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Witworks - Blink Buds (Unboxed)


You save Rs. 240/- buying the unboxed Witworks - Blink Buds

This unboxed Witworks - Blink Buds has been professionally inspected for any defectives and it carries the same warranty as a brand new. Our in-house Inspection Specialist has checked the product and it contains all the original accessories.


You will get the same Headphone Zone unconditional customer support experience for these Witworks - Blink Buds Unboxed earphones. Also, our return policy stays the same.

It is pretty much the same boxed, but available at a lower price just because it doesn't have the outer packaging. Besides, within the package, you will find a Checklist Card that would be marked individually stating that all items have been verified to be in good condition. You will also find a Headphone Zone Certificate stamped and signed authenticating the product.

What you will get:

  • Blink Buds Wireless Earphones
  • Universal USB Charging Cable
  • Pairs additional Silicone Ear-tips × 4
  • Zipper Carry Case
  • Quick-Start Guide

  • What you will NOT get:

  • Original Blink Buds Wireless Packaging

    • The best in class wireless earbuds for this segment. Blink Buds is a lifestyle in-ear from an Indian lifestyle gadget brand Witworks.

      Having an ergonomic design with rugged build, Blink Buds are crafted to adapt to your lifestyle. Fit that comforts you during workouts.

      Connect seamlessly to all devices whether Android or iOS with Bluetooth 4.0. Pair with multiple devices and switch between them.

      Experience rich audio with enhanced bass that doesn't give up on your music. Stay lively with music as these buds keep playing with 8 hours long battery life.

      Go hands-free to take calls and control music from the buds. Pair them with your Blink watch, add to your style quotient.

      Workout without worries, the Blink is waterproof and sweat resistant.





        Experience 8 hours of battery life

        Listen to music with an experience to cherish. Keeping in mind your comfort and stability, the Blink fits in your ear easily and keeps your music playing for 8 hours.

        Worry Less with Waterproof Buds

        Sweat it out or enjoy light drizzles as your Blink is resistant to water. Enjoy your music while you workout hard or tread your weight, your buds won't blame the water.





        Enjoy Music without Wires

        The Blink Buds is the perfect music companion. These wireless earphones conveniently pairs with all your Bluetooth devices. Why manage annoying tangling wires when you can blissfully drown in your music?

        Stay Handsfree, Stay Safe

        The beautiful, intuitive design of the Blink Buds allows you to take calls and control your music without having to get your phone or your music player out. So now you can workout freely!


      • In-Ear
        Single microphone

        Not disclosed by the manufacturer
        Not disclosed by the manufacturer

        Not disclosed by the manufacturer

        Upto 8 hours playback, 7 days stand by time.
        0%-100% in 1 hour
        10 m

        Wireless neckband design

        Not disclosed by the manufacturer
        Not disclosed by the manufacturer

        Not disclosed by the manufacturer
        Not disclosed by the manufacturer

        1. 1 Blink Buds Wireless Earphones

        2. 1 Universal USB Charging Cable
        3. 4 Pairs additional Silicone Ear-tips 

        4. 1 Zipper Carry Case

        5. 1 Quick-Start Guide 

      • Six months 

        Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.  To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorized service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

      • How do I pair Blink Buds earphone with my mobile device?
        Blink Buds earphone is equipped with bluetooth 4.0, and can be connected to any device having bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and above including Blink watches.
        Are Blink Buds compatible with both Android and iOS device?
        Yes, Blink Buds are compatible with any Android or iOS device having bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity.
        How can I charge Blink Buds wireless earphones?
        Blink Buds comes with a Micro USB charging cable for charging buds by getting connected to any adaptor or laptop/desktop.
        Are Blink Buds waterproof?
        Yes, Blink Buds are sweat and water resistant and can be used while in a light drizzle or during an intense workout.
        Can I take calls on Blink Buds wireless earphones?
        When connected to your Blink watch or your phone, you can enjoy uninterrupted calls on Blink Buds.
        What is the range of Blink Buds wireless earphones?
        Blink Buds operates in the range in of 10 m or 33 feet.

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