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Linsoul x HBB - Jupiter In-Ears With 1 DD + 6 BA + 4 EST Drivers Sale price₹ 154,999 Regular price₹ 159,999
  • I Am Worth It

    Only for the most passionate and discerning audiophiles who want the very best.

    Audiophiles desire class-defining products that not only meet their needs but truly blows their expectation in quality and performance.

    If you see a product marked with “👑 I Am Worth It," rest assured that it's a timeless investment. Its value cannot be measured with ordinary benchmarks and is an indulgence only for a select few.

  • Serious Audiophiles Only

    Diving deeper into exploring the hobby is never enough.

    If you're an audiophile on a hunt for a device that meets your high standards, this is one such headphone or gear designed for discerning audiophiles like you in mind.

    If you see a product marked with “🦈 Serious Audiophiles Only" we assure you that this device can match your depth of knowledge and expertise to take your passion for audio to the next level.

  • Extra-bass Sound Signature

    When you need deep low-end rumble and copious amounts sub-bass.

    This headphone or gear comes with the promise that the product emphasises deep, powerful bass, making your music feel full and rich.

    If you see products marked as “🎛️ Extra-bass Sound Signature”, get ready to feel every beat and thump, perfect for bass lovers who want their soundtracks to hit hard and resonate with depth.

  • Thick Bass / Kickass Bass

    There are some headphones that just knock your socks off with high and impactful bass. There’s only one way to describe it - Kickass.

    This headphone or gear is engineered to deliver powerful and thumping bass that adds an extra punch to your music, making every beat come alive.

    If you see a product marked with "💣 Kickass Bass", it means this device is perfect for bass enthusiasts for an immersive audio experience that will make your music feel more intense and impactful.

  • Smooth & Sweet Treble

    Seeking something that sounds smooth to your ears and devoid of harshness?

    This headphone or gear is designed to deliver high frequencies that are gentle on the ears, offering a listening experience that's both refined and delightful.

    If you see a product marked with "🍦 Smooth & Sweet Treble," it indicates that this device offers treble that is smooth and sweet, ensuring your music is free of harshness and full of clarity, perfect for those who love crisp and detailed highs.

  • Aggressive and Energetic

    Ready for an audio adrenaline rush?

    This headphone or gear is built to deliver powerful, high-energy sound that keeps you on the edge of your seat, perfect for those who crave a thrilling, dynamic listening experience.

    If you see a product marked as "🧨 Aggressive and Energetic”, it means this device pumps out intense, vibrant audio, ensuring your music is always lively and exhilarating.

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