V-MODA - Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition (Unboxed)

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6 13% ₹ 3,805 ₹ 841
9 14% ₹ 2,588 ₹ 1,303
12 14% ₹ 1,974 ₹ 1,703
18 15% ₹ 1,372 ₹ 2,703
24 15% ₹ 1,066 ₹ 3,599
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This product is eligible for the Headphone Zone 7 Day Easy Exchange. Don’t like your purchase? Simply exchange it for another product of your choice!

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V-Shaped Sound

Ideal for

Ideal for Casual
Music Listening

Ideal for
Taking Calls

Ideal for the

1 Year of


Bluetooth with
aptX & AAC

14 Hours of
Battery Life

Wireless Range
of 10m



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The V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition has been engineered with high-quality drivers. The 50mm dual-diaphragm has inner and outer rings that prevent the bass from bleeding into the mids and highs. Thanks to its CCAW coil, it has been certified as Hi-Res by the Japan Audio Society (JAS).



The V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition builds on the M-100's crowdsourced sound and 22 editors choice awards won by the Crossfade series. It has been created to delight audiophiles everywhere with its expansive soundstage and minimal sound leakage. Plug it in or listen wirelessly, you get almost the same quality sound either way.



Get through the day with the Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition which gives you up to 14 hours of music playtime on a single charge. If you are in a hurry, a fast charge of 30 minutes will give you 4 hours of battery life. Switch seamlessly between devices with the multi-device pairing option. Qualcomm aptX and AAC ensures high-quality sound when listening to music wirelessly.



The ergonomic headband and patent-pending hexagon shape minimize the force on your head and ears for the best fit. The earcups are generously padded letting you listen to your music for hours without getting an ear-ache. The Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition also comes with a patented CliqFold hinge that can be folded to fit into the Exoskeleton carrying case that comes along with the headphone.



DRIVER TYPE Dual Diaphram
SENSITIVITY 100 dB @ 1kHz 1mW
WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth 4.1, aptX, AAC Codex
MICROPHONE 1 Button Remote Mic
CABLE LENGTH SpeakEasy 132cm (52")
WEIGHT 309 g (including battery)
GRILL Closed Back
1. Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition Headphones
2. Exoskeleton carry case
3. Carabiner clip
4. ARAMID fiber-reinforced 1-Button SpeakEasy™ Microphone cable
5. Micro USB Cable
6. Gold plated 1/4" pro adapter
1. Original packaging of Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition Headphones


Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition (Unboxed) comes with a 1 year warranty from V-MODA that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about V-MODA's warranty in India.


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Editor's Rating: 4/5

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Trusted Reviews

"The V-MODA Crossfade II Wireless Codex Edition are high-quality wireless headphones, some of the best-sounding you’ll find in this class."

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"The V-MODA - Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition provides aptX and AAC support. These are a great option for hi-res wired and CD-like quality wireless listening."

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"New drivers, new cushions, more frequency response in wired mode and better battery life make V-MODA's next-gen Bluetooth headphone a winner."

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Android Central

"The Crossfade 2 Codex edition is one of the best wireless options available today: it is built to last decades, the sound quality is exceptional."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
No support from V-Moda after one year

I bought this headphone In March'19. Currently when I connect my headphone to Bluetooth then left speaker is not working. I reached out V-Moda support and they informed me that we can't repair your headphone as its not under warranty.

Think twice before buying V-Moda products as they wont repair/replace your headphone if it is not under warranty. Rs. 29990 is useless now.

Check below email communication with V-Moda Support.

Ticket ID: 211771

Your request has been deemed solved. If you wish to reopen your ticket, reply to this email

Billy, Jul 21, 2020, 2:55 PM PDT:

Unfortunately we do not offer a paid repair service. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Rock On,

Nayan Chauhan, Jul 21, 2020, 1:00 PM PDT:
I know headphones are not under warranty, it doesn't mean that you can repair also. I am ready to pay for the expense.

This is almost $400 headphones and giving issue within 2 years.

What is the use of these headphones if the left speaker is not working?


Nayan Chauhan

Billy, Jul 21, 2020, 10:45 AM PDT:

I apologize for the issues. Unfortunately your headphones are out of the warranty period and we are unable to repair or replace your heapdhones. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Rock On,

Nayan Chauhan, Jul 21, 2020, 3:48 AM PDT:
Hi Team,

This is regarding Warranty ID: 138963.

I am staying in India and I need to send my headphone to US location. Is there any way you can arrange courier pick from my location?

Less sound is coming from left speaker while connecting over Bluetooth, issue resolved when I connect cable to 3.5mm jack. What do you think what could be the issue ?

Is there any way you can call me on my cell phone ?


Nayan Chauhan

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: V-MODA Warranty
Date: Tue, Jul 21, 2020 at 3:39 PM
Subject: Your V-MODA Warranty Submission - Warranty ID: 138963

Warranty ID: 138963

Ciao Nayan Chauhan

Thank you for filling out the warranty form at V-MODA.com. For your reference, your warranty ID number is 138963. Please print the PDF form (that downloaded after you submitted the form) and send that in along with your headphones to the following address:

V-MODA Warranty
5100 S. Eastern Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90040-2938
United States of America

Hey Nayan, we completely understand your disappointment here. But unfortunately, we are not authorized by the brand to do repairs outside warranty and neither can we intervene in their process. We are really sorry about the experience you have had to go through.

No value for money

First of all, what kind of high-end audio company provides a tacky orange aux cable with matte black headphones?!

Note: for the Pros of this product, please refer to other reviews.

I bought them for around 30K at the end of 2018. Initially, I was blown away by the superior sound quality of these headphones. But then, the problems started creeping in. The 3 buttons for the wireless control are loose and you can hear them louder than the playing music if, for instance, you are going down the stairs. Now comes the wireless part. I never could get 14 hours of battery life out of these headphones (8-9 hours is my record). One side stopped working in wireless mode after 10-11 months (lucky me as the warranty is 12 months!). Had placed a warranty claim request which only wasted more of my money (courier charges), and no fix. They are as good as dead now (within 2 years). This is a 30K device which is supposedly "built like a tank" but has the basic functionality wrong. If you are buying these for wireless usage, please reconsider. The sound quality is really good, but not at all worth 30K, or whatever they are priced at now.

Now comes the fault of HPZ. Let me start with the fact that one of them ("headphone guru") actually suggested me (I called them up for advice) to go for CF2 over 1000XM3, and he didn't even try, IYKWIM! Anyway, I went with CF2 as I had seen good reviews everywhere; blunder. Then came the stupidity of their support team, whom I contacted for the wireless mode issues. At the time I made a warranty claim request (Sep 2019), it was mentioned on the V-MODA page on this site that a faulty unit will be "replaced". But the support guys "repaired" the headphones and sent them back to me. When I asked them what would happen if this "repaired" unit starts malfunctioning, they replied with this:

"...for your query that what if the unit gets defective again after the warranty period gets over, so in such a case we are sorry to inform you but after the warranty period expires we cannot handle any cases as per the V-MODA brand's policies. ...".

CF2 stopped working within a couple of weeks of this "repair". I didn't want to send them again for repair to anyone as the warranty had ended by then, and it would waste more of my money in the delivery process itself and I knew this product was as good as dead. So I used them only in wired mode for the rest of their life.

Imagine buying a 30K sound device, after which the people nearby will consider you crazy, then defending your purchase by bragging about its superior quality, and then that device just fails to function properly.

V Moda Crossfade 2 wireless, Rose Gold edition

Masterpiece Headphone. Brilliant packaging, rugged carry case, superb audio quality with great bass, in starting might feel uncomfortable in wearing for long hours but after 4 to 5 usage it improves. aptX retains audio quality when using Bluetooth and going wireless. Haven’t charged even once from day one. Its actually built like a tank - the claim is authentic.
Also thankful to Sameer and Praveen from Headphone Zone for their prompt support. Even though their site had a wrong mention of the price - when I placed the order - they called back and said it’s not your fault as a customer - so we shall offer you at 5000 rupees less so this costed me 24,990 vs. 29,9990. Thanks HZ for retaining my faith in you. I truly am a proud owner of a world class product from a world class and professional Headphone one team.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Ajay. We're going to call your review 'Google', because it is everything we've been looking for.

One of The Best

One of the best wireless headphone with great sound quality.
Very sturdy
Great design and looks
Very good sound quality and clarity with enough bass.
Sound quality is same in wireless and wired; which is not the case with other wireless brands
Passive noise isolation is good enough for normal day to day life.
Very compact when folded.
Fantastic case

Cons-- (These cons are minor for me)
Not comfortable as Bose headphones
14 hours battery range is less when compared with other products in the same price range
Slight pain on my ears. I have an XL size head, so planning to take the headphone through a stretch exercise.
The buttons on the headphones are just ok, needs get used to. Especially changing the songs (2 clicks / 3 clicks) are not easy with these buttons

Excellent headphones

Pros - Fits perfectly around the ear contours.
Cons - 430 mAh battery isn't sufficient.
Overall, great deal even though it's expensive.
Headphonezone has been helpful for my queries, after sales service can't be judged as no issue has been arised until now with the product.
Hope they understand that customer service begins after the product is brought by the customer and not the contrary.
Thanks Headphonezone, for this experience!

Value for money

In this generation 2020 you can find lots of headphone with ANC and many more features like gesture, app and more.

But V MODA is something else.
If you are a music lover and love to listen EDM,BOLLYWOOD
this is for you guys.
Bass is value for money
Quality is top notch
V shape sound signature gives you a perfect direction of music.

I love to have V MODA CROSSFADE 2 CODEX.

Yes it does not coming with ANC, ONLY 14 HRS battery.

But don't forget it is very compact,stylish,great sound, comfortable, rigid both headphone and case.

V-Moda Wireless Crossfade Codex edition

While the sound clarity is superb, I was expecting better loudness and depth in bass.

V moda crossfade 2 wireless codex

•Very good headphones
•The mids are very good
Its as if the singer is sitting close to you
• it gives a surround sound experience means it gives a feel that the voice is coming from every direction ( thanks to 50 mm drivers )
•These are realy built like a tank , the head band can be stretched flat
• the clamping force is bearable 2 to 4 hrs for me
• the headphones covering box is preety tough
° the battery life is less for me about 14 to 15 hrs ( depens on what volumes u use at)
°the are bit heavy

Conclusion ---
The best heaphones i have ever used
Oh i forgot -- the cusions are very soft and comfy and dont forget the 50% imortal discount u get with it if ur headphones break but u have to register them first to the vmoda website

Cross-over genres do exist....

Short review : Close you eyes and get one. Then again close your eyes and uplift yourself to aural nirvana.

Long review : Yeah.. You heard me right. There IS now, a category called basshead audiophile. Only thing you require to comprehend the idea is a pair of V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edn.
I was searching far and wide for a unique headphone with the a sound signature that would cater to my weird aural tastes.
The biggest challenge was the clear-cut distinction between bass heavy and high resolution audio and headphone makers sticking on to either one in their product offerings. Even premium brands defaulted to neutral ( often praised as the "real" sounding) signature and my search went on and on. 3 months back while browsing through the top lists in HZ, I finally decided to check out the V-moda models (I usually wouldn't look at models greater than 15K in price). The models looked weird, but somehow astonishing in design. I delved deep, frequenting review sites and hifi discussion forums and finally decided to go with Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex. 30K was still a daunting ask, but after watching numerous videos on the product, I decided to take the plunge.
The ordering process was a breeze and special thanks to the HZ team for incorporating the laser engraving option originally offered by the brand. There was some issues with the engraving process, but eventually they got it right and the product was delivered.
Oh boyy.. The Unboxing was an experience. The packaging is unearthly. Every inch of the package oozing quality and design excellence. And finally I connected the pair to my lap and, woah...
I never heard such clear but punchy bass. Believe me, the bass is so clear it goes to really low levels. And the mids and highs, especially on high-res tracks were brilliant.
Its worth every penny and some.
Thanks again to the HZ team for bringing this masterpiece to us.

NB: You might wanna invest a bit more and get the XL pads, You wont regret it.

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“Thank you headphone zone team for timely delivery especially in this situation and bringing this product to India I recommend everyone to check this one before considering other alternatives in the market.”

Sreekesh V

“Good Purchase with Good Delivery Experience !!!Delivery Experience - Extremely satisfied. The packaging was sufficient and delivered 2 days before the committed delivery experience. Delivered in almost 48 hrs.”

Kanchan Vaidya

“Good and quick delivery from Headphone zone and would recommend others to buy from them too. No issues from their end whatsoever.”

Ankit Sharma

“Amazing support from Headphones Zone team, this is my second product purchase. Delivery at critical times (COVID19), is just awesome, received my headphones one day before the committed time. Kudos to the team.”


"It’s one of the best sites to get premium quality headphones. Their service is unparalleled!! Would recommend 10/10. A Grade service!! "

Joshua Sudeep

"Experience was smooth. The Headphone Guru was kind and answered all my queries. The delivery was super fast. The product is genuine This is my go-to destination for everything audio from now on."

Srinidhi Padukone

"Their commitment to customer satisfaction is beyond par. I requested them to deliver my replacement earphones to a newer location and they were ready to deliver. Such requests don't get entertained anywhere else."

Yaseen Samudri

"It's not one of the best; It is the best! The only website I truly trust to get my Ear candies from. The crew has great knowledge of the various products and I bet this tops off Amazon when it comes to audio gears. Kudos "

Reagan Lyngdoh

"Have you done something that you're really passionate about and found out that the results are outstanding? Well, I have just summed up Headphone Zone - a really passionate team."

Mohit Tannu

"Awesome experience. I am so so happy and my bf loved the earphones a lot and it was his pre birthday gift. Thank you for the great service as well."

Jennifer Yonzon

"Probably one of the best experience I have had right from buying till getting a item serviced. I don't think I have had such a smooth experience with an online shopping website. This is where your search ends."

Rima Patel

"Loved the customer support shown by Headphone Zone's team. They are all willing to help and clear your doubts. I can only say that there is no need to worry. Order you dream audio tech RIGHT NOW!"

Rajat Kaushal

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