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Balanced Sound

1 Year of

Ideal for

Ideal for Casual
Music Listening

Best Suited for
Portable Use

6mm Dynamic

Works with
Android & iOS

Super Lightweight



Moondrop Quarks earphones feature a unique fully enclosed front cavity design. This design implementation helps in reducing external noises and gives the user a high level of noise isolation. Due to this unique design, users will be able to listen and enjoy music undisturbed even in noisy places. This design also provides a comfortable fit to the users for longer listening sessions.



Moondrop Quarks earphone features a 6mm micro dynamic driver that is highly capable of sound reproduction. This driver benefits from an external N52 neodymium magnetic architecture, a high-quality polymer diaphragm coil, and an imported CCAW voice coil. This provides excellent dynamics and lowers nonlinear distortion. The drivers are specially designed and tuned for a neutral tone and are easy to drive. It reproduces a rich sound with balanced frequency response. These earphones are sure to suit your music with their high-resolution clarity.



The Moondrop Quarks earphones have been specifically tuned by experts at the company. The tuning adjustment took over two years to achieve their preferred sound signature - which is a neutral & natural sounding tuning following the Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) frequency response curve. The earphones have a wide frequency response range of 4Hz-43kHz allowing you to enjoy music with clarity.



Moondrop Quarks earphones adopt the second generation patented anti-blocking sound damping structure in order to maintain high-resolution performance. This also helps in improving the durability of the earphones and reduces blockage caused in the nozzle area due to earwax buildup. Moondrop has designed a double-damping structure using two different materials with completely different acoustic resistance to filter different frequencies. This enhances the sound by greatly eliminating treble ringing and making the sound natural and enjoyable.



Moondrop Quarks earphones feature a unique structural design that is revealing. The shells of the earphones are fully transparent and are compact in size for a comfortable wearing experience. The transparent cavity allows for a clear view of the driver and acoustic structure. This is truly an exquisite and unique approach to earphone design.



TRANSDUCER 6mm Dynamic driver
IMPEDANCE 16Ω + 15% @1khz
116dB @ 1kHz
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 4Hz-43kHz(IEC61094, Free Field)
EFFECTIVE FR 20Hz-20kHz(IEC60318-4, -3dB)
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Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Moondrop Quarks comes with a 1 year warranty from Moondrop that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Moondrop's warranty in India.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Richy (Gurgaon)
Good Balanced Sound

- vocal focused tuning
- decent bass punch and extension
- smooth balanced treble
- superb fit and ergonomics
- decent timbre

Duggu (Kolkata)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
If you have budget amp (at least), don't think twice

You're new to the audiophile world and listened to Boat Bluetooth headphones all your life, and now realizing that you've missed so much ? Yes, you can buy this headphone your eyes closed.

You are audiophile ? have expensive IEMs Portable DAC&AMP and scared to use it outside 'cause of sweat and rain? or are you scared that someone will steal your IEM in local train? Yes you can buy this.

You know audio(studied audio on the internet) and yet it's your first purchase, though don't have any DAC&AMP. Please don't buy this, this IEM is very very amp depended, it opens like a butterfly when amped. Unless you have at least Apple 3.5mm Dongle [Yes it is a DAC&AMP] , you can train your ears with less expensive earphones like Audio Technica CLR100.

Recommendations aside, this is a gem. Clear like Elon Musk at only 999/-. Subass is there and you can hear it slightly. Bass is there and it is fast & controlled. Decay is Outstanding for its price. The soundstage is okay too but imaging is good and quite accurate. The treble sparkliness isn't there, though it is airy and present but this IEM is nowhere bright.

Midrange is the focus here, female vocals sounds very realistic, male vocals are not as good as female but still impressive. Instrument separations and speed is good enough.

Recommended 100%

HI Duggu,
So glad you are loving your purchase, hope you had a comfortable shopping experience & thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

Antony John (Singapore)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Gateway drug to hi-fidelity for this price!

If you are coming from a sub 1000 rupee cheap iem, look no further. This will step up your ear to start understanding what a hi-fidelity, tuned, well balanced iem will sound like. In short, this is a Bang for Buck buy and a gateway drug to your audiophile journey!

Now let me get into the audiophile shoes and use appropriate terms. Out of the box it is lacking in sub bass and is a tad muted in the upper mid range. It not at all shouty like its counterparts in the same price bracket! Burn the iem in for atleast 40hrs to get its actual sound signature. For the uninitated do a google search to understand this initiation ceremony!

Yes it is tuned to harman curves which, to the new Audiophile(because you become one when you buy this) means it would sound neutral and relaxing. It will scale well with a dedicated dac/amp like a Fiio btr3k rather than your phone's output or laptops headphone out. That is you will start hearing more separation of sounds in your music. You will hear things like finger twangs on the a guitar fret board or the breath intake of the singer etc.. That will change how you appreciate music.

It is an all plastic but well built unit for the price. Moondrop has invested more into the sound than the build. To me, it looks like it can take the stress of normal use as an everyday iem. I would recommend to use 3rd party eartips like the Spinfits or complys to get the most comfort and listening pleasure. Out of the box silicon tips are substandard and you may find it not fitting well into your ears.

Now strap on and get ready for the ride, Good luck!

HI Antony,
Thank you fir the detailed review, surely going to help our customers to make an informed decision. Cheers & keep the music playing!

Shameer Mohamed (Chennai)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Good but there is a better option @ same price BEYERDYNAMIC BEAT BYRD

Yes it's sounds good and ok for the price we paid., The build quality is a big question., If you are buying this for your daily usage and you are rough user ...please think twice

The build quality is seriously like cheap 100,200₹ earphones

And putting the stock eartips is a big task you should know mechanical :) comfort and isolation also not good .. actually iam saying this as good after testing this with spinfit cp145 eartips ... seriously the stock eartips (all 3 sizes won't fit well) is that bad

Coming to the point - I guess who ever buying this for comfort and convenience (@1k)..if so jus go 4 BEYERDYNAMIC BEAT BYRD , selling at same price it's cable is too good and eartips are much better than Quarks

Or in iem format go 4 Kz Edx pro , TRN MT1

Seriously now am having a doubt that why all online iem reviewers praising MOONDROP too much..are they getting paid for this?!

Amazon (.com) user reviews majority criticizing moondrop's sounds good but it's durability is a big question

I bought this out of curiosity created by online community and pricing..I thought it would be better than Beat Byrd but it's not

Santanu Dutta (Kolaghat)
Music Crystal

A well balanced and neutral sound signature. Not the musical tuning but closer to harman tuning. But at this price there's nothing to complain except the cable which kinda sucks. Go for it, you won't find this kind of sound under rs 1000.

Robin Richard (Chennai)
Treble Lushness

It's a bang for buck product. I bought this for watching movies, video, and for some casual listening. i would say they have very good vocal which are well tuned by moondrop as without any sibilance. One star less due to the bass, its not that punchy or something hits your chest at every drops and while watching movies there slight experience is missing but they are very good for the speeches and details. For music listening its good to. They can easily powered by regular smartphone yet a dedicated DAC/AMP helps for its fullest potential. They are very balanced so if you are a bass head look for something else. I am happy with my purchase, thanks to Headphone zone..!!

Sancetiano (Kochi)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Moondrop Quarks - A beginning to a Life-long Hobby !

It's been 2 weeks since I have purchased the Moondrop Quarks from Headphonezone as of writing the review.
The quarks sound way better than generic earphones that you get from your smartphones even without using any Dac-amp or DAP. I do not have any of those so I wrote the review simply by testing it with smartphones.

I would describe the sound signature of quarks as kind of neutral. This IEM is smaller than I expected with good comfort. I don't recommend this IEM if you are a basshead because the bass may not be as punchy, energetic or impactful as you may expect, especially comparing it directly with generic earphones.But the thing is the bass is fast, tight and overall better quality. The female vocals sound good.To me, the male vocals are kind of -meh.Treble is present and in adequate amount considering the price. Technicalities are average.

Will I recommend this IEM? -

Absolutely yes, if your budget is strictly under 1K and you want a neutral sounding IEM with good sound quality for the price.

We are glad you had a comfortable shopping experience with us & it is delightful to read such positive reviews on your product! Cheers & Welcome to the club!

Mehebub Alam (Siliguri)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
This is as good as it could get for 1k

Alright, I am not some audiophile and I do not have the ears or the necessary equipment to distinguish, that being said what I am is just a guy who loves songs and want to get the most out of it.

Design | Comfort
It's a pretty small earphone made out of transparent plastic shell. They look fine to me. But their small size makes it really comfortable in ears I often have to check my ears to make sure they are there. It kind of vanishes in the background and there's no fatigue even after prolonged season. The cable doesn't fit the aesthetic of the earphone but can't ask for more. Also since they are made of plastic your durability may vary.

Now the most important part: The sound
It has a very relaxed warm laid back and neutral sound. Decent bass if your playlist contains lot of bass or edm you may skip this. But for those who like more vocals and instrumentals like pop or jazz oh boi this feels freaking good.

You might need to feed it a bit more power hence a dac is preferred.

And you must try it with Wavelet app that app really takes this pair of earphone a whole new level it fixed some of the noise and made it way too good.

Having a microphone is nice, and it has a decent microphone overall a great purchase for casual listening movies calls and just about day to day usage if your budget is tight look no further

HI there,
We are so happy you took out time & elaborately reviewed the product. We are sure this will help our customers to make an even better & informed decision.

Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Can't Believe it for the price!

For under 1000, This is a no-brainer. Must Buy.

Hey Saday,
We are glad you had a comfortable shopping experience with us & it is delightful to read such positive reviews on your product! Cheers & Welcome to the club!

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Rajat Kaushal

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