Why Work at Headphone Zone?

A headphone is not just a device; it is an access to your favorite song, your inner silence and an exhilarating experience. Likewise, we are not just a company, we are out of the box thinkers, entrepreneurs, risk takers and innovators who don't just work with products and numbers but do much more.

If you are any of the above and would like to channel all that passion into a job and watch yourself grow, Headphone Zone is the place for you!

We hire zealous people, who are not just music lovers but also creative and hardworking. Headphone Zone is a place where you have the freedom to focus all your innovative energy in the right direction.

While we don't believe that a professional degree is required, it's extremely helpful if you have a degree in Business Management, Commerce or Marketing.


Check out Our New Office

We recently moved into our new office space in Mumbai's Andheri West suburb. The place is nearly three times bigger than our last office to accommodate more headphones as well as our growing team.

What's cool is that amidst all the hustle and bustle of settling in, we came up with a real cool idea. We decided to open up Mumbai's first 'Headphone Experience Studio' where we invite our customers to visit us and spend their time drinking chai and listening to the best headphones in-store.


Meet the Team

What started as a team of 3 has slowly evolved to a team of 17 within the last couple of years.

We work as hard as we look fun. We count ourselves lucky to be able to work with people we actually like and hang out with outside of work. And while we may not be the biggest company out there, it's our aim to the best company to work with.


Featured Team Stories

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- Raghav Somani, Founder & CEO

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Reflections of my Experience at Headphone Zone
- Miloni Shah, Customer Happiness Officer

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We (Probably) Want You To Join Us!

Our E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Team is looking to expand and induct talented and motivated individuals to join us in running our business. Running an E-Commerce business involves a lot of different moving parts, but quick decision making with minimal supervision, well thought through strategies and ideas, and an attitude to ‘make things happen’ are absolutely essential.

We're now looking for some people to join our team at the Office of the CEO in Mumbai. It's important that anyone who would like to work with us, is extremely motivated to learn every aspect of running a successful businessWe're pioneers in our field, and are by far India's largest sellers of Headphones and Earphones. So needless to say, we're heavily involved in the Retail industry, the Consumer Products and Technology space.


So What's Available?

 You’ll have fun, work on what you'll enjoy and maybe do a little work that isn’t half as nice, but necessary. It's fair to warn anyone applying for the job that as with most Start-Ups, they must be prepared to work extremely hard in the midst of what might seem like a lot of chaos. If you think you can fit any of these roles, drop in your application below. Although we're not a company that believes in designations, we're broadly looking for the following roles.


Apply Now! We only have so many headphones to fill new heads.