 Ohm 30 Ohm 30 Ohm 30 Ohm 40 Ohm 30 Ohm
    S-Logic Plus
    S-Logic EX
    ULE Technology
    Detachable Cable (Quantity) 3 Detachable Cable 1 Detachable Cable 1 Detachable Cable 1 Detachable Cable 1 Detachable Cable
    Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
    Transportation Case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
A true black pearl for audiophiles

Well as the title says it all. An excellent hd sound quality headphones. First lets talk about its comfort. At first few wears the ear cups could be felt tight with the clamping force slightly more..However on subsequent use within week I could start feeling its comfort and clamping force getting normal. It will fully enclose an average size ear like that of mine however you would want to check it out first if you have bigger ears as the ear cup inside part which encloses your ear is not very spacious. Considering this model has been designed for mobility use outside house, the manufactures have tried take this into consideration by making the ear cup size as compact as possible for an over ear cans. Edition X V2 of Hifiman which is sold by Headphone zone for the same price (which also I own) is altogether from a different planet in the same area and cannot be compared as those are open cans intended for home use considering the sound that it leaks.. The black pearl ultrasone are closed cans naturally isolating the outside noice to a large extent and vice versa for others around you. I use these cans with Chord mojo and Fiio E12 amp still one nearby you can hardly hear to what you are listening.It has a decent headband and ear cups cushions are made of finest sheep leather and is of very light weight which supports long listening sessions.

Coming to the sound quality and the looks....this is where the black pearl truly shines. It's just OUTSTANDING!!! The sound from these cans are some thing like that you hear in a concert hall. The clarity is just astonishing with every piece of music would sound like as pearl to your ears...Please note these are not those bass tuned headphones that some bassheads would prefer..but you get a decent level of those using right amp.

It is advisable to try it from Headphone zone first before you decide to put your money into this as the comfort and sound signature could be a hit or miss depending on once preference. HPZ rock...