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Headphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic-DT 770 PRO-32ohmsHeadphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic-DT 770 PRO-32ohms
Beyerdynamic - DT 770 PRO Closed-Back Studio Headphone Sale price₹ 13,855 Regular price₹ 14,939
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Beyerdynamic - DT 700 PRO X Closed Back Headphone For Audio Professionals Sale price₹ 21,990 Regular price₹ 25,289
Sold out
Beyerdynamic - DT 900 PRO X Professional Open Back Studio Headphone Sale price₹ 21,990 Regular price₹ 25,289
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Beyerdynamic - DT 1770 PRO Closed-Back Studio Headphone Sale price₹ 39,990 Regular price₹ 51,739
Sold out
Headphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic-DT 990 ProHeadphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic-DT 990 Pro
Beyerdynamic - DT 990 Pro Open-Back Studio Headphone Sale price₹ 12,990 Regular price₹ 14,939
Sold out
Beyerdynamic - DT 1990 PRO Open-Back Studio Headphone Sale price₹ 44,990 Regular price₹ 51,739
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Beyerdynamic - MMX 150 Closed-Back Headphone For Gaming Sale price₹ 11,250 Regular price₹ 13,214
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Beyerdynamic - DT Hard CaseBeyerdynamic - DT Hard Case
Beyerdynamic - DT Hard Case Protective Carry Case Sale price₹ 2,699 Regular price₹ 2,749

A Legacy of German Audio Excellence Since 1924

In 1924, electrical engineer Eugen Beyer laid the foundation for Beyerdynamic in Berlin, initially focusing on speaker development for cinemas. From the roots of his 'Elektrotechnische Fabrik Eugen Beyer,' the company evolved into a global leader in headphones, earphones, microphones, and wireless systems, eventually adopting the name Beyerdynamic. Today, Beyerdynamic headphones and microphones are synonymous with professional studio use, particularly the legendary DT Series. Renowned for accuracy, robust construction, and meticulous engineering, the DT Series includes iconic models like DT 770 Pro, DT 880 Pro, DT 990 Pro, DT 1770 Pro, DT 1990 Pro.

Fun fact:Most Beyerdynamic headphones, earphones, microphones and wireless systems are developed in Heilbronn, Germany, with pride and passion, ensuring the best quality and mostly handcrafted by around 220 highly skilled employees.

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