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Our Team


Raghav Somani

Founder & CEO a.k.a. The Benevolent Dictator. 9th Generation Entrepreneur, Musician, history buff and political philosophy thinker. Add to that, he's a record breaking Airline Baggage Tags collector.

Bhavika Kishan

There's no challenge too big for Bhavika a.k.a Guddu. A painter, baker and expert wine maker, she's the queen of the Poker table. Her hand painted Old Monk bottles are proud trophies at Headphone Zone.


Kamna Karamchandani

E-Commerce and marketing met and gave us Kamna. Our office DJ, designated makeup artist, staunch grammar Nazi & foodie. When not working, she's a professional singer-songwriter. 

Aliza Baidya

Aliza is like our Jack of all trades (though she's the master of some). She is an avid Netflixer and has an envious bag collection. Give her a plate of chicken, fish and aaloo and you'll easily make her day.


Raj Gandhi

Keep seeing Headphone Zone ads everywhere you go? That's all thanks to Raj, our highly qualified Google Adwords whiz. With a head buzzing with ideas, digital marketing came naturally to Raj, who also loves to write poetry.

Praveen Kamath

Praveen is our Community Manager bringing our online familia together. When not engaging with people on Facebook & Twitter, you'll find him introducing the rest of us to the best food in town. A Star Wars Buff & Avid Netflixer, you're sure to get the best fanfic & theories about the coming episode from a conversation with the guy.


Chintamani Kulkarni

Chintamani, also known as CK, is a huge batman fan. At the click of his mouse, he handles our social media strategy. During his free time you can find him either enjoying some sci-fi or thinking-up movie concepts.

Hetashri Thaker

Hetashri handles your window to the world of Headphone Zone i.e. our website. A girl of many talents, she is a big fan of Korean culture including Korean pop, drama and movies.


Prasanna Lal

Prasanna is one of our Customer Happiness Officers. Be it a delayed package or a customer locking himself out of his account, she handles everything with ease. A good Hollywood movie and listening to some Bollywood songs are what make her day.

Bernadette Braganza

Enjoyed that latest post you just read? You’ve probably got to thank Bernadette for it. She is fond of writing and when she is not doing that, she is most likely enjoying a mixture of rock and blues blaring out of her earphones.


Salim Lakdawala

Salim is our newest Headphone Guru. His never-give-up attitude ensures that he always helps customers select the perfect headphone. Be it in life or while playing football, he is consistently goal-oriented.

Sheldon Phulpagar

Sheldon (no we are not talking about Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper) makes all the cool product pages you see on our website. When he's not doing that you can find him cheering his favourite football team i.e. Manchester United.


Namita Jaiswal

Namita is one of our CHOs. While writing this page, she was too busy helping out customers to give any information about herself.

Samiksha Kadam

Samiksha is our hawk-eyed CHO who is always trying to make sure that customers receive the best service without any errors. In her free time, you'll find her indulging in adventure sports or curling up with a book.


Jainy Shah

Another creative gem & full-time CHO in our office is Jainy. She always sees the bright side of any situation (& helps customers see it too!). When she isn't busy, she's probably making something out of paper or painting.

Uttara Gautam

Uttara is our newest and youngest CHO. Expect a smile on her face whenever you see her. She is always happy to learn and that reflects in the fact that she is multi-talented.



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