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Beyerdynamic - DT 990 Pro

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The DT990 Pro is an open ear headphone that not only boasts of great sound and comfort but even an award winning design. Designed specially for studio application, the reduced weight of the diaphragm gives you excellent sound reproduction quality.

Spring steel headband
that ensures a comfort fit and lightweight design that not only makes them optimal for long usage but also is a factor responsible for making great sound. The earpads have been generously cushioned by high quality velour, that gives you the luxurious feel you deserve.

High on durability, the DT990 Pro has been engineered to last long, thus you don't have to worry about damage. With its simple design, and great audio quality, these cans are definitely going to satisfy the audiophile in you.

  • Open, Over-Ear Design with Velour Earpads

    The DT 990 features an open-back circumaural (over-the-ear) design for rich audio performance that's designed for critical listening. The open design of the headphones allows increased fidelity to the original recording and a more natural sound stage. The driver design of the DT 990 gives your music full reign, with natural response and crisp linearity. You'll hear every note, every beat, and every detail just as the artist originally intended.

    Great Sonic Experience:

    An extremely strong neodymium magnet system offers the DT 990 highly detailed sound reproduction quality, and is mechanically very robust. This increased efficiency also leaves the DT 990 with greater power reserves for succinct linear response that is especially suited for high-achieving audio applications where appropriate sonic reproduction is of paramount importance , and dedicated equipment is available such as a headphone amplifier.

    Strong Bass and Treble

    The open back design allows the headphones to breathe, which creates beautiful natural sounding music that you are bound to enjoy. These have a special diffuse-field design, that make these quality products apt for studio usage.The diaphragm has been made extremely light for better impulse performance. Also the high quality design only helps in better sonic experience.

    One sided Cable

    The 9.8m long single sided cable comes well coiled, avoiding any tangles. Also its placement on only one side of the headphone makes for extra mobility, that allows you to move around with your music knot free, with long strides.

    Comfortable and Durable Headband:

    The headband has been made with solid spring steel that not only makes these headphones durable, but also adds to its comfort feature. The headband has been generously padded with faux leather that makes for an extremely comfortable and relaxing feel when you are engrossed in your music. Also the velour covered earpads add to the luxurious quality these headphones have to offer.

    Handcrafted in Germany:

    The headphones have been handcrafted with German expertise and precision engineering.

    What's in the box:

    • Beyerdynamic - DT 990 Pro Headphone
    • Gold Plated Adaptor
    • Detachable Cable
    • Carrying Pouch

  • Over-Ear
    5Hz - 35,000Hz

    3m Coiled

    Gold plated stereo jack plug (3.5mm)
    1/4" adapter (6.35mm)

    96 dB @ 1 kHz



    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Beyerdynamic India Private Limited at the F ixed line: +91-80-23310101 or fill the contact form  here.

  • " The DT 990s' open backs let sound flow freely out (and in), which creates a larger, more 'open' soundstage. The downside is you'll need a quiet space to listen in. Huge ear cups distribute weight very well, and is well-padded."
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    " These sound great, with deep lows, engaging mids ( I don't know where people are getting this recessed mids thing) highs that sparkle, but not screech. 
    Wide Sound Stage, Open Back Design, Up Front & Involving, Instrument Separation.
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    "Give them anything less than 72 hours to warm-up and music is tainted by an uncomfortable trebly edge. When the edge is taken off, though, the Beyerdynamics have a likeable, even temperament."
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